18 Best Sites to Send Electronic Cinco de Mayo Cards 2017

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¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!. StockUnlimited

No month should start without a celebration, least of which the merry month of May!

The Fifth of May already is a perfect occasion to cheer for Mexico and its independence (the victorious Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862, after all): Cinco de Mayo comes with fiestas and piñatas

Send electronic Cinco de Mayo cards by email or via a social network, for instance. Here are the best Cinco de Mayo e-card sites from around the web for amazing, colorful and enticing greetings and invitations.

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Paperless Post Cinco de Mayo Invitations

Paperless Post Cinco de Mayo Invitations
Paperless Post Cinco de Mayo Invitations. Paperless Post

Invite without paper and with style: the Paperless Post offers a collection of Cinco de Mayo invitations both ricas and fabulosas. The calligraphy is enticing, the drawings are meticulous and the themes thoroughly Mexican.

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Someecards.com Cinco de Mayo Cards

Someecards.com Cinco de Mayo Cards
Someecards.com Cinco de Mayo Cards. someecards, Inc.

Let's send a Cinco de Mayo card this year that exhibits, to the utmost degree, the sender's dignity, their respect for the recipient and the respectability of the occasion. Someecards.com has such cards aplenty, with just a pinch of sarcasm here and there. (Note: Someecards.com is not intended for people under 18 years of age.)

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AmericanGreetings.com Cinco de Mayo eCards

AmericanGreetings.com Cinco de Mayo eCards
AmericanGreetings.com Cinco de Mayo eCards. AGCM, Inc.

Time for guacamole, margaritas and whatever else you fancy for a fine fiesta? Yes, Cinco de Mayo is coming; at AmericanGreetings.com, it comes with rich cards to greet and invite. (Some Cinco de Mayo cards are available for free, some for paying members.)

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Punchbowl Cinco de Mayo E-Cards

Closer to the look and feel and scent and sparkle of a card printed on thick and solid paper you can hardly get: Punchbowl's cards for Cinco de Mayo come with classy and punchy designs, recall paper greetings on the web and email, and they are highly customizable.

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Hallmark Cinco de Mayo E-Cards

It's "fiesta", "celebremos" and "feliz Cinco de Mayo" at Hallmark with slightly goofy greeting cards (a mayonnaise joke might be involved somewhere).

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BlueMountain.com Cinco de Mayo eCards

Send rich, colorful and neatly crafted celebrations of Mexico from Blue Mountain for Cinco de Mayo. The selection is small but sweet and animated.

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1001 Postcards Cinco de Mayo E-Cards

They number a few hundred less than 1001, but the Cinco de Mayo cards at 1001 Postcards still spread Mexican cheer aplenty.

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Care2 Cinco de Mayo Greeting Cards

Choose from a range of disarmingly simple Cinco de Mayo e-cards at Care2. (Not only you and the recipient profit, but so do select charities to which Care2 donates.)

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JibJab Cinco De Mayo eCards

"Predictable" does not mean "bereft of fun". I'm not sure I believe myself saying that, but do try JibJab's Cinco de Mayo cards animating, yes, tequila and "la cucaracha" (and your photo).

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123 Greetings Cinco de Mayo Cards

Simple and a bit silly, Cinco de Mayo cards at 123 Greetings ooze fun and colors. There are many designs to choose from, too.

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E-Cards.com Cinco de Mayo E-Cards

The cards at E-Cards.com contribute to nature and wildlife; consequently, the colorful selection of Cinco de Mayo cards sports many an animal and gorgeous Mexican outdoors scene.

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Birthday Alarm Cinco de Mayo Greeting Cards

Celebration wanted? It may not be a birthday (except in a metaphorical sense maybe), and it may not be alarming, but BirthdayAlarm still offers nicely animated cards for Cinco de Mayo.

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Doozycards.com Cinco de Mayo eCards

Are you up for strong colors, messages, and celebrations—and are your greetings' recipients? Doozycards.com has a couple of animated Cinco de Mayo e-cards up for sending.

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MyFunCards Cinco de Mayo eCards

Make a piñata explode for the Fifth of May, and send fun Cinco de Mayo greetings with the thoroughly entertaining cards at MyFunCards.

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ATMGreetings.com Cinco de Mayo Ecards

Fill your Cinco de Mayo with fun and hit the piñata: ATMGreetings.com has a few cards that let you spread that spirit.

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HiGreetings Cinco de Mayo Greeting Cards

With many cards to choose from and diverse designs, HiGreetings.com invites you to share the Cinco de Mayo cheer with friends and family.

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Rubber Chicken Cinco de Mayo eCards

How a rubber chicken imagines Cinco de Mayo makes for entertaining electronic greetings.

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The Cardmaster Cinco de Mayo Cards

Colorful and, of course, Mexican, The Cardmaster's cards for Cinco de Mayo are not bashful about the holiday and celebration.