The 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy at Walmart in 2018

From portable clip-on devices to heavy-duty in-house systems

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If you’re a music lover, now is a wonderful time to be alive — thanks to Internet-enabled smartphones, we have millions and millions of songs at our very fingertips. While you can listen to something new every day or put your favorite tune on repeat, you can also share your playlists with friends via a Bluetooth speaker. With the right speaker, you can play audio that rivals an in-home system; we're talking resounding bass and crystal-clear sound. There are many different Bluetooth speakers available at Walmart, from ultra-portable clip-on models to powerful in-house speaker systems. We’ve combed through the retailer's extensive selection and narrowed our list down to Walmart's absolute best Bluetooth speakers. Keep reading to find your perfect fit.

Our Top Picks

Best Value: Anker SoundCore mini

Anker SoundCore mini
Courtesy of Walmart

If you’re an audiophile looking for the best portable music player, the Anker SoundCore mini is a great choice for you. This tiny speaker is easy to throw in a bag or purse, but it boasts the equipment necessary to supply superb audio quality. A 5W audio driver and passive subwoofer ensure you get crystal-clear sound and powerful bass from a speaker that can go anywhere you do.

In addition to the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this speaker boasts micro SD slots and auxiliary capability so your music choices are unlimited. Plus, this speaker had one of the biggest Bluetooth ranges of any we reviewed at 66 feet, as well as one of the longest battery lives with over 15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. With great sound, range, battery life, and portability, it’s easy to see why this speaker made our list.  

Most Portable: JBL CLIP2 Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL CLIP2 Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Courtesy of Walmart

Lots of small speakers claim to be easy to transport, but none compares to the JBL CLIP 2 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This tiny speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but still packs a powerful sonic punch. The truly unique thing about this speaker is the built-in carabiner clip that allows you to simply clip it to your backpack or belt and get moving. For those who love to be active but don’t enjoy wearing earbuds, this speaker allows you to connect it to your smartphone, laptop, or any compatible device, or hook it up to almost any audio unit thanks to the included audio cable.

This model is covered with durable fabric and is waterproof, so even if you go hiking, camping, or spend time at the beach, your sounds can go along with you. Connect multiple CLIP speakers for a more amplified sound or just take one for a simple way to hear your favorite songs, podcasts, or even relaxing white noise to help you sleep.

Best Event Speaker: Sylvania SP328-BLACK Bluetooth Speaker

Sylvania SP328-BLACK Bluetooth Speaker
Courtesy of Walmart

If you need more power than a personal speaker can provide, but still want the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, this Sylvania SP328-BLACK Bluetooth Speaker is a great option. Don't let its portable design fool you — this speaker still manages to deliver enough sound to fill an event space. It’s portable and affordable: for under $30, this little powerhouse can be at your next event. Ideal for house parties, sports teams, or group meetings, this sturdy speaker is easy to move wherever you need, but it sounds like a built-in speaker system.

Blue flashing lights and a built-in speakerphone up the style factor of this portable speaker system. With Bluetooth connectivity, it’s easy to cue up music for presentations or performances with just the touch of a button. However, it also comes with an auxiliary jack providing additional versatility and flexibility in case plans change, like a last-minute song switch before a speech. The built-in lithium battery provides hours of use and is easy to recharge with any USB hookup. Plus, this speaker comes with a USB recharge cable as well as an auxiliary audio cable so you have everything you need to get your audio set up no matter whether you are at home, in the office, or on the road. 

Best Design: TechComm L7 Bluetooth Speaker Touch-activated LED Lamp with Multi-Color Mode

TechComm L7 Bluetooth Speaker Touch-activated LED Lamp with Multi-Color Mode
Courtesy of Walmart 

Treat yourself to the TechComm L7 Bluetooth Speaker. With a serene design, this attractive and affordable speaker adds a modern, spa-like touch to any room of the house while also doing the work of multiple devices. Since this zen-like speaker can also function as a touch-activated LED lamp, FM radio, or digital clock, it allows you to eliminate clutter while adding a soothing design element to your space.

The LED lamp features adjustable brightness and a fun multi-color mode that can help you relax while you listen to your favorite music. It easily pairs with any of your favorite compatible devices within ten meters via Bluetooth for a simple streaming solution, or you can insert a TF card or USB drive to use the speaker as a music player. You can even accept calls through your speaker from your connected devices, allowing you to talk hands-free. Each speaker comes with a micro USB cable to easily recharge the built-in battery and an auxiliary audio cable giving you the option to connect that way too. The 80db of sound and 90hz to 20KHZ frequency response isn’t going to be loud enough for a party, but are perfect for soothing sound to fill a room at the end of the day.

Best Portable Party Speaker: HMDX HX-P270 DAZE Bluetooth Speaker

HMDX HX-P270 DAZE Bluetooth Speaker
Courtesy of Walmart

Get the party started with the HDMX HX-P270 DAZE Bluetooth wireless speaker. For a house party, cookout, or other smaller social gathering, this compact speaker is just the right size to provide mood-setting music for your get together. Connect any compatible device with Bluetooth over a 30-foot range to play all your favorite songs. No matter what type of gathering you're hosting, this speaker makes it easy to create a playlist in advance, connect your device, and just press play to get the music going. The multicolored pulsating LED lights help create a fun and exciting atmosphere that will make your party a hit.

For better audio coverage, this speaker even comes with an easy-to-use tether that allows you to hang the speaker up. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in advance to provide up to five hours of continuous play time, which is great if you won’t be able to charge while you are using the device at your event. Plus, at under $25, it’s a great value too. 

Best DJ Speakers: beFree Sound Party Lights Triple 10 Inch Subwoofers Bluetooth Portable Speaker

beFree Sound Party Lights Triple 10 Inch Subwoofers Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Courtesy of Walmart

If you're a party professional like a DJ, wedding planner, or event planner looking for a new speaker system, check out beFree Sound's Party Lights Triple 10-Inch Sub-Woofers for an all-in-one party package. This speaker delivers clear and intense sound thanks to 2500 watts of power as well as an exciting built-in light show. Three large 10-inch subwoofers boost the bass and feature reactive party lights that add a fun and festive atmosphere instantly. With built-in Bluetooth, connecting to music sources is easy, and you can even use the included remote to change tracks, adjust volume, or fiddle with the input settings without having to stay close to the unit. The included microphone makes this speaker system a great choice for other events like pep rallies, campaign events, or outdoor festivals, too. 

Best Home System: Pyle Home 5.25" Indoor/Outdoor 600-Watt Bluetooth Speaker System

Pyle Home 5.25
Courtesy of Walmart

Think that Bluetooth convenience is just for small portable speakers? Think again. The Pyle 5.25-inch Indoor/Outdoor 600-Watt Bluetooth Speaker System provides high-powered wireless Bluetooth performance. Choose white or black to complement your home’s décor whether you are planning to install it in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other living space. Looking for something to play great music on a screened porch, deck, or patio? This speaker features rugged marine-grade waterproof construction that can even be used on boats, so you can rest easy if you need to put these speakers in an area that might be exposed to some rain.

Once connected, the Pyle's polymer dome tweeters deliver crisp high-frequency sound, and the powerful long-throw woofers generate booming bass. Built-in Bluetooth technology means everyone in the house can connect their compatible devices like smartphones and tablets for easy music streaming at any time.

Best for Creatives: JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker W/ A Built-In Strap-Hook

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker W/ A Built-In Strap-Hook
Courtesy of Walmart

If you're a dancer, singer, ice skater, gymnast, or some other type of performer, a great portable speaker can be a powerful asset. Turn anywhere into a practice space with the JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. So many affordable portable speakers disappoint when it comes to audio quality, which can be frustrating if you need accurate audible cues to practice effectively. This speaker, on the other hand, features time-tested JBL technology that provides the audio quality consumers have come to expect from such a well-known brand.

The JBL Go's rechargeable battery means you can prepare in advance and be ready to go without needing to find a plug for five hours of play time, and the built-in strap hook helps you find a great place to position the speaker depending on your needs. Connect smartphones, tablets, or other devices easily with Bluetooth technology without worrying about missing calls thanks to the convenient noise-canceling speakerphone that allows you to take hands-free calls as well. 

Our Process

Our writers spent 4 hours researching the most popular Bluetooth speakers available at Walmart. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 17 different speakers, screened options from 11 different brands and manufacturers, read 42 user reviews (both positive and negative), and tested 2 of the speakers themselves. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.