Best Companies for Work-From-Home Jobs

These are the types of jobs that allow employees to work from home

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The most forward-thinking and flexible employers understand that telework is not just a perk for employees but also beneficial to the company as a whole. While not all companies are suited for work-from-home positions, there are definitely others that stand out as the best companies for telecommuters.

Businesses known to have telecommuting programs or otherwise informally allow employees to work from home, at least part-time, can do so either because of the nature of the work or because they allow it through special policies created by the company. 

Many companies that let you work from home land on "Top Companies to Work For" lists because of the benefits they offer their employees. Of course, a big benefit, and one that is still pretty rare for most companies is their support for telecommuting.

Important Notes

Although the companies listed below are described as telework-friendly, becoming a telecommuter at most organizations is determined on a case-by-case basis, with on-site performance required before telecommuting is allowed.

Also, these companies may not have any employment positions (on-site or off-site) open at this time. Visit the company's website URL to see if there are any available jobs. You might even have to be employed for a certain period of time before a remote, work-from-home position can be considered.

It's also very important to follow common sense job search do's and don'ts when inquiring about a job, especially work-at-home positions. Because a telecommute job offers so many benefits like a flexible schedule and less over-the-shoulder management, it's easy to get sucked into an ad that can promise a high-paying work-from-home job.

For example, you might see something like "Work at home today with no experience and make over $600 /hour!" Use common sense to filter out those "job offers" and stick to real businesses.

The companies described below are, of course, not the only businesses out there that support telework. You might be able to negotiate a remote work situation with your current employer, but if not, there are other ways to find work-from-home jobs.

Business Services

The companies listed below are large corporations with the resources to implement telework programs.

The management firm Accenture, for example, has dozens of offices with ​video conferencing facilities and is, according to Forbes, among the top 100 companies with the highest percentage of regular telecommuters.

Consumer Products, Retail, and Manufacturing

When you think of work and Wendy's, telecommuting may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but even the most service-oriented companies have jobs that can be done remotely.

Weyerhaeuser, which develops sustainable industrial products from trees, has flexible work arrangements depending on the specific case.

Financial Services

Many jobs within the financial services industry require frequent face-to-face contact, but those that don't can be done from home.

Given a phone and access to remote systems, employees who work as insurance agents, consumer collections, and mortgage loan officers, for example, can telecommute.

In fact, a Gartner Group study lists the banking and finance industry as the second top sector for telecommuting (after business services and tied with retailing/wholesaling).

Government, Defense, and Space

The federal government is one of the biggest supporters of telework. In fact, there's even a law that requires all eligible employees in federal agencies to be allowed to telework.

Other legislation like the Clean Air Act and Americans with Disabilities Act have also supported the case for telecommuting.

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Health Insurance

Telecommuting helps healthcare administrators and other professionals in this field increase their productivity by spending time away from the institution/company. Remote workers also help support the initiative to move healthcare records into electronic formats. 

Media and Publishing

Writing and editing jobs can easily be done remotely since they're often solitary activities. More media outlets are embracing new technology and finding benefits to having telecommuters.

Technology and Telecommunications

There are many reasons the technology industry is so supportive of telework. Among them: the top companies need to attract the best talent in a very competitive field, a great portion of jobs like programming don't require face-to-face meetings, and these companies have the technologies (in some cases they created them) that enable remote work.


Opportunities for working from home in the travel industry include travel advisor and sales rep positions. JetBlue, for example, is one of the more famous companies that embrace telecommuting, allowing all flight reservation agents to work from home.