Top 3 CD Repair Kits: A Guide to The Best CD/DVD Repair Kits

Best disc repair kits for fixing scratched CDs and DVDs

If you've got a scratched CD or DVD that skips, jumps, or simply doesn't play anymore, then a CD/DVD repair kit could just save it from ending up in the trash. If you want to convert your CDs to digital audio files (CD ripping) for instance, then you'll need CDs that have almost perfect surfaces to produce quality audio files. Investing in a CD repair kit will also save you money in costly replacement CDs -- if they are rare then you may not be able to replace them at all! This list of CD/DVD repair kits showcases products that do an excellent job of restoration and represent good value for money.

If you're looking for a CD and DVD repair kit that does it all, then you won't go far wrong in choosing the Aleratec DVD/CD Disk Repair Plus Kit. This automatic system can clean discs as well as repair them. It comes with three different sets of wheels (repairing, cleaning, and buffing). This system also has a ​super repair feature for dealing with deep scratches. You can expect to get approximately 30 deep scratch repairs, 50 minor scratch repairs, or 150 cleaning cycles from this kit. When you have run out of repair cycles, you can purchase the Aleratec DVD/CD Disk Repair Plus Refill Pack which contains: 1 set of cleaning pads and solution; 1 set of repair pads and solution; 2 sets of buffer pads.

The Memorex OptiFix Pro is another motorized product that can clean and repair CDs and DVDs. It can repair minor scratches on your optical media and the whole process takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Unlike most other automatic CD repair kit's the Memorex OptiFix Pro comes with an A/C adapter negating the need for batteries; the kit also contains a cleaning kit (pads and solution), and a repair kit (pads and resurfacing solution). The Memorex OptiFix Pro Refill Kit can also be purchased to replace the cleaning and repair kits when exhausted.

The SkipDoctor manual disc repair system is a device that can fix minor scratches to CDs and DVDs. It can repair up to 50 discs using a patented FlexiWheel and resurfacing fluid to smooth the surface of damaged discs. As well as handling standard optical discs, the SkipDR classic version can also repair discs for PlayStation 1 and 2; XBOX / XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. The repair kit contains: a FlexiWheel, felt buffing square, rejuvenating fluid, and a special drying cloth.


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