The 8 Best Cheap Gaming Mice of 2020

Take your setup to the next level

Not all computer mice are built the same, and if you're a gamer, you'll want to make sure you pick up a dedicated gaming mouse. In the world of gaming — where every second matters — specialized mice offer higher sensitivity, reduced input lag, and customizability for the discerning player. While some gaming mice fetch hundreds of dollars, there's still a healthy and vibrant selection for, around, and under $50.

Best Overall: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Coming in around $50 it's hard to beat Razer's popular DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse. Featuring an ergonomic grip for right-handed individuals, the DeathAdder is not only fun to game with on your PC or Mac, but also comfortable to maneuver. The mouse features Razer's 5G Optical Sensor which is capable of tracking at up to 16,000 DPI — meaning even the smallest movement is captured. In addition to the mouse's ergonomic shape, the scroll wheel also features a tactile grip so you can switch between gaming settings with precision.

The DeathAdder Elite's primary mouse buttons are Razer's in-house mechanical switches, which the company claims will last up to 50 million clicks. For further customizability, gamers can install Razer's Synapse software to program the mouses' buttons to their desire for in-game macros and choose their preferred RGB color scheme. Additionally, Razer's Chroma functionality means that the DeathAdder can automatically adjust its color based on in-game actions.

Best Wireless Budget: VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

The marketing for VicTsing's Wireless Gaming Mouse sums the product up perfectly — a mouse 'perfect for entry-level casual gamers, but not a substitute for high-end gaming mice.' At less than $15, the wireless gaming mouse does cut a few corners to keep costs down. For starters, the mouse's sensitivity rating is quite low coming in at only 2400 DPI. While still a good option for those battling dragons in Skyrim on weekends, we don't recommend this mouse for high-speed FPS fights in Call of Duty.

Under the hood, the VicTsing features a 2.4GHz wireless chip that also uses a nano receiver plugged into your PC or Mac USB port for wireless communication. Anyone looking for customizability might also want to look elsewhere as this mouse only includes two programmable side buttons. The VicTsing is available in two color options, black with blue LEDs and black with red LEDs.

Best Wired Budget: Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

Coming in at less than $15 the Redragon M601 Wired gaming mouse is a steal. Redragon has begun to carve out a niche for themselves, producing high-value and competent gaming peripherals on the cheap. The M601 is no exception to the trend, providing the gamers with up to 3200 DPI and five programmable buttons. The mouse also includes eight 2.4g weights so you can customize it to your preference.

The Redragon M601 is made of ABS plastic and features an anti-skid scroll wheel. Despite the plastic build, users have found the M601 to be a reliable and durable build, especially considering its low price point. As with more high-end gaming mouses, the Redragon M601 can also be customized with the company's software for Windows PCs. Considering it also comes with a storage box and braided cable with a gold plated USB connector, you can't do much better for the price.

Best Wireless: Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse

If you're looking to go wireless, the Logitech G602 might be the perfect mouse for your next gaming session. While wireless gaming mice are typically avoided due to latency issues, Logitech's G602 is designed to be wholly lag-free and provide up to 250 hours of non-stop gaming. With a price tag under $40, the G602 also manages to feature a laser with a sensitivity of up to 2500 DPI. To obtain a lag-free connection, the G602 utilizes a USB 2.4GHz nano receiver that plugs into your laptop or desktop computer.

The G602 also features eleven customizable buttons for getting your mouse game-ready with macros at the press of a button. The two AA batteries required to run the mouse can also stretch their longevity from 250 hours to 1440 in endurance mode when you aren't gaming. Additional software can be downloaded to customize your gaming experience but isn't required if you'd prefer to keep your system clean.

Best Weight Customization: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

For some, a mouse's weight distribution can be one of its most essential properties. If you're on the hunt for a budget mouse with excellent weight customization, look no further than Logitech's G502 Proteus Spectrum. The model has one of the most outstanding sensitivities in our roundup, with up to 12,000 DPI.

In the box you'll also find five 3.6g weights that can be positioned around the center and front-end of the mouse; this is excellent as not only can you control the weight of the mouse, but where the weight is located. Beyond the G502's excellent weight and DPI capabilities, the mouse also features 11 programmable buttons, a textured rubber grip for comfort, and Logitech's customizable software for PC.

Best Macro Customization: UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

If MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 are your preference, then you might want to look into picking up a gaming mouse with a vast array of customizable macro buttons. While other computer mice feature a healthy collection of programmable buttons, the UtechSmart Venus boast an incredible 18 programmable buttons and five savable memory profiles. Designed explicitly for MMO action, the Venus provides 12 programmable buttons upon its side alone. Using these buttons, you can create powerful macros that will prompt the computer to run a string of commands, such as targeting an object, casting a curse, then continually casting an attack spell.

Beyond its programmable button capability, the Venus also features a 16400 DPI sensor and Omron micro switches that provide responsive feedback when clicking. Additionally, the Venus comes with eight weights for customizing the mouse's feel. The LED lighting and a finely braided cable all help to make this mouse a bit more fun.

Best RGB Light Customization: Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

If you're searching for RGB gaming mice on the cheap, take a closer look at another offering from Redragon — the M711 Cobra. This gaming mouse offers 16.8 million colors and seven different RGB light modes that can be customized with the included software. Styles for the lighting system include wave, rainbow, reactive, full lighted, breathing, flash, and 'without a trace.' And while the M711 Cobra packs some beautiful lights under the hood, it also features some impressive gaming specs to back it up — this mouse has bark and bite.

The M711 Cobra features a sensor with up to 10,000 DPI and an array of seven different programmable buttons for macros. The mouse can be used out of the box with all computer operating systems but the customizable Redragon software does require a Windows PC for installation.

Best Mouse & Keyboard Bundle: Redragon Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you're just getting started with your gaming setup and you're on a tight budget, you can't go wrong with this Redragon S101 gaming keyboard combo for less than $35. Given its outstandingly low price-point, this bundle delivers two surprisingly competent gaming peripherals. The included mouse is the M601 from Redragon — one of the best-wired budget mice on the market. The model delivers up to 3200 DPI and was designed with five programmable buttons. It also includes eight 2.4g weights so you can customize the mouse's feel to your liking.

The included gaming keyboard features seven-color backlighting and an ergonomic design ideal for hours of gaming. An oversized spacebar and wrist rest are one aspect to thank for this keyboard's comfort. While you won't find expensive mechanical key switches under this keyboard's keys, the Redragon gaming keyboard still provides a quiet and crisp experience. Additionally, the mouse and keyboard were designed with each other in mind, so you'll have a matching RGB set.