The 10 Best Baseball Apps for iPhone

Manage Your Baseball Fantasy Baseball League

Baseball season is underway, and there are a variety of iPhone apps that provide breaking baseball news or help you manage your fantasy team. We found a few iPhone baseball apps that are definitely worth a download, and some of the apps we previously recommended skipping have been improved. 

of 10 At Bat at Bat at Bat. image copyright MLB Advanced Media LP

For the 2014 season, the At Bat app is the baseball fan's hub for multimedia access to baseball from opening day to the World Series. If you subscribe to MLB.TV Premium on your cable, you'll also get access to your subscription in this app. Even if you don't, though, you can purchase in-app upgrades to unlock tons of content, including monthly access to game broadcast, season-long video, archives of classic games,  radio broadcasts, and much more. As in previous seasons, the app still offers dozens of articles are posted each day. A must-have app for big baseball fans. 

of 10 At the Ballpark

MLB At the Ballpark
image copyright MLB

If you're going to a game, you need to bring this free app with you. With it, you can use electronic ticketing via Apple's Passbook app, unlock special offers and coupons, track your visits to various stadiums, find concession stands, get team stats, and create a multimedia journal of the games you've attended. 

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Watch ESPN

ESPN Radio app
image copyright ESPN

Watch ESPN (Free) is a fantastic, five-star app. It includes live broadcasts for many local ESPN stations, in addition to the national ESPN station. Get the latest SportsCenter updates or download shows for offline listening. The latest edition of the app has improved stability in streaming, according to ESPN, so you won't miss a moment of the action.

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CBS Sports

The CBS Sports Mobile app (Free) is another top pick for following baseball news and scores. Like the ESPN Radio app, CBS Sports Mobile supports live scoring and play-by-play details for baseball and other sports events. You can also select a favorite team so you'll be updated quickly on any breaking news. The latest version of the app includes live streaming for top sporting events being broadcast on CBS, as well as on-demand access to highlights and analysis.

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No-Hitter Alerts

No-Hitter Alerts
No-Hitter Alerts copyright Ben Packard

The no-hitter is a special event, a type of excellence that is rare. No-Hitter Alerts ($0.99) can help you track possible no-hitters in real-time, as they happen. The app lets you set alerts for your favorite teams, as well as get an overview of all games currently being played and their possibility of becoming no-hitters. With this app, you never have to worry about tuning into a game too late.

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CBS Sports Fantasy

CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball
CBS Interactive Inc.

If your fantasy baseball league is set up at CBS Sports, you need this app to keep on top of the action for the entire season. CBS Sports Fantasy app (Free) lets you set your line up, add and drop players, check player stats, propose and accept trades, view and approve pending transactions, and get the latest news about the Major Leagues. It also lets you manage fantasy teams in other sports such as football and basketball.

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Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball '12
Yahoo Fantasy Baseball '12. image copyright Yahoo Inc.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is your one-stop-shop for all of your Yahoo Fantasy leagues, including baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. This free app lets you draft your team, manage your roster, get breaking news updates and real-time scores, talk trash on built-in message boards. 

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Race to the Pennant

Race to the Pennant app
Race to the Pennant app. copyright Rocket Hill/Tyler Hillsman

Forget looking at the standings to figure out where your team is in relation to its divisional and league competitors. With Race to the Pennant ($0.99), you can see a visual representation of each team on a bar graph, making it easy to figure out who's ahead, who's behind, and the distance that separates them. The app also provides a nicely designed way of getting overview information about each, detailed stats, and team news. This isn't the traditional way to follow baseball, but if you're a fan of good app design, you may dig this.

of 10 Triple-A 2012 Triple-A 2012. image copyright Minor League Baseball

Is following your team's Double-A and Triple-A affiliates an important part of your baseball season? Or is your local team a Double-A or Triple-A franchise? Either way, (Free) will help you keep up to date on the latest doings in the minors. You won't find live video here, but this app offers pitch-by-pitch tracking, as well as video highlights, of every Eastern, Southern, and Texas League game this season, as well as boxes scores, schedules, and rosters.

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MLB Ballpark Empire

MLB Ballpark Empire
image copyright MLB

Put yourself in the front office of your favorite team with this free game. In it, you not only build your team, but you also manage the business of running a baseball park. That means that you not only have to concentrate on what happens on the field, but you also have to run concession stands, hire front office staff, and more. This kind of in-depth simulation isn't for everyone, but if it's your thing, you may love it.