Best Books on iPhone App Development

Considering the extreme popularity of the Apple iPhone even today, years after its very first release, there are an increasing number of iPhone developers entering the market on an everyday basis. Starting off with iPhone development can prove to be quite a task for a wannabe iOS developer. Even an experienced iPhone developer sometimes runs into trouble with the nitty-gritty of the system. Here are some of the best books on iPhone App Development

iPhone for Dummies (English)

iPhone for Dummies book

iPhone for Dummies is a book that is especially helpful for iPhone 3G developers. It teaches newbie developers on working with the features of this smartphone, such as multitouch interface, rich HTML e-Mail, GPS maps, SMS messages and so on and so forth.

The authors of this book, Bob LeVitus and Edward C. Baig have included a good deal of useful information, detailed illustrations in full color and tips on working with all features of this wonderful device.

They teach you to work with each and every unique feature of the handheld, such as using 3G more effectively, landscape mode e-Mail, Website navigation, turn-by-turn directions, using Spotlight, developing location-based apps using GPS and so on.

Beginning iOS 5 Game Development (English)

Beginning iOS 5 Games Development

Beginning iOS 5 Game Development teaches you to develop game apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, using the new iOS 5 SDK.

Developing game apps for the iPad is yet a rather exclusive and also rather gratifying industry. More and more mobile device users are shifting to tablets these days and we all know that the Apple iPad is still at the top of the heap.

This book educates you on using core classes to create your game apps, putting in animation, sound and graphics. You will also learn to work comfortably with the latest version of Xcode while creating these apps.

The book also teaches you to work with the latest iOS Game Center update and trains you on designing apps keeping user experience in mind.

The Business of iPhone App Development (English)

The Business of iPhone App Development book

The Business of iPhone App Development, published by Apress, takes a business view of iPhone apps. It includes useful information for amateur developers on planning their iPhone app development process, with a view to creating apps for this particular mobile OS, which will also succeed on a large scale in the Apple App Store.

Hence, you learn about design your app, management and implementation of the app and also gives you tips on marketing your mobile app, so that you can recover the maximum profit from the sales of the app. This book has been developed particularly with the idea of letting the iPhone developer make money from the sales of his or her app.

While creating a mobile app is a complicated enough process, you also have to know how to sell the app you developed with so much difficulty. This book lets you in the on the mantra for success and tells you what you should do to make your app a top-selling app in the App Store. Hence, this book helps you hone your business skills as well.

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (English)

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript

You can get hold of this book from the Marketplace at only $7.54. It tutors you on methods to quickly and easily develop iPhone apps, using your existing knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means that you spend that much lesser time trying to master Objective-C.

Including step-by-step instruction, related examples and also hands-on exercises, you learn to create iPhone apps using standard Web tools, while also working with the mobile device’s advanced features, such as geolocation, accelerometer and so on.

The Essential Guide to iPhone Application Development for Flash Users (English)

iPhone application development for flash users

This useful book is available at just $30.42 from It works as an effective introduction to Objective-C for iPhone developers who also have some knowledge of ActionScript. Essentially, this book is designed to tutor experienced Flash developers to master all aspects of the iPhone SDK and create engaging apps for the iPhone.

It teaches you the basic difference between ActionScript and Objective-C and how you can use your knowledge of ActionScript to get the maximum advantage from Objective-C. It also educates you on working with the iPhone’s advanced features such as camera, GPS and accelerometer.