The Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2021

Make life easier with these easy-to-install add-ons

The Chrome Web Store is full of Google Chrome extensions (also known as add-ons or plugins) designed to improve your life. Whether you're looking for productivity help for work, great deals on shopping sites, or just a little fun or inspiration, you'll find something at the Chrome Web Store.

We've selected our favorite Chrome extensions that will improve and enhance your everyday life. Browse through the list and find extensions to suit your needs and interests.

Due in large part to its massive extensions library, Chrome boasts more than 60 percent of the web browser market.

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Best Chrome Extension for Your Eyes: eyeCare

The eyeCare Chrome extension interface.
What We Like
  • Suggests eye exercises and other productive break activities.

  • Customize your break reminders.

  • Enable and disable with a single click.

What We Don't Like
  • The sound alert can be annoying when you’re trying to concentrate.

When you work at your computer for long periods of time, it's important to give your eyes a break. This extension allows you to set how much time you want between reminders (the default is 20-second breaks every 20 minutes). Use it as a prompt to do some stretching, as well.

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Best Chrome Extension for Content Clipping: Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote web clipper Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Sync your account to use it across all your devices.

  • Clip an entire web page or just a selection.

  • Special formats for clipping from sites such as Amazon, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

What We Don't Like
  • You may end up collecting items you never use.

This handy tool allows you to save entire web pages, or just parts of them. Evernote Web Clipper works better than bookmarks because you can highlight key information with text or visual callouts. Use separate notebooks to gather research for different projects, create a URL, and share with others via email.

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Best Chrome Extension URL Saver: Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • View what you've saved while commuting or waiting in line.

  • Save articles, images, videos, and links.

  • Capture content from Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Flipboard, and more.

What We Don't Like
  • Advanced features require the Premium version.

Save to Pocket is a great way to capture interesting web pages so you can refer to them later. Access your articles, videos, and other media anytime across all your devices. Quickly add tags and see recommendations to similar content.

Save to Pocket has a free version, or upgrade to Premium for additional features.

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Best World Clock Chrome Extension: FoxClocks

Foxclocks world clock Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Know when colleagues in distant places are likely to be available.

  • Automatically checks for updates to its time zone database.

  • Browse time zones by country, region or city.

What We Don't Like
  • The status bar can cause issues with the display of some web pages.

FoxClocks is perfect for anyone who works with people in time zones across the globe, showing you various times around the world at the bottom of your browser. Use one of the included formats, or create one that works best for you. Need to be timeless for a few minutes? Temporarily disable the extension.

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Best Tab Manager Chrome Extension: Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler tab manager Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Effortless tab management.

  • Closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back.

  • Prevent your favorite sites from auto-closing.

What We Don't Like
  • Once you delete tabs in the closed tab list, they’re gone for good.

Thanks to Tab Wrangler, there's no longer such a thing as "too many tabs." This clever app closes tabs you've had open for 20 minutes, or whatever interval you choose. But it's flexible enough to let you "lock" any tabs you want to remain open or easily get back to those that have closed.

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Best Ad-Blocking Chrome Extension: Adblock Plus

Adblocker Plus online ad blocker Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Blocks video ads, banners, and pop-ups.

  • Set-it-and-forget-it functionality.

  • Faster browsing because unwanted resources are blocked from loading.

What We Don't Like
  • You may not want all ads blocked, as some are necessary and useful.

Adblock Plus is a handy tool that seamlessly blocks video and social media advertising as well as viruses, while also preventing sites from tracking you. Click on the icon at any time to see how many ads you've blocked, or change your settings so you can whitelist favorite sites.

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Best Chrome Extension for Couponing: Honey

Honey coupon code finder Chrome extension in use
What We Like
  • Get better deals without much research.

  • Automatically find and apply coupons when you shop online.

  • Earn Honey rewards while you shop.

What We Don't Like
  • The savings aren’t always substantial.

Love online shopping? Love saving money? Then you'll love Honey. This handy Chrome extension shows you coupons for products you're looking at on any website. On Amazon, you get even more perks: Honey finds the cheapest seller for a particular product and tracks price drops, so you know the best time to buy.

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Best Chrome Extension for Grammar Checking: Grammarly

Grammarly grammar checker Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Finds embarrassing spelling and grammar errors.

  • Helps you learn, improving your writing as you use it.

  • Compatible with the text fields on most websites.

What We Don't Like
  • The free version continuously advertises the paid version.

Whether you're not attuned to grammar or you're a sticker, Grammarly is an excellent tool. It corrects not just your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as you write, but it also looks for tone, wordiness, and clarity. Grammarly works whether you're writing an essay for class, composing an email for work, or just creating a Facebook post. Upgrade to Grammarly Premium for even more features.

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Best Chrome Extension Password Manager: LastPass

Lastpass password manager Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Never have to remember or look up passwords.

  • Add credit cards and shopping profiles for faster checkouts.

  • Saves passwords across devices.

What We Don't Like
  • Sign-on process doesn’t work for some websites.

With so many website breaches, you can't be too careful about password use. LastPass helps you create strong passwords and store them along with your usernames, and then syncs them across all your devices. With this extension, you need to remember only one strong password to access your LastPass vault.

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Best Chrome Browser Customization Extension: Live Start Page

Live start page Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Take a mindful meditation break in the middle of the day.

  • Customize clocks, to-do lists, and hundreds of backgrounds.

What We Don't Like
  • Some features repeat functions we already have.

Enjoy an entirely new browser experience with living wallpapers, weather reports, a to-do list, clocks, and (for when you need a break) a meditation mode. The living wallpapers are especially soothing, with beautiful nature scenes. Enjoy the free version or pay for Premium's enhanced features.

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Best Chrome Extension for Scheduling Zooms: Zoom Scheduler

Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Familiar interface, similar to Google Calendar.

  • Schedule meetings and cloud meetings.

  • Start an instant meeting.

What We Don't Like
  • Do we really need more meetings?

If you use Zoom for videoconferences, try this extension to schedule meetings or cloud meetings directly from Google Calendar, or even start an instant meeting. Invitation recipients will see the meeting URL and information in their invite message.

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Best Calendar Chrome Extension: Google Calendar

Google Calendar Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • One-click access to locations and documents.

  • Previews your calendar in the browser.

  • Show events from whatever calendar you're logged in to.

What We Don't Like
  • Lack of customization options.

This extension helps you stay organized by adding new events from websites you visit. View appointments and events without leaving the page. It's easy to change, delete, or repeat calendar entries, and you can sync it with other calendar apps.

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Best Task List Chrome Extension: Todoist

Todoist task list Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Simple interface.

  • It's easy to check off completed items and see what still needs to be done.

  • Prioritize tasks with priority levels.

What We Don't Like
  • No variety of view types.

This straightforward task list helps you stay on track with all your goals. Use tags to indicate priorities and separate work from home. Didn't get everything done? Simply move uncompleted tasks to another day. Use the free version or upgrade for additional features.

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Best Chrome Extension Quote Creator: Pablo

Pablo quote generator Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • No design experience needed.

  • Create beautiful images perfect for social media.

  • Endless typography, font, and formatting options.

What We Don't Like
  • Some users may find formatting and customization limited.

If you've ever wanted to place a meaningful quote in a beautifully designed background for social media posting, Pablo is the perfect extension. Simply paste your quote and choose the perfect background photo, font, and other design elements. Add your own images, as well, and edit them with Pablo.

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Best Chrome Extension Dictionary: Instant Dictionary

Instant Dictionary Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Get word definitions while reading online.

  • Hear a word's audio pronunciation.

  • One-click access to Google search if the word isn't found.

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report timeout issues.

When you come across a word you don't know online, you can haul out your old paper dictionary, hunt down an online one and wait while it looks up the word, or use Instant Dictionary. This essential extension brings you definitions with just a double-click. If you want more information, look up the complete definition of a word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary.

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Best Chrome Extension Goal Tracker: Hey Habit

Hey Habit goal tracker Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • See a visual representation of progress toward your goals.

  • Break down larger goals into individual elements.

What We Don't Like
  • No corresponding mobile app.

Looking to drink more water? Increase reading time with your kids? Complete a certain number of sales calls per week? Hey Habit can help you form a new habit, whatever it may be, by allowing you to track when you perform the tasks you've assigned yourself.

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Best Chrome Extension Productivity Minder: Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow productivity minder Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Select the blocked websites that distract you most.

  • Preconfigured to block popular time-wasting websites.

  • Blocklist or safelist sites by day or time.

What We Don't Like
  • Once you start a work session, you can’t stop it without disabling the extension.

If you tend to wander onto Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube during working hours, you need Strict Workflow. This extension blocks distracting sites for 25 minutes, then gives you a five-minute break to reward yourself with some screen time with your guilty-pleasure site.

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Best Chrome Extension Time Tracker: Mindful Browsing

Mindful browsing app Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • If you visit a “distracting” site, you get a reminder to stop 10 minutes later.

  • Features stunning photographs.

  • You specify the sites you want to be mindful about.

What We Don't Like
  • The 10-minute reminder may be too long for some.

This extension helps you decrease your time spent on nonproductive websites by asking if you really want to be there. For example, if you browse to Facebook, but then choose not to proceed, the extension gives you alternative options, such as taking five deep breaths or going for a short walk.

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Best Chrome Extension for Inspiration: My Quotes

My quotes quote generator Chrome extension in use.
What We Like
  • Customize to suit your preferences.

  • Keep track of your goals.

  • Calming music accompanies quotes.

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report technical difficulties.

With My Quotes, each time you open a new tab, you get an inspiring new quote, such as, "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." Stay motivated with these encouraging words and the lovely accompanying graphics and music. New entries are added regularly.

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