The 9 Best Computer Keyboards to Buy in 2017

It's time to invest in a quality keyboard

Like a good chair, a quality keyboard can play a big role for anyone who spends a great deal of time every day in front of a computer. Finding the right keyboard for you isn’t always as easy as just picking one online and purchasing. First, you must consider comfort and if you want wireless or wired, portable or full-sizes, soft or loud, etc. Pricing can also vary depending on the type of keyboard and there’s a good chance your next keyboard will outlast your current computer, making it money well spent. Here are a few of our best choices for keyboards.

First released in 2014, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional is a superb choice with an outstanding typing experience. Available in both “soft” and “clicky” variants depending on your noise tolerance, the 4.4 out of 5-star Amazon rating speaks to the superb typing experience that comes with a mechanical keyboard. Beyond features such as two USB 3.0 ports, an instant sleep button and laser-etched key inscriptions to avoid wear and tear, the anodized aluminum top panel provides a solid feel that’s sure to last for years or 50 million key presses, whichever comes first.

The Das keyboard offers a best-in-class mechanical typing experience that offers excellent tactile and audio feedback, which leads to precision typing and cuts back on errant key presses. Dedicated media controls and an oversized volume knob give immediate access to adjust volume quickly during a Skype or Google hangout call or while listening to music. The included 6.5-foot cable plugs directly into any USB port while additionally powering the built-in USB ports on the keyboard itself.

Logitech’s K780 multi-device wireless keyboard is the ideal choice for travelers or even desktop fans who want a superior typing experience. Connecting to computers, tablets and smartphones via USB or Bluetooth, there’s room for three devices with instant on-the-go switching between them at the touch of the “easy-switch” button on the keyboard. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, as well as both Android and iOS devices, the K780 offers a full-sized keyboard in a compact body that leaves no wasted space to maximize portability.

Additionally, the Logitech includes a number pad, as well as an integrated smartphone and tablet stand that offers the ideal angle for both typing and reading. With its two-year battery life (based on two million keystrokes per year), inexpensive pricing and comfortable typing experience, the K780 is the must-own portable keyboard.

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 is a full-sized, ultra quiet keyboard that comes with an ergonomically designed mouse. The inclusion of 128-Bit encryption provides an added level of security for business types who have enterprise-level security concerns. Luckily, the Microsoft keyboard favors both right and left handed design, with an ambidextrous look and feel that’s great for either dominant hand.

Additionally, hot keys offer fast and easy access to commonly used shortcuts, as well as customizable buttons to quickly find the Windows feature you use most. With up to 24 months of battery life, 30 feet of range and super-quiet, comfortable keys, the Microsoft 900 is handily the total wireless keyboard package.

Apple’s included keyboard is a well-loved experience for Mac users, but if you want something a little different, the Anker Ultra Compact wireless Bluetooth keyboard is your new go-to. Priced at more than half the price of Apple’s wireless keyboard, the Anker takes up just two thirds the space of a traditional keyboard. Additionally, it offers nearly six months of battery life based on non-stop usage of around two hours per day. Beyond battery life, its slim and compact design features matte finish keys that automatically connect to the last device via Bluetooth connectivity. Recharging takes around 2.5 hours with the included universal USB cable and Anker promotes a three million click lifespan, which is perfectly OK given the low-price point. Fortunately, Windows fans don’t have to feel left out since the Anker offers compatibility with Windows 10. (But it's best used for Mac owners, thanks to its dedicated shortcut keys that are Mac specific.)

If you’re on the hunt for a whisper quiet keyboard to mask the sound of typing, your search is over. The Jelly Comb MK08 ultra compact wireless keyboard offers a stylish and colorful keyboard experience without making a sound. Designed for both Windows and Android devices, the MK08 connects via a 2.4GHz wireless connection directly through a USB receiver. Additionally, the MK08 comes with a similarly styled yellow and black wireless mouse that connects to the computer via the same USB receiver. The addition of a built-in numeric keypad masks the compact nature of the MK08. which is just 15.9-inches long overall. Whether you’re typing a novel or an e-mail to your colleagues, the MK08 and its months of battery life provide a comfortable, stylish and silent keyboard for a wallet-friendly price.

If comfort is your main priority, then spring for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard. The unusual design offers a natural arc layout that helps mimic the curved shape of your fingertips for the most comfortable typing experience around. Add in a cushioned palm rest and your wrists will feel comfortable, well-positioned and in a more natural typing position. Beyond its comfort, the three-year battery life, based on an estimate of two million keystrokes per year, is top-notch for a wireless keyboard.

Ideally compatible with Windows 10, Apple laptops and previous Microsoft versions, almost any computer user can give the Sculpt a try for added comfort. The included mouse provides additional ergonomic support with a thumb scoop to keep your hand in the best possible position and there's even a separate number pad for your workspace. The single unifying receiver for both the mouse and keyboard can connect to any laptop or desktop allowing for a 15- to 20-foot range before losing connectivity.

The Qisan Mechanical Keyboard is a superb typing experience that will please both new mechanical keyboard users and purists who’ve utilized them for years. The 68-key layout has a design that’s around 60 percent of the size of a regular-sized keyboard, which results in less desk space use while still providing a typing experience worth raving about. With its 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, the Qisan reduces its size by eliminating the need for a dedicated keypad, which in turn increases the amount of space for external mouse movement on a desktop assuming you’re right handed. Instead, the Qisan provides access to the function (FN) options by associating them with a series of common shortcut key functions over the numbered keys at the top of the keyboard. With its all-star reviews, wired connectivity direct to USB and a price tag that’s easy on the wallet, there’s little not to like with this mechanical keyboard favorite.

Corsair’s K95 RGB mechanical keyboard is a fan favorite in the gaming world and for very good reason. The 100 percent Cherry MX RGB mechanical key switches are handily best-in-class providing a world-renowned typing experience in a computing world where timing can count for everything. With 18 separate G-keys, there’s room for up to 108 macros (shortcuts) for faster gaming overall, plus the entire keyboard provides separate programmability for assigning any macro function to any key of your choice.

Additionally, the onboard memory is designed to take the performance and lighting settings with you to a new computer or a new room, so you can instantly set back up and jump right into gaming without skipping a beat. Beyond all those features, the most notable is the 100 percent anti-ghosting, which allows each keystroke depression to instantly translate to accurate gameplay (even in the event multiple keys are pressed at the same time).

The Unicomp ultra classic model M 104-key USB keyboard harkens back to a different type of computing world, some 20 years ago. The spring keyboard offers incredible accuracy by recording your keystroke at the exact instant a fingertip depression is registered. Beyond accuracy, comfort is key, pun intended, and the once standard polymer design feels and functions just like the original and classic design. There’s no question that you'll have a little more noise with an option like the Unicomp, so use it in an office environment at your own risk as the spring provides loud, unmistakable feedback with each keystroke. Noise aside, if you’re looking for something different, the original mechanical keyboard is a beautiful thing.  

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