The 6 Best Car Battery Warmers

Don't let winter slow you down

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The temperature outside is steadily dropping, and while we aren't exactly in the icy clutches of winter just yet, it pays to be prepared with one of our best car battery warmers. If you're a new car owner or have never lived in a generally chilly climate, this premise might sound a bit silly, but car battery warmers can spare you a sizeable chunk of frustration when it comes to starting your car in freezing temperatures.

The fluids in your car battery are prone to freezing and can lead to startup problems in sub-zero temperatures, car battery warmers help to solve that by providing layered insulation and heat when plugged into an external power source. Beyond just letting you start your car a bit faster, car battery warmers help your battery operate more efficiently which helps with the overall maintenance of your vehicle.

Some battery warmers can be as simple as a blanket that can keep your battery from freezing overnight, like the DEI 010480 Cell Saver Battery at Amazon. There are more powerful models like the Katt 22600 Battery Pad Heater at Amazon, that are perfect for keeping batteries running smoothly in even the most extreme conditions.

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Best Thermal Wrap: Kat 22200 36" Thermal Wrap

Kat's 22200 80 Watt 36" Battery Thermal Wrap

One of the most highly recommended car battery warmers on the market, the Kat 22200 80-watt 36-inch Thermal Wrap is a standout choice. Installation is a snap: The Kat unfolds like a blanket allowing the user to wrap it around the battery in a matter of seconds. Designed to fit most traditional size car batteries thanks to its 15 x 9.5 x 8.5-inch measurements, car owners shouldn't have any problem with finding the right fit. Composed of a vinyl material, the Kat also helps protect against acid and oil leaks to prolong the life of the battery and the rest of the engine block.

Best Blanket Wrap: Zerostart 2800063 36” Battery Blanket

Zerostart 2800063 36â Battery Blanket


Composed of Thinsulate thermal insulation to help lengthen the life of a car battery, the Zerostart & Temro 2800063 36-inch battery blanket is a great buy. Helping to maintain the life of the battery in both warm or cold weather, the 160-watt blanket can warm a car battery to anywhere between 60 to 70 degrees above the ambient temperature for quick starts and a lighter strain on the ignition. The 30-inch molded rubber cord can plug into any standard sized 120-volt AC plug. Once plugged in, the Zerostart wraps directly around the battery and is held in place with the included zip ties. The Zerostart has proven itself to be the best blanket solution for maintaining the life of your car battery no matter the outdoor conditions.

Best Magnetic Heater: Kat 1160 Magnum Handi-Heat Magnetic Heater

Kat 1160 Magnum Handi-Heat Magnetic Heater


Offering a nearly universal fit for all cars, the Kat 1160 300-watt Magnum Handi-Heat Magnetic Heater is capable of heating around 20 inches of surface area. Tphe Kat 1160 is designed to assist with preventing damage that can occur from cold weather starts. As an added bonus of giving heat to your car battery, the Kat 1160 can also transmit heat to oil fluids allowing for quicker lubrication when the ignition turns over by helping motor oil avoid thickening, which can damage the engine if left untreated. Placed directly on top of the car battery while in use, the 120-volt AC plug connects directly into a wall or other outlet. Besides car batteries, the Kat 1160 can also pull double duty on oil pans, engine blocks or intake manifolds. It can also unfreeze gutters, locks or pipes.

Best to Prevent Overheating: DEI 010480 Cell Saver Battery

DEI 010480 Cell Saver Battery


Capable of withstanding up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and completely safe to handle before or after use, the DEI 010480 is a smart choice for warming up a car battery. It has an exterior reflective layer that can trap and nullify any harmful battery acid to both the environment and your car. Installation is easy: The DEI wraps directly around the battery and is held securely in place, thanks to edge sealing tape. Unlike more traditional car battery heaters, the DEI has no power source, so it relies on its built-in thermal insulation to trap the heat in the winter. The DEI can also be paired with an AC-outlet-based battery thermal wrap for extra warmth during the height of winter.

Best Pad: Temro Battery Heater Warmer Pad

Temro Battery Heater Warmer Pad


Resting directly underneath a car battery, the Temro 60-Watt Battery Heater Warmer Pad provides a “rising effect” to help heat the battery and is placed directly under the battery itself, which results in a faster and easier ignition start in cold weather. As the heat rises, the warmth is evenly distributed around the battery. The molded rubber cord built directly into the pad and heater sheathing was designed specifically to handle cold weather conditions and avoid cracking. Beyond quick installation, the Temro is oil and acid resistant, as well as flame retardant, so it's a highly safe pick when you're experiencing cold weather problems. The 5.5 x 8.5-inch sizing works with most traditional battery sizes in consumer cars, trucks and SUVs.

Best for Trucks: Katt 22600 Battery Pad Heater

Katt 22600 Battery Pad Heater


While cars tend to have smaller, “normal” sized batteries, the same can’t be said for trucks on the road. In those cases, truck owners need to call on something a bit larger to help maintain battery life in poor weather conditions. Measuring 11 x 18 inches, the Katt 22600 80-Watt Battery Pad Heater rests directly beneath the truck battery, allowing heat to rise throughout the battery and restoring it to a better temperature for overall performance. The AC-adapter plug fits in 120-volt and 240-volt plugs, allowing it work pretty much anywhere there’s an outlet. The pad can also pull double duty on other parts of the engine block such as oil pans (to help prevent oil from thickening in colder temperatures).

Final Verdict

For a simple and effective solution to your freezing car batteries, we recommend the Kat 22200. It's super easy to install and provides plenty of warmth even on the coldest winter nights.

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