Best BitTorrent Clients for P2P Networking

Many P2P file sharing clients for the BitTorrent network have been developed over the years. Some were created specifically for BitTorrent while others supported alternative P2P networks and migrated to BitTorrent as those networks were shut down. Each of the torrent clients listed below can download torrents effectively and has had a loyal following of users.

A person can try any of these applications for free to find their personal favorites. Experienced P2P users often keep multiple of these applications installed and switch among them as needed.

Original BitTorrent Client


The official and original BitTorrent P2P client runs on all major operating systems, and the user interface has been translated to more than 20 different languages. The original BitTorrent was written in Python and available with open source code up to version 5.x.

Starting with BitTorrent 6.0, releases stopped supporting the original Python client and transitioned to uTorrent, a client that was developed separately but later taken over by the BitTorrent founding organization. Some people still prefer using the name uTorrent when referring to any BitTorrent client version 6.0 and higher.

In recent years, BitTorrent has introduced several other new clients for mobile devices including BitTorrent for Android.

The BitTorrent DNA (Delivery Network Accelerator) service is not a separate client application but a supporting technology to improve network performance bundled with BitTorrent.

Azureus and Vuze

Azureus is an open-source file sharing client for the BitTorrent network first released in 2003. Azureus uses the Java runtime environment for portability, enabling it to run on a variety of operating systems. This client also has user interface translations available for numerous languages.

Beginning with version 3.0, Azureus was incorporated into the Vuze bundled software package. The client is now marketed as the Vuze BitTorrent client.

BitComet and BitLord

BitComet main window
BitComet main window.

BitComet and its offshoot BitLord were first released in 2003 and 2004, respectively and continue to be actively maintained. 

BitComet (originally known as SimpleBT) runs on Windows using an Internet Explorer based interface. It is managed by the BitComet Development Group, an organization based in China.

Billed as "the easiest torrent downloader," BitLord is a closed source project that leverages community software components like LibTorrent and Chromium - see for additional details.



The Shareaza P2P client connects to several P2P networks including BitTorrent. Updated versions of the client have been released as recently as 2014, but much of the online documentation for Shareaza (at has not been updated since the days of Windows ME and Vista.

Defunct Clients

BitTornado mimicked the user interface of the original BitTorrent Python client, enhancing it with additional options to manage network bandwidth usage as well as other features. While the domain remains available, this client has not been updated for many years. Offshoot development projects based on BitTornado including ABC have also halted.

BitSpirit is a closed source BitTorrent client for Windows that also is not being updated - see