The 5 Best Audio Cassette Adapters for Your Car in 2020

Enjoy your digital music library without upgrading your stereo

Best Overall: Carwires MJ200C

The Carwires MJ200C car cassette adapter is about as simple as they come, with a nice design and a 3.5mm headphone jack connected to it. But when you plug it into your car and phone, you’ll quickly realize that it’ll get the job done.

The MJ200C comes with a three-foot audio cable that plugs into your phone. According to Carwires, the headphone jack offers a “static-free connection,” so you don’t need to worry about any damage to your phone or the adapter itself.

The adapter comes with a traditional, black and red design, and is universal, so you should be able to plug it into just about any cassette player you can find and get it working in no time.

Better yet, Carwires designed the adapter to work with a variety of player types, so whether you have a front- or side-loading player, it’ll plug in and work.

As noted, the Carwires MJ200C comes with an exceedingly affordable price tag and should hold up well after prolonged use. In nearly every way, the Carwires MJ200C is a winner.

Best Budget: Scosche PCA2

If you’re in the market for a cheap cassette adapter that will still get the job done and allow you to listen to the music you love on your phone, consider the Scosche PCA2.

Scosche’s cassette adapter is about as simple as they come. It plugs into your car stereo’s cassette deck and features a cord with a 3.5mm headphone jack that will plug directly into your phone. The adapter is designed to work with both front- and side-loading players and its cord, while not incredibly long, should do the trick for most uses.

Arguably the Scosche PCA2’s best feature is its simplicity. The device won’t blow you away with its outstanding design, but it has a robust plastic finish that should keep it working over the long haul. And just in case it falls short, Scosche offers a 90-day warranty on the PCA2.

Best for Multiple Uses: Sony Walkman Car Connecting Pack

It’s no surprise that Sony is making its presence felt in the cassette adapter market, considering the company’s Walkman was a trendsetter in mobile music enjoyment. And the company’s Sony Walkman Car Connecting Pack aims at helping you listen to your tracks anywhere and everywhere.

The Walkman Car Connecting Pack is designed not only to work in the vehicle but also anywhere else. So, if you want to plug it into your old-school Walkman, it’ll work. And if you want to take it out of there and plug it into your Sony MiniDisc, go for it. But if it’s the car you’re after, the Sony Walkman will similarly get the job done.

The adapter features a 3.5mm headphone jack that’s connected to a long cord, which makes it much easier to use than those with shorter cables. Be aware, however, that it’s designed to work with tape decks that let you insert a cassette with the tape opening facing the side. Other devices won’t be compatible with the adapter.

The adapter has what Sony calls a “silent mechanism” that reduces mechanical noises produced by the adapter when you’re driving. And since it comes with a self-adjusting spring-loaded head, it’ll keep solid contact with your cassette deck’s tape head.

The Sony Walkman Car Connecting Pack is one of the most versatile cassette adapters on the market. And with its support for Sony and non-Sony products, alike, it’s an ideal option if you’re not sure when and how you’ll use the adapter but plan to put it into use throughout your day.

Best for Wireless: iTape Cassette Adapter

The iTape Cassette Adapter comes with all the features you’d expect to find in any other cassette adapter, but adds one, important trick: It works with Wi-Fi.

When you plug the iTape into your car stereo, it’ll start to beam out a Bluetooth signal to your phone. Simply wirelessly connect the phone to your adapter and start listening to music without ever worrying about plugging it into your device’s 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to iTape, its adapter supports Bluetooth 4.2, which translates to strong connections over long distances. And since most devices today come with Bluetooth, you won’t need to worry about compatibility problems.

And as if that’s not enough, the iTape Cassette Adapter also comes with a USB port that will allow you to plug in your device while you’re driving. Doing so allows you to keep your handset charged while you’re listening to tracks —  a feature you just won’t find in too many other places in the cassette adapter market.

There’s even a microSD card slot in the device, so you can record tracks and save them for playing on other devices. And if you want to adjust the volume of your music, there are controls on the adapter.

The iTape Cassette Adapter is one of the most feature-packed cassette adapters on the market. And if you can get past its somewhat lofty price tag, it’s a great buy.

Best Design: Monster iCarPlay

Monster’s brand in the audio business has become synonymous with high-quality sound and outstanding product design. And the company’s iCarPlay Cassette Adapter 800 is no different.

The cassette adapter comes with an outstanding design that features a black finish and red highlights. It also has a three-foot cable connected to it that allows you to listen to tracks without ever needing to move things around in your car to make room.

In order to sweeten the pot a bit, Monster improved the cassette adapter’s head mechanism to improve sound quality. It also offers a spring-loaded cassette head to ensure your device delivers outstanding sound. And since this is Monster, a company known for delivering outstanding cables and facilitating solid sound, you should expect an overall pleasurable audio experience.