The 6 Best Bluetooth Beanies of 2020

These stylish winter hats will be music to your ears

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie hat


Available in nearly two dozen colors, the Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie hat is a double knitted solution that keeps your head warm and comfortable while you rock out to your music. The 100 percent acrylic design adds Bluetooth 4.1 technology for quick pairing to smartphones, tablets or other Bluetooth-enabled devices from a range of up to 33 feet. The rechargeable battery lasts for over six hours of hands-free calling and 2.5 hours of music playback while still allowing more than 60 hours of standby time, so you can focus more on activities and less on charging. The one-size-fits-all Rotibox is fully washable after removing the Bluetooth module. As for sound, it has a good balance of mids and highs during music playback.

Best Battery: Blueear Bluetooth Beanie


Composed of 100 percent acrylic material for keeping the head and ears warm, the Blue Bear Bluetooth Beanie Hat is well worth a look. Powered by Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, the Blue Ear has a whopping eight hours of music playback on a single charge courtesy of a 200mAh battery. Powering those eight hours requires 2.5 hours of recharge time, while a standard 60 hours of standby helps between listening sessions.

The built-in microphone makes hands-free calling a breeze and user reviews praise the overall quality of what callers hear on the other end. Ideal for outdoor sports or working out on a cold winter day, the combination of class-leading battery life and comfort make the Blue Ear a top-notch option.

Best Budget: Pococina Upgraded 4.2 Bluetooth Beanie Hat

The Pococina Bluetooth beanie hat offers six hours of music playback and 60 hours of standby time, while the rechargeable battery can be fully charged in under two hours. It works well with nearly every type of Bluetooth device up to 33 feet of range. The built-in microphone offers a three-button control panel to make answering calls easy (you can also adjust music volume or quickly fast forward to the next song). The Bluetooth module and speaker are easily removed for washing while the acrylic fibers will help keep your head and ears warm during cold winter months. While the music quality won't match up with more expensive choices, it still offers similar battery life and equal comfort as its competitors, so the Pococina is a standout budget option.

Best Value: Moretek Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat

While it's only available in two colors, the black and gray styling are default fashion colors that go with nearly any type of clothing. Not to mention, the double-knit design does a great job of keeping your head warm. The inclusion of Bluetooth 3.0 technology adds up to 33 feet of maximum range, while the standard control panel adds volume control functionality, as well as the ability to answer/end a phone call or skip a song. The six hours of music playback requires 2.5 hours of recharge time (and 60 hours of standby allows plenty of time between listens). The Moretek also includes touchscreen gloves that can operate your smartphone or tablet from any finger without getting your hands cold. Priced similarly to the competition, this extra value handily makes the Moretek Bluetooth Beanie stand out from the pack.

Best Fit: Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

The Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie comes equipped with two 2.5mm drivers for pumping out music. Made from a polyester and acrylic combination, the premium quality of the Tenergy offers a boost of confidence from the manufacturer with a two-year warranty. It features six hours of music playback, 60 hours of standby time and only takes 2.5 hours to re-charge.

The three-button panel near the ear offers basic controls that allow users to answer and end calls, skip songs and control the volume. Additional headphone slits make it easy to insert and remove the included Bluetooth modules and speakers for washing the waterproof design. If it's a warm and snug design you're after and a multitude of colors (red, baby blue, yellow, etc.) to choose from, the Tenergy is a great choice.

Best Sound: Mydeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 +EDR technology, the Mydeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie hat is a standout choice available in over a dozen different colors and styles. The 100 percent acrylic design keeps your head and ears extra warm and the inclusion of Bluetooth limits the need for stand-alone headphones altogether.

User-friendly controls make answering a call, skipping a song or adjusting the volume a snap. The rechargeable battery adds up to six hours of music playback requiring 2.5 hours of charging time while also allowing for 60 hours of standby between each charging session. Compatible with nearly every Bluetooth device you can consider, pairing to devices requires nothing more than the touch of a button. It's fully washable after removing the headphones.

Our Process

Our writers spent 60 hours researching and testing the most popular bluetooth beanies on the market. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

What to Look for in a Bluetooth Beanie

Sound quality - You’re buying a Bluetooth beanie because you want to keep your head warm and also listen to music. So, sound quality is paramount, but it also often comes at a premium. Be sure to weigh sound quality with price and other features when making your selection—not all Bluetooth beanies sound the same.

Playback time - Much like material and design, playback time varies greatly across the Bluetooth beanie market. Some offer as little as 2.5 hours of playback, while others feature up to six hours of listening power. Consider how long you’ll be listening and, more importantly, how often you’ll have the opportunity to recharge between listening sessions.

Built-in microphone - Perhaps one of the most distinguishing features in the Bluetooth beanie market is the built-in microphone, which enables wearers to make hands-free phone calls. Not all beanies include a mic, though. So, if you’re keen to make calls from your Bluetooth beanie, be sure to select one with this feature.