The 10 Best Bukkit Plugins for Minecraft Servers

Best Bukkit plugins for CraftBukkit and Spigot servers

Bukkit plugins, which work with both CraftBukkit and Spigot, make it extremely easy to modify and secure a Minecraft server. With the right set of plugins, you can add powerful administration tools, make it impossible for trolls to grief your players, create brand new gameplay experiences, and more.

What is Bukkit?

Bukkit is an application programming interface (API) that programmers can use to create plugins for Minecraft. It basically makes it a lot easier for programmers to make plugins and server administrators to install them.

The original Bukkit was a modified fork of the official Minecraft server program, which means that the developers took the Minecraft server code and modified it to automatically install and run Bukkit plugins. That project ended when Minecraft publisher Mojang bought the Bukkit team, but you can still use Bukkit plugins with Spigot and CraftBukkit servers.

How Do You Use Bukkit Plugins?

If you want to use a Bukkit plugin, you need to have a CraftBukkit or Spigot Minecraft server. These plugins don't work with the official Minecraft server that you can download from Mojang.

Here are the basic rules to follow if you want to use Bukkit plugins:

  • Make sure that you are running a Spigot or CraftBukkit Minecraft server.
  • Download a Bukkit .jar file from a trusted source.
  • If the server is running, stop it.
  • Place the .jar file in your Minecraft server plugins folder.
  • Restart the server, and the Bukkit plugin will load automatically if everything is compatible.

If you are running a local server, simply drag the .jar file into the appropriate folder. If you use a hosting service, you will need to upload the .jar file to your server. Contact your Minecraft server host for more details.

Finding the Best Bukkit Plugins

There are tens of thousands of Bukkit plugins, so finding the best ones for your server can be a daunting task. If you're looking for a new gaming experience for your players, then a plugin like mcMMO that adds massively multiplayer online (MMO) features so you can play Minecraft multiplayer might be what you're looking for, but there are also plugins that add minigames, create in-game economies, vastly improve the villager non-player characters (NPCs), and more.

Here are the best places to find Bukkit plugins:

  • SpigotMC: Spigot is a fork of Bukkit, and the Spigot team also maintains CraftBukkit. Most Bukkit plugins can be found here.
  • Curse Forge: This is another place that developers are able to post their Bukkit plugins. If you can't find it on SpigotMC, you'll probably find it here.
  • GitHub: Instead of using SpigotMC or Curse Forge, some developers simply link directly to GitHub from their official sites. If the official site of a Bukkit plugin links to a GitHub repository, then it's usually safe to download. 

To help you get started, we've also pulled together 10 of the most essential Bukkit plugins for your Minecraft server. If you just want to get your server up and running smoothly, or you want to protect and improve an existing server, you can't go wrong with these.

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vault bukkit plugin

Vault isn't a flashy plugin, but it is absolutely essential if you want to run a server that uses a lot of plugins. It manages interactions between other plugins to keep things running smoothly and provides a framework for chat modifications, economy systems, user permissions, and more.

Since a lot of popular plugins don't work without Vault, it should be one of the first Bukkit plugins you download.

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bpermissions bukkit plugin

This plugin gives the server admins the ability to set and change which commands specific players are able to use. It works entirely in-game, so there's no need to edit configuration files and restart the server every time you want to give or remove, permissions from someone.

While bPermissions is a powerful tool for server admins, it is one of the many Bukkit plugins that require Vault. So make sure to grab that first.

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essentialsx bukkit plugin

Essentials provides Minecraft server admins with over 100 useful commands and tons of features like kits for new players. It was one of the most useful Bukkit plugins available, but it ceased development prior to the release of Minecraft 1.8.

EssentialsX is a fork of the original Essentials plugin that runs on newer versions of Minecraft. It requires Vault for some features to work, but it provides all of the same utility as the original Essentials Bukkit plugin.

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WorldEdit provides you with powerful tools to shape and change the landscape of your Minecraft server. Rather than placing individual blocks, it allows you to change every single block within a defined volume to whatever type of block you like.

Additional commands make it easy to build walls, copy and paste structures, and even undo mistakes.

WorldEdit is also required by some other plugins.

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dynmap bukkit plugin

DynMap is like Google Maps for your Minecraft server. It creates a highly detailed overhead view of your world that anyone can access from a web browser, and it updates in real-time, so you can even see where each player is in the world.

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worldguard bukkit plugin

The main purpose of WorldGuard is to protect specific areas of your server. You can use this plugin to set which players are allowed to destroy or modify blocks within specified boundaries, which makes it impossible for anyone to destroy your hard work.

WorldGuard requires WorldEdit, so make sure to install WorldEdit first. It also ties into DynMaps, which allows you to see exactly what parts of your world have been assigned.

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Multiverse is a Bukkit plugin that makes it extremely easy to host multiple worlds on a single Minecraft server. Admins are able to freely create, destroy, and teleport between worlds. You can even have survival, peaceful, and creative worlds to jump back and forth between.

Add-ons for Multiverse also allow you to create portals for regular players to move between worlds without the help of an admin.

If you have a large server, and you need more space to grow, Multiverse makes it easy. It's also great if you want to have multiple different worlds to explore, a separate world for testing things out, or even a basic flat world to strip mine.

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If you maintain a Discord server for your players to communicate outside of the game, DiscordSRV is a game-changer. It uses a bot on your Discord server to announce when players log in or out of your Minecraft server, and it can even pass chat back and forth between Discord and Minecraft.

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Chat Control

chatcontrol bukkit plugin

Chat Control is a powerful chat management plugin. It allows you to easily curtail spam, ads, swearing, bots, and provides a whole range of utilities for admins.

The default configuration is set up well for most large servers, but you can also modify all of the chat filter rules to suit your needs and the atmosphere of your specific server.

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GriefPrevention is a Bukkit plugin that makes it easy to allow players to claim their own areas to mine and build. It has some of the same basic functionality of WorldGuard, in that it can prevent unauthorized players from modifying or destroying structures they didn't help build.

Unlike WorldGuard, which requires an admin to use console commands to assign protected areas, GriefPrevention allows players to claim their own spaces within limits. Each player is, by default, given a claim when they create and place their first chest, and additional claims are allowed based on the amount of time that they actually continue playing on the server.

GriefPrevention works with WorldGuard and WorldEdit, but you can use it by itself if you don't want to use those plugins.

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