Best Budget Stereo Speakers Under $500 Per Pair

Stereo speakers don't have to cost a fortune to sound good. Here is a list of the best floorstanding and bookshelf ​stereo speakers available for under $500 per pair with price comparisons

Polk Audio is one of the biggest names in speakers for home audio. The T15 is a bookshelf speaker that can also be used with your home theater system. Each of the pair of speakers has a 5.25" polymer composite woofer with rubber surround and .75" dome tweeter in a ported enclosure. They're finished in furniture-grade MDF cabinets. They are magnetically shielded so nearby video sources won't produce distortion. They're ideal for a bedroom, den or dorm room, and you can also use them with your home theater. They've received high ratings from customers. The Polk Audio T15 If you want to mount them to the wall instead of using as bookshelf speakers, they have a keyhole slot and you simply need the optional mounting hardware, which is not included. They are a real bargain.

Yamaha is well known for its fine musical instruments and home audio components and the same workmanship and quality goes into their speakers. The NS-F150 is a two-way ported speaker with two 6.5-inch cone woofers and a one-inch dome tweeter. The slim, stylish enclosures are a great match for a flat panel TV. They tout their good match for HD movie and music sources. They can be used with the NS-P150 speaker package.They have a refined look with support spikes and stand.

Enjoy a real audio experience in your existing living space with these speakers. The 3-way 4-driver bass-reflex system has a 5.12 inch foamed-mica cellular reinforced woofer and one-inch polyester main tweeter. These can be used for music or teamed with your home theater system.

If you can still find the discontinued Sony SSF5000, it is a bargain package for a pair of three-way speakers with an 8" Kevlar woofer, a 3.25" midrange and 1" dome tweeter. Kevlar is one of the best materials for a speaker cone because it is lightweight and rigid, ideal for good bass response. They are a good choice for your main stereo system or a bedroom or den.

Monitor Audio is a British speaker manufacturer known for their exceptional engineering and speaker designs. The Bronze 2 is part of the company's entry-level Bronze Line. The BR-2 a two-way bass reflex bookshelf speaker with a 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. The Bronze 2 a fine loudspeaker and an outstanding value. They offer excellent performance, construction quality and would make a great speaker for a small to medium-sized stereo or home theater system. They come in black oak and walnut vinyl finishes to match your decor. Good things do come in small packages and the Monitor Audio Bronze would be a smart choice for a stereo system priced below $1,000 when combined with a mid-priced receiver or amplifier. You can use on a bookshelf, or mount it on a stand or on the wall. Read my full review of  their predecessor, the Monitor Audio BR-2 Speakers.


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