Best Blog Conferences and Twitter Conferences

Find the Top Annual Events for Bloggers and Twitter Users

If you want to network with other bloggers, Twitter users, and social media publishers and you want to learn more from expert speakers and seminars, than you should check out the annual blog conferences and Twitter conferences in the list below.  This list represents some of the biggest and most popular annual events for bloggers, Twitter users and social media publishers.

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Blog World and New Media Expo

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Blog World is the biggest and most popular annual event for bloggers and new media publishers of all kinds.  The multi-day event is always filled with informative presentations and networking is rampant!

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Despite the name, the annual BlogHer conference is open to male and female bloggers and always features interesting lectures and activities.

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South by Southwest is best known for its music and film aspects, but the annual SXSW event also includes an interactive aspect that attracts top speakers and social media experts.  Not only is this event informative, but it's also a lot of fun!

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TWTRCON is an event targeted to people who use Twitter for business purposes.  Speakers are typically experts with proven track records at leveraging Twitter to build their businesses.