The 6 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

Don't get stranded by your battery

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Does your phone run out of juice quickly? Or maybe you’re a heavy app user and you’d like to know what other options exist on how to save battery power for the long haul?

Here are some great battery saver apps for Android phones from third-party developers.

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Feature Rich Battery Management: Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor on Android
What We Like
  • User-friendly interface.

  • Optimizes battery life based on App type.

  • Toggle individual settings.

  • Multilingual Support.

What We Don't Like
  • Not lightweight compared to other battery saver apps.

  • Animations can run very slow.

  • Requires a lot of system permissions.

This feature-rich Android battery saver app by Cheetah Mobile, is free and has tools such as a battery monitory, energy saver, and power-saving profiles that can be defined and scheduled automatically.

It allows you to check your battery level status quickly while tracking down the apps and processes that drain the life out of it. You can also toggle app settings that leech on your battery like brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and GPS, and still monitor your battery status based on the app type.

It is a multilingual app with support for more than 28 languages, plus it optimizes your battery power at the tap of your finger.

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Use Less Power: Greenify

Greenify on Android
What We Like
  • Available for Android and iOS.

  • Doesn’t save personal information.

  • Light on phone resources (CPU/RAM).

  • Manage settings on a per-app basis.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t support system apps in free version.

  • Controls can be hard at first.

  • It's not always clear which apps need hibernation.

This free app puts those pesky battery hogging apps in a state of hibernation, so they can't access any resources, bandwidth, or run background processes. But this doesn’t mean you cannot use the app.

With Greenify, you can run your apps normally when you call it and zap all battery-hogging apps — with the exception of important apps like your alarm clock, email, or messenger, or others that give important notifications — unless you don’t want them to.

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Manage Power Consumption and Kill Tasks: Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver on Android
What We Like
  • Easy to use and accurate.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Works with your phone settings to optimize according to need and battery backup.

  • Profiles are battery optimized and based on time, location and battery life.

  • App Consumption tool detects battery hogging apps and permanently deactivates them​.

What We Don't Like
  • The free version has ads.

  • Requires a ton of system permissions.

  • Some features are locked for the paid version.

This feature-packed app has a task killer, five power consumption profiles that you can configure for work, home, emergency, night, and smart mode. It also has an app viewer and in-profile notifications.

Other features include a single master switch for turning the battery saving app on or off, smart technology that calculates and shows you how much of your battery life is left, while prompting you to act on it. 

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Advanced Battery and Power Use Monitoring: GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor on Android
What We Like
  • Battery saving is app-based so you can see which app hogs up your battery in real time.

  • Graphs help visualize battery use.

  • Provides tons of information.

What We Don't Like
  • Free version doesn't have optimized mode.

  • Interface is not user-friendly.

  • Only monitors apps. It doesn't control them.

This free Android battery saver app gives more crunchy details about your battery use, while providing the tools you need to identify the battery draining apps in a snap.

Its App Sucker tool shows app-based battery use, while unearthing CPU usage stats, and wakelocks.

The app also lets you to specify the time intervals, view your usage stats, and look up time estimates for your battery status based on present, and past usage.

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Take Care of Your Phone's Battery: AccuBattery

AccuBattery on Android
What We Like
  • It is comprehensive.

  • In-app battery saving and battery health information.

  • Provides important usage stats such as screen-on time, CPU and battery life status.

  • Great interface.

What We Don't Like
  • Free version has irritating ads.

  • Controls might be confusing to start.

  • Some features are locked behind the pro version.

This app offers free and paid PRO versions.

The free version monitors your battery’s health while prolonging battery life with the charge alarm, and battery wear features. The Accu-check battery tool measures your battery’s capacity in real time, and displays both the charge time and remaining use time.

On the other hand, the PRO version, removes ads that you’d get with the free option, but it also gives detailed battery and CPU usage stats in real time, and more themes.

Its clever tools let you know when you’ve reached the optimal battery charging level, which the app suggests should be at 80 percent, before unplugging from the wall socket, or charging port. 

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Controls the Way Your Phone Uses Power: Battery Saver 2019

Battery Saver 2019 on Android
What We Like
  • It is free and accurate.

  • Easy control of energy consuming apps.

  • Monitors and allows you to turn off battery consuming devices.

  • Variety of power-saving modes.

What We Don't Like
  • Contains full page ads.

  • It's not always clear what it's doing.

  • Animations can be slow on some devices.

This Android battery saver combines various system features and settings that help save your battery, while providing profiles to help you extend your battery life. Its main screen displays your battery status, a power saver mode switch, plus toggles for different settings, battery statistics, and run times.

Additionally, it has a sleep and custom mode, which deactivate device radios and lets you configure settings on your own power use profile, respectively.

You can also make scheduled power-saving modes for specific times of day or night, such as wake, work, sleep, and other important timings in your schedule.

Quick DIY Tips to Increase Battery Life

phone on low battery
  1. Uninstall unnecessary apps or those that you don't use
  2. Lower screen brightness settings
  3. Use Wi-Fi connectivity as cellular drains battery life faster
  4. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi when not in use
  5. Switch off vibration as it uses more battery than ring
  6. Use still wallpapers as live wallpapers spend your battery
  7. Update your apps as they consume less battery power compared to older versions, and do it manually - not automatically
  8. Use the recommended brand battery 
  9. Don't play games unless you're next to a charger