How to Get a Best Buy Military Discount

Maybe you'll get one. Maybe you won't

What to Know

  • There is no corporate military discount program at Best Buy, but some store locations may offer one.
  • The local store discount might or might not apply to Geek Squad services.

This article explains what's happening at Best Buy involving military discounts.

How the Best Buy Military Discount Works

The Best Buy discount for military members is available on a case-by-case basis only at participating store locations. There is no actual corporate military discount program.

If you want a discount, you will need to be in-store and request to speak to a manager. The manager will then decide whether to extend a discount to you for the items you are purchasing.

Because of this process, there isn't a standard discount. You cannot be confident you will get a discount at all; it's strictly up to your local store manager.

Who Qualifies for the Discount

Because there is no official program, it's hard to know who is eligible for a military discount at Best Buy.

It appears any active duty military member, veteran, or retired military member can ask for the discount, but, again, that's going to depend on the manager and specific store involved.

How to Obtain the Discount

If you decide to take your chances and ask for the discount, it's a good idea to bring along a DD214 or a current paystub, a driver's license with a veteran's designation, or some other official paperwork to prove you are an active duty member, a retiree, or an honorably discharged veteran.

An Alternative to the Best Buy Military Discount

If you're attending college (or have a college student in your family), it's worth checking out Best Buy's student discount program. You can depend on that program to give you specific deals and discounts; you need to sign up and upload proof of eligible student status.

It doesn't work on every product but, if you're military and also attending school, it might be easier going this route than taking your chances with random store managers.

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