The Best Calendar Apps for Smarter Scheduling

When life requires more than simple scheduling, use one of these apps

Sometimes a regular day planner or a basic calendar app on your smartphone doesn't quite get the job done when you need to carefully schedule and organize all of your upcoming events, priorities, reminders, responsibilities, projects, ideas, appointments and everything else you need to keep track of all the time.

As a result, calendar apps are getting smarter. They let you do so much more than jot down a note on a specific day. Now you can integrate your calendar with your email inbox, with other people in your social networks, with your to-do lists and even with other apps and services.

Here are the best calendar apps that can help you take all your planning, scheduling and organizing to the next level.

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Google Calendar

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What We Like
  • Features Google’s “flat” design for a clean, uncluttered look.

  • Easy access from any web-connected device wherever you are.

  • Easily share schedules and important dates with others.

  • User-friendly.

What We Don't Like
  • Integration into some external apps can be cumbersome.

  • Limited layout options.

Google put a lot of work into updating its Calendar app to make it smarter, easier than ever to use and a heck of a lot more visual. Instead of having to manually type everything into the app, Google Calendar can make suggestions and fill in the blanks for you, among all the other things it can do too. It actually has a lot of the same look and feel of the recently launched


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What We Like
  • Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Connects huge variety of apps and sites for easy management of events, tasks, bills, and more.

  • Many bells and whistles but simple to use.

What We Don't Like
  • No desktop or browser version.

  • Not all banks integrate easily.

For the complete and ultimate solution to all your planning and scheduling, there's 24me -- one of the most powerful personal assistant apps out there that goes beyond simple scheduling by integrating your calendar, tasks, notes and personal accounts together. It's all there in one place. You can connect accounts and set them up for automatic reminders and completion. Make a bill payment, send a gift, or send an assistant to run an errand -- all with a tap of your finger.

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UpTo Calendar

What We Like
  • Unique, useful, uncluttered interface.

  • Easy calendar sharing.

  • Can follow interest-based public calendars.

  • Syncs with most other calendars.

What We Don't Like
  • Not widely used.

UpTo Calendar shows you a different dimension of your schedule by letting you work with layers. The front layer of your calendar is your existing calendar while the back layer is your calendar based on your own personal likes and interests. You can follow all sorts of other calendars -- from other people and sports teams and everything else -- making it useful to keep track of more than just the stuff that lives in your own calendar.

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Fantastical 2

What We Like
  • Powerful but easy to use.

  • Polished, appealing look.

  • Can create events and reminders using natural language.

  • Automatically enters event addresses when you include a place name.

  • Easy to create reminder from an event.

  • Integrates with most other calendar apps.

What We Don't Like
  • Two-factor authentication inconvenient, albeit necessary.

  • Works only on Apple devices.

  • Pricey.

Fantastical 2 is another great app for Mac and iPhone users. (Sorry Android folks!) For those who want a clean look, but love detailed schedules, this app is for you. You can easily add events, alerts, and reminders to a clean and organized interface that lets you expand to see more details or use more features in the app. It supports iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange and more.

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What We Like
  • Free.

  • Compatible with most other calendars.

  • Appealing interface.

What We Don't Like
  • Can view only one day at a time, aside from monthly overview.

  • No natural language capabilities.

Cal is a calendar app I really like to use, mainly because it's made by the same folks who created the Any.DO list-making app. If you use Any.DO, Cal automatically takes your tasks and puts them in your calendar. It also lets you do all sorts of other great things, like buy a gift or write on someone's Facebook wall for a birthday, call for a ride with

through the app and find great restaurants or other interesting venues that are nearby.

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