Cartoon Network Games for Android

These aren't just cheap tie-ins

 Tie-in games have historically been a laughingstock of the gaming industry. Produced in quick and dirty fashion, there were some gems like Cool Spot and Aladdin. But many more were just blights on gaming. As games got more and more expensive to produce, the tie-in slowly drifted away. But then, mobile came along, and the tie-in suddenly came in vogue again. However, while there's still some garbage tie-ins, some studios are cranking out good games that just happen to be licensed. Cartoon Network Games is one such studio that's managed to make some fantastic titles so far, enlisting talented developers to make games that just happen to be licensed. While their sister publisher Adult Swim Games has focused on original titles as compared to licensed games and been acclaimed for their publishing work, Cartoon Network's work deserves mention too.

Attack the Light - Steven Universe
Cartoon Network

There's a name that you need to get familiar with when you talk about Cartoon Network Games, and that is Grumpyface. The talented studio is a regular collaborator with both Cartoon Network and Adult Swim's publishing houses and is perhaps their star pupil. Play Attack the Light, and you'll see why. This game based on the show Steven Universe uses an interesting stylistic stripped-down design from the show, while still being a faithful representation of the world of the show. The game itself takes cues from games like Super Mario RPG that involve timing and interactive elements in battle beyond just selecting attacks in menus. It's an RPG that's strong well beyond the hook of its license, and fun even if you're not a fan of the show. More »

 Even if you don't like Teen Titans Go – and the show has at least the self-deprecating sense of humor to know some people don't – you'll still have a great time with Teeny Titans. The game is one of the better Pokemon clones out there, though calling it a 'clone' is not necessarily accurate, because the combat is entirely different, using real-time elements with charging up attacks to differentiate itself. As well, the figure collecting combines elements of gacha systems with the more standard monster-catching known to the genre. It's a familiar game with a license that still manages to be a bit unique in and of itself, that's a combo that Cartoon Network and Grumpyface pull off really well. More »

Adventure Time Game Wizard
Cartoon Network Games

 Cartoon Network Games also is known to do a bit of game publishing and adaption and what they did here was pretty cool. They licensed Pixel Press Floors, a game that let you sketch out levels on paper and scan them into the game. They then add in a single-player campaign based on the show, using all the different characters as a way to present different scenarios. And of course, there's the ability to create levels – both in-game and on paper – and to share them with the world. It's a powerful creation tool that could help a lot of kids out in becoming the next great game designers. More »

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
SleepNinja/Cartoon Network Games

 One of Cartoon Network Games' not-licensed publishing efforts, this fun puzzle-adventure game by SleepNinja has you using various items monsters with different abilities to help solve puzzles and of course, get your birthday cake back. It's a clever little game and one that got a lot of well-deserved promotion thanks to Cartoon Network's publishing. More »

30 Days and Seven Seas
Cartoon Network Games

 SleepNinja also took on a licensed game for Cartoon Network in late 2015 by tackling 30 Days and Seven Seas. What they did here was cool, turning a board game in an episode of the show Clarence into its own game. Featuring the show's voice cast, this was more than just a kid's game as it combined grid-based strategy with the overarching board game structure. Again, this is a cool example of what modern tie-in games can be. It's easier to get started up creating games with all the helpful tools out there, so the overhead costs are smaller than they once were. And, with the smaller scale that mobile is accommodating to, a company can make games that not only help promote their licenses but serve as fantastic fanservice as well. More »

OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo
Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Games is even trying some interesting things with their games division. This game is a beat 'em up based on a pilot by Ian Jones-Quartey around the same time that Steven Universe's pilot came out. Nothing seemed to happen with the pilot, and Jones-Quartey went on to work on Steven Universe. But then, after quitting the show, he got a chance to revive his pilot as a sort of multimedia brand, starting with a game based on the show, which itself had heavy video game influence. A game jam for the license also happened, and it'll be interesting to see just where OK KO goes from here... More »

Soundtrack Attack
Cartoon Network Games

 Not all the games by Cartoon Network come from SleepNinja or Grumpyface, but they still remain pretty solid titles. This rhythm platformer is perfect for Steven Universe fans, with remixes of the show's music. But what might appeal to fans the most is the custom Crystal Gem creator that allows players to create their own gemsona, so to speak, to play as in the game. Just a cool little touch that tries to connect with the fans rather than just being a cash-in. More »

Card Wars Kingdom
Cartoon Network Games

Card Wars is one of the more notable episodes of Adventure Time, and the app based on the card game proved to be popular as well. Card Wars Kingdom improves the experience in two ways: adding in PVP multiplayer battles to play in as opposed to just having a singleplayer campaign. As well, going free-to-play was a smart move, as the ​original paid game has many free-to-play monetization tactics despite being a paid game. More »