The 5 Best CD Repair Kits of 2021

Restore your music collection and say goodbye to skipped tracks

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit

This three-solution kit from Novus isn't designed exclusively for CDs and DVDs — it's actually an all-purpose plastic polish that can be used on any kind of acrylic product to remove scratches and restore shine. But when it comes to fixing scratches on your favorite CDs, DVDs, and video games, this Novus polish outperforms most self-described "media repair kits." The trick is that it actually buffs down the scratches on your discs rather than filling them in, which tends to be more effective at restoring your media to playable condition.

The kit comes with three different polishing solutions: 1 is a cleaner that removes dust, debris, and static from your discs. 2 is a light abrasive that can remove fine scratches (and will probably do the trick for most CDs). And 3 is the strongest abrasive, for use on deep scratches.

The trick to using this kit may seem obvious, but it's worth stating: read the instructions and follow them carefully. Unlike motorized CD-cleaning machines and other automated disc repair devices, this kit requires elbow grease and patience. But if you're willing to put in some time to manually polish your damaged media, users swear by this product's effectiveness. And because it's an all-purpose acrylic polish, you can use the Novus kit to restore your car's headlights, plastic fish tanks, plastic furniture, and much, much more.

Best Budget: Maxell CD/CD-ROM Repair Kit

Maxell CD/CD-ROM Scratch Repair Kit

The Maxell CD/CD-ROM scratch repair kit is best served to wipe away fingerprints, dust and surface scratches. Ideal for discs that are skipping while in a CD Player, the Maxell comes with both a scratch remover and a cleaner/polish/sealer formula for a two-step process to repair gently scratched discs. There's enough formula to handle repairs for up to 100 discs, allowing them to avoid skipping music or reducing sound loss that can occur from surface scratches. Beyond CDs, Maxell highlights that its two-step process works just as well on DVDs, as well as game station discs for Microsoft Xbox or Sony's PlayStation.

Best Splurge: JFJ One-Step Eyecon

JFJ Eyecon

The JFJ One-Step Eyecon 110V repair machine is ready to take on any scratched disc and work its magic. Measuring 27 x 12 x 11 inches, this is very much a desktop or table unit with a supply kit that can last for up to 2,000 repairs. Based on the cost of the unit, that's enough repairs to break down the cost of ownership to 1 or 2 cents a repair, which sounds like a great cost for the life of the unit.

It includes a pad for wiping discs and a compound for repairing scratches in one step or in as little time as 15 seconds per disc. For even deeper scratches, the JFJ includes a sanding option for gouges that alternative options would struggle to fix. Additionally, the JFJ has a patent-pending Blu-Ray formulation that is 100 percent silicone-free and can work on Blu-Ray repairs just as easy as traditional CDs.

Best Motorized System: Memorex OptiFix Pro

Featuring an automated cleaning and repair process, the Memorex OptiFix Pro does a great job of knocking out surface scratches like a pro. It takes off all the dirt and dust that can accumulate on a CD over the years. The OptiFix Pro utilizes a chemical-free cleaning solution paired with soft cleaning pads for removing surface scratches that can lead to audio skipping.

The included auto timer takes all the guesswork out of when a CD is ready for removal (most scratches are removed or reduced within three minutes of activating the OptiFix Pro). It works with CDs, DVDs, and any video game disc. The OptiFix Pro won't tackle the deepest of scratches, but for basic scratches, it's a good solution.

Runner-Up, Best Motorized System: Digital Innovations SkipDr

The SkipDr motorized disc repair system from Digital Innovations is another device that can smooth out scratches on your favorite media without time-consuming manual buffing. Just insert your disc into the device — it works for CDs, DVDs, and several kinds of video game discs — and the Skip Dr goes to work resurfacing damaged areas on the play side. The buffing wheel and specially-formulated SkipDr Rejuvenating Fluid not only remove scratches but also restore the disc's protective layer to prevent future damage. Each patented FlexiWheel buffer can repair up to 25 discs. You can buy inexpensive wheel replacement kits online.

The SkipDr is designed to repair minor scratches that cause skipping or otherwise affect the media's readability. It will not be effective on more severely damaged or deeply-scratched discs.

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