20 Favorite Chinese New Year's E-Card Sites 2018

Year of the dog, 2018
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Find the best sites for sending Chinese New Year's e-cards.

For a Prosperous Lunar New Year

A new moon, a new animal, a new color, a new year: spectacular fireworks and red envelopes and festive celebrations welcome them, and so do personal greetings maybe sent across the world electronically.

Here are my favorite Chinese New Year e-card sites from all across the web.

When Is Chinese New Year 2018?

The year of the dog 2018 will begin on Friday, February 16, 2018. Celebrations will last from February 8 to March 2, 2018 (Lantern Festival). Chinese New Year's Eve is on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

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Punchbowl Chinese New Year Greeting Cards
Punchbowl Chinese New Year Greeting Cards. Punchbowl, Inc.

Lots of deep red for a deeply satisfying and successful new year. At Punchbowl, you not only get to pick among smartly designed cards, you can help craft the digital envelope, too—and add your own photos to some cards.

 Dragons and lanterns, firecrackers and—koi: welcome the new year with simply beautiful greetings at Katie's Cards.

It may be paperless in name, but the Paperless Post lets you send Chinese New Year so meticulous in their design and typography and skeuomorphic card qualities, at least a hint of paper is always in them. Lots of red, gold and cheer here!

Wish prosperity and riches with richly designed and prosperously adorned e-cards by Jacquie Lawson. Among the new year designs, find many an impeccably done Chinese New Year's greeting as well.

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Send e-cards drawn by skilled illustrators' hands; to the beautiful imagery, symbolism and calligraphy, you can add not only your own message crafted with skill but also—an invitation for a Spring Festival party.

Traditional, beautiful and filled to the seams with lucky symbols, the Chinese New Year cards from Dgreetings.com are a delight.

Good luck, good fortune, and a good year: wish all this and more with BirthdayAlarm.com's nicely animated Chinese New Year cards.

Let's wish a strictly happy Chinese New Year to any smartphone by throwing MSG on the streets recklessly. Sarcastic e-cards from Someecards.com

Start the new year with pyrotechnics, lanterns and the appropriate animal: American Greetings offers a small and sweet assortment of electronic cards for the new lunar year.

Prosper and advance with lots of red and fun and joy from BlueMountain.com Chinese New Year greeting cards.
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The Chinese New Year cards at Care2 are mostly simple, but they make up for the simplicity — if this ever needs to be made up for — with charm and nicety many times. The selection is big!
In red and yellow: wish a good prosperous fortunate happy year many times over with nice lunar New Year cards from 123Greetings.com.
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Hallmark lets the lion dance in style to drum in the new year, and you can send all your best wishes as well, of course. Zodiac- and animal-themed cards are a given.
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Simple in design yet charming, MyFunCards lets you deliver just such greetings for the Lunar New Year.

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From the original e-cards.com, send Chinese New Year greetings including, among many other subjects, flowers, pandas and bamboo.

From a tour operator, send the best wishes for a smooth journey into a prosperous new year with animal- and travel-themed e-cards.

Neatly drawn and sometimes animated, 1001 Postcards' greeting cards wish a wealthy and happy Chinese new year.

For many a Chinese zodiac's animal, DoozyCards has a cartoonish and animated drawing to be sent as an e-greetings.

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The Cardmaster lets you send a New Year card that allows the recipient to pick their year of birth (in the Gregorian calendar, so those born in January or February need to pay some attention) and will return to the unsuspecting clicker a simple description of their Chinese zodiac sign. Most other Cardmaster cards are just as interestingly animated.

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At TIAS.com, you can pick from a small assortment of very classic Lunar New Year motives to send as e-card greetings.