Top Chromebook Apps for 2023

These apps will make your Chromebook even better

Chromebooks don't necessarily provide the array of software found on macOS or Windows; however, their features can be expanded with apps for Chromebooks. Here are some of the best Chromebook apps, along with what we like (and don't like) about each one.

Most Chromebooks made after 2017 can run Android apps, so Google is replacing Chromebook apps with Chromebook extensions.

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Remote PC Access: Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop Chromebook app

Chrome Remote Desktop

What We Like
  • Allows cross-platform, secure access.

  • Works without logging in to the host.

  • Frequent updates.

What We Don't Like
  • Stability is sometimes shaky.

  • Slow or dropped connection sometimes.

  • No remote print feature.

A long-running favorite in the Web Store, Chrome Remote Desktop lets you access another computer using the Google browser. You can also share your screen with others and vice versa.

The app comes in handy for providing support to a colleague, friend, or relative, no matter if they're around the corner or halfway around the world. It's also helpful when you need to access your files from a remote location.

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Sign Documents Online: DocuSign

DocuSign Chromebook app
What We Like
  • Simplifies signing documents.

  • User-friendly.

  • Integrates with common HR tools.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited number of documents allowed.

  • Occasional lagging.

  • Limited support.

Now that electronic signatures are legally binding in most scenarios, you can sign and submit documents in seconds from your Chromebook. Integrated with Google Drive and Gmail, the DocuSign app lets you sign PDF documents instantly from within your email interface.

When it comes to configuring your documents for others to sign, you can specify where the recipient should sign, and then email it to the recipient, who can then sign the doc with a few clicks and send it back to you. Also, in the DocuSign dashboard, you can check to see if and when your document was signed.

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Use One App to Chat: All-in-One Messenger

All-in-One Messenger Chromebook app
What We Like
  • Seamless and fast user experience.

  • Pin to the desktop.

  • Consolidate messengers.

What We Don't Like
  • May cause slowdowns on earlier Chromebooks.

  • Browser-specific.

  • No status update feature.

One of the more frustrating aspects of modern-day messaging is that it sometimes feels like everyone uses a different communication method. These different methods make it hard to avoid the clutter of multiple programs when you want to stay in touch with those in your circle.

All-in-One Messenger lets you access over two dozen chat and messenger services from a central location, including popular options like WhatsApp and some lesser-known alternatives. Installing this app provides the ability to reach virtually anyone from your Chromebook, no matter which service they use.

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