The 5 Best Cleaners for Android Phones and Devices

Make your mobile device faster with Android cleaning apps

If your Android device is running slow, clearing the junk files from your system cache can often fix the problem. You'll find plenty of cache cleaners for Android phones and tablets in the Google Play Store.

What Are Cleaners for Android Phones?

When you delete an app, residual data remains stored on your device. Ads, notifications, and your browser history all leave traces of data in the system cache, which can slow your device down over time.

Cleaning apps get rid of these lingering files to free up storage space and make your device run faster. Many cleaners perform additional optimizations, and some even offer antivirus protection.

The following cleaners are compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets. You may need to update your version of Android for them to work properly.

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1Tap Cleaner: Simplest Cleaner for Android

1 Tap Cleaner app interface.
What We Like
  • Perfect phone cleaner for technophobes.

  • Lightweight and easy on battery life.

What We Don't Like
  • Results in limited improvements.

  • Occasional sluggish performance.

For something more straightforward, you can't go wrong with 1Tap Cleaner. It cleans your system cache, browsing history, and call log with one touch—or tell the app to automatically perform cleaning at designated intervals.

The only downside is Android 6.0 and later doesn't allow apps to perform automatic cache clearing, so you must first change your device's default accessibility settings.

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All-In-One Toolbox: Most Comprehensive Free Cleanup Android App

All-In-One Toolbox app interface.
What We Like
  • Automatically identifies files that are taking up a lot of space.

  • Photo compressor tool stores more high-resolution images on your device.

What We Don't Like
  • The number of features may be overwhelming if you just want a simple cleaner.

  • Pro version requires an annual subscription fee.

With more than 30 individual tools for boosting device performance, All-In-One Toolbox certainly lives up to its name. Like Clean Master, All-In-One tells you exactly how much RAM and ROM is currently in use, but the handy hardware info checker provides further insight into your phone or tablet's inner workings.

All-In-One Toolbox also includes similar battery optimization and privacy protection features. Aside from freeing up system resources, All-In-One Toolbox can make your device start up faster by disabling apps that run needlessly during booting.

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SD Maid: Best Android Cleaner for Rooted Devices

SD Maid app interface.
What We Like
  • More thorough than other Android cleaners.

  • Impressive file manager gives you access to your entire device.

What We Don't Like
  • Advanced features require a premium account and root access to your device.

  • You can accidentally delete important system files your device needs to function.

SD Maid is basically the opposite of 1Tap Cleaner. It's a much more in-depth tool focusing specifically on removing files hidden deep within your device. The app is definitely targeted to advanced users. It goes beyond simple cache cleaning by targeting duplicate files and vacuuming databases to remove unnecessary data.

The aptly named CorpseFinder function helps you find “leftover” files from uninstalled apps manually, or you can set up an automatic cleaning schedule.

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CCleaner: One of the Most User-Friendly Cleaners for Android Phones

CCleaner app interface.
What We Like
  • Simple setup and intuitive interface.

  • Easy to delete call logs and SMS messages in bulk.

What We Don't Like
  • Might not be advanced enough to satisfy all users.

  • Free version includes intrusive ads.

For something more thorough than 1Tap Cleaner, yet more accessible than All-in-One Toolbox, try CCleaner. Its popularity rivals Clean Master, and while it lacks some advanced functionality, CCleaner is easier to use than the closest competition.

Aside from clearing your system cache, browser history, and clipboard content, CCleaner monitors and improves your battery and CPU performance.

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Systweak Android Cleaner: Best Ad-Free Cleaner to Cleanup Android Devices

Systweak Android Cleaner app interface.
What We Like
  • Phone Boost feature facilitates 1-tap quick device optimization.

  • Free with no ads.

What We Don't Like
  • Sometimes targets files that aren't actually junk.

  • You must manually enable many of the helpful features.

Systweak comprises several modules that optimize your device in different ways. Among them is a notification module, which blocks notifications from specific apps, and a WhatsApp Module, which lets you see, send, and receive WhatsApp media files all in one place.

On top of helping you track down vestigial files, app manager backs up and shares files you wish to keep. Perhaps most impressively, the battery saver add-on can extend your device's battery life several hours.

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