The Best Back-To-School Tech Tips

Get and use the right tech for school this year

Pencils, paper, smartphone, keyboard, ruler laid out

 Tom Baker/EyeEm/Getty Images

What's the best tech for school this year? Anything that makes your life easier! That could be a mobile device (like a laptop or tablet), a computer (like a PC or Mac), a smartphone or even just an app that helps you study or get food delivered during late nights spent cramming for exams.

Heading back to school doesn't have to mean drudgery and boredom, by the way. There are plenty of ways technology can help you stay entertained when classes are out, too.

Whatever your tech needs, the links to your left will help you uncover the tech must-haves that will turn this coming school year into one you'll never forget. Here's to a 2019 return to school that will go down in the books!