The 8 Best Bodybuilding Apps of 2021

Bodybuilding apps can enhance your gym workout and get you faster results

Finding a good bodybuilding app can improve your workout gains enormously depending on the variety of functions available. Some smartphone and tablet fitness apps can be used for logging your workouts, while others can provide you with effective weight lifting routines or recommended nutritional information.

Here are eight of the best bodybuilding apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.

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BodySpace: Best Social Network For Bodybuilders

BodySpace boldybuilding app on iPhone and Android
BodySpace features a fitness social network.
What We Like
  • Social features are a great motivator.

  • iOS version supports Apple Health App integration.

What We Don't Like
  • Finding people to follow is very unintuitive.

  • Doesn't sync data with Fitbit or other apps.

BodySpace is kind of a mix between Facebook and a collection of workout videos and tips. The app provides a free social network where users track their exercises and connect with other fitness-minded people for motivation and inspiration.

BodySpace also helps users plan their workout sessions and provides instructional videos and written tips, in addition to numerous full workout plans created by trainers.

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Bodyweight: Best Weight-Free Workouts

Bodyweight bodybuilding Android app
Bodyweight features bodybuilding exercises that can be done without equiptment.
What We Like
  • The iOS app is available on both iPhone and iPad.

  • Support for Arabic, Basque, German, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages.

What We Don't Like
  • Users are asked to buy content in addition to the price of the app.

  • Additional workouts can cost up to $8.99.

Bodyweight Training: Your Gym or You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren as it's called on Android devices, is an app dedicated to helping bodybuilders get fit when in the absence of a gym or workout equipment.

The app provides users with a variety of individual exercises and sequences that focus on using your own body weight for resistance, with detailed written descriptions and videos on offer explaining the correct form of each move. Perfect for bodybuilding at home.

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Elite Interval Training: Best Workout Session Management

Elite Interval Training on Windows 10
Elite Interval Training is a great bodybuilding workout timer on Windows 10.
What We Like
  • Good workout music options.

  • Quality digital voice narration.

What We Don't Like

Elite Interval Training is an app for fitness enthusiasts who like to structure their workout sessions without having to waste time in between sets to stop and start a timer app on their smart device.

This app lets you create your own workout session by adding exercises and rest periods. When you're done, you simply press play and Elite Interval Training will play through each entry, showing you how much time has passed and announcing when the next entry begins.

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BAU5 Workout: Best Weight Training App

BAU5 Workout app on iPhone
The BAU5 Workout bodybuilding app customizes content to your body type.
What We Like
  • Workouts adapt to the user's body type.

  • Data syncs with Apple Health.

What We Don't Like
  • Workouts are designed for men only.

  • A $14.99 monthly subscription is required for full workout history and heart rate monitoring.

BAU5 Workout is a fitness app designed for those looking to focus on weight training. The app provides users with instructions on how to properly perform lifts and generates a series of sets based on their body type and workout history.

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JEFIT: Best All-In-One Bodybuilding App

JEFIT app on an iPhone 10
The JEFIT app is packed with bodybuilding features.


What We Like
  • Over 1,000 exercises to choose from.

  • Entire exercise database is available for free.

What We Don't Like
  • Ability to compare progress with friends requires a $3.33 monthly subscription.

  • Some text may be hard to read on smaller smartphones.

JEFIT is one of the most popular workout apps on both iOS and Android. The app boasts a massive collection of exercises and planned routines for a variety of fitness levels and also lets users create and share their own custom workouts as well.

One of the best features of the JEFIT app is its mini-social network, which allows you to connect with friends who are also on the platform and compare your progress.

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GainGuy: Best Fitness App For Bulking Up

GainGuy app running on iPhone next to skipping rope and boxing gloves
GainGuy helps bodybuilders keep track of their meals.


What We Like
  • Food data is backed by both the USDA and UCCS.

  • Automatic meal schedules are great for beginners.

What We Don't Like
  • App design is fairly boring.

  • No social sharing feels like a missed opportunity.

Dieting is just as important for bodybuilding as lifting weights, which makes GainGuy an essential app for those looking to bulk up.

The GainGuy iOS and Android apps make it easy for you to track your caloric intake and features meal plans that can be manually entered or automatically generated depending on your specific goals. The app also features meal reminders to make sure you're always on top of your eating routine.

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Navy SEAL Fitness: Best Educational Bodybuilding App

Navy SEAL lifting weights
The Navy SEAL Fitness app takes bodybuilding to the next level.

Navy SEAL Fitness

What We Like
  • Loads of information on workouts and fitness.

  • Good variety of activities and nutritional advice.

What We Don't Like
  • No way to log your workouts.

  • Very unattractive app design.

  • App costs $1.99 to buy and also offers in-app purchases.

Navy SEAL Fitness is an app for those who want to take their bodybuilding to the next level with more knowledge and a greater variety of exercises.

This app provides a ridiculous amount of information on diet and workout strategies incorporated by Navy SEALS to enhance their flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and overall strength. Navy SEAL Fitness isn't an app for the average person looking to shed a few pounds, but it's perfect for people who may have hit a weight-loss plateau or want to get really serious with their fitness levels.

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Strongur: For Dedicated Bodybuilding

Strongur smartphone app
Strongur is designed for bodybuilders who are serious about lifting weights.


What We Like
What We Don't Like
  • Requires some knowledge of bodybuilding to use.

  • A lot of trial and error is required to understand how the app works.

Strongur is an app for those looking to get serious with their weightlifting. The app offers a comprehensive workout log tool that tracks all aspects of your lifting but the main feature is its collection of weightlifting workouts that focus on different muscle groups and lifting styles.

Anyone can create their own workout routine within Strongur and share it publicly with other users. Conversely, you're also able to download routines made by others. Everything in the app is free except for the special Smart Coach workouts, which are professionally created and evolve as the app collects more data on your strength and fitness levels.

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