The 9 Best Arduino Starter Kits of 2019

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Best Overall: Arduino K000007 Official Starter Kit

What better way to learn about the exciting world of Arduino than from those who created it? Designed and manufactured by open-source electronics platform company itself, the K000007 official kit is easily the best Arduino Starter Kit out there. It comes with a genuine Arduino Uno Rev3 microcontroller board, along with essentials, such as a USB cable, a 400-point breadboard, an easy-to-assemble wooden base, and a 9-volt battery snap.

You also get a lot of other high-quality components including phototransistors, solid core jumper wires, resistors (ranging from 220 to 10 million ohms), 4N35 optocouplers, diodes, a TMP36 temperature sensor, a tilt sensor, a piezo capsule, a small servo motor, and an alphanumeric LCD module with a 16x2 character display. The bundled, 170-page project book contains detailed instructions that can help you make 15 different fun projects; among them are a touchy-feel lamp, a crystal ball, a digital hourglass, a light theremin, and even a spaceship control panel interface.

Best Overall, Runner-Up: Elegoo Uno Super Starter Kit

Feature-packed and fun to use, Elegoo's Uno Super Starter Kit certainly ranks up there with the best Arduino starter kits you can buy today. It includes an Elegoo Uno R3 microcontroller board, which is fully Arduino-compatible, as well as a power supply module, a 9-volt battery, an IR receiver for the included remote control, and an expansion breadboard.

Other key components include resistors, LEDs, diode rectifiers, a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, a joystick module, a stepper motor, an ultrasonic sensor, a 74HC595 shift register, and an LCD1602 module with a pin header. Two 7-segment LCDs — a single-digit module and a four-digit module — are also in the mix. The CD bundled with the kit contains all the necessary code and libraries as well as a PDF tutorial made up of over 22 projects.

Best For Ease Of Use: DFRobot Starter Kit

Despite what the name of the category suggests, most Arduino starter kits impose a steep learning curve since they come with a variety of parts that are easy to conflate. In comparison, DFRobot's Arduino Starter Kit is a walk in the park. It comes with a DFRduino Uno R3 microcontroller board, a prototyping shield, and a 400-point solderless breadboard.

Also included in the package are resistors, mini pushbuttons, M/M and F/M jumper cables, potentiometers, a tilt switch sensor, a micro servo motor, a mini controller, an IR receiver diode, an LM35 temperature sensor, a relay, an 8-segment LCD, and a mini controller (with a CR2025 battery).

However, what truly sets this starter kit apart from other Arduino kits is DFRobot's decision to pack all the parts in clearly labeled plastic pouches, lending itself to effortless organization. You also get 15 flashcards with detailed circuit wiring diagrams to which you can refer when making cool projects such as a vibration sensor, a temperature alarm, an SOS distress signal, a controllable servo, and an infrared-controlled LED matrix.

Best Value: REXQualis Uno R3 Starter Kit

If you want a value-for-money Arduino starter package, look no further than the REXQualis Uno R3 Starter Kit. It comes with a fully Arduino-compatible Uno R3 microcontroller board, a 9-volt power supply adapter, and an expansion breadboard.

You also get jumper cables, an IR receiver, a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, a servo motor, two 7-segment LCD modules (one single-digit and one four-digit), a USB cable, a tilt switch, a membrane switch module, a 5-volt relay, an ultrasonic sensor, F/M DuPont wires, and a pin header-equipped LCD1602 module.

Other packaged materials include the usual assortment of LEDs, thermistors, diode rectifiers, NPN transistors, and buttons. The bundled CD contains essential code and libraries, videos, and simple project tutorials so you can get started in no time at all. The components are individually labeled and come in an easy-to-store plastic box.

Best For Robotics Enthusiasts: Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit

Do you find the world of robotics fascinating? If the answer is yes, Elegoo's Smart Robot Car kit is just what you need. Based on the Elegoo Uno R3 microcontroller board, it's ideal for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of robotics programming and electronics assembly. This special-purpose Arduino kit features a new expansion board with redesigned XH2.54 ports that make wiring easier and reduce errors.

You also get 24 different modules for obstacle avoidance, line tracing, and much more. Other key components include an L298N motor driver board, a servo motor, an ultrasonic sensor, a USB cable, an IR receiver (with remote control), DuPont wires, aluminum blocks, copper columns, and, of course, wheels.

You will find all of the necessary codes and programs, as well as detailed assembly instructions, on the CD bundled with the kit. And once you're done, you can even control your smart robot car using a companion smartphone app available for both iOS and Android.

Best For Learning About Sensors: SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit

Even though Arduino is amazing in its own right, a wide range of sensor modules will greatly enhance its scope and functionality. Sound interesting? Then we recommend checking out SunFounder's Ultimate Sensor kit. It packs up to 37 self-designed sensor modules, which you can interface with the accompanying Mega 2560 R3 development board to learn how the two work in tandem.

The kit is by no means par for the course. It contains an analog hall sensor, a photo-interrupter, a BMP180 barometer, a flame sensor, a DS18B20 temperature sensor, a laser emitter, a relay module, an ultrasonic sensor, an RTC-DS1302 real-time clock module, a rotary encoder, an IR obstacle sensor, an auto-flash LED, a reed switch, a raindrop sensor, and a PCF8591 AD/DA converter.

Standard items, such as a breadboard, a USB cable, and an LCD1602 module, are included too. A detailed PDF manual contains 35 projects in addition to details like datasheets and fritzing images.

Best Advanced: Elegoo Mega 2560 Complete Starter Kit

Hands down the most comprehensive Arduino starter kit available on the market today, Elegoo's Mega 2560 is for enthusiasts keen to take things to the next level. As you might guess based on the name, it is built around the Elegoo Mega 2560 microcontroller board and comes with more than 200 components. In addition to standard parts like a breadboard and a 9V power supply, the kit packs in a boatload of advanced modules and sensors.

You get ceramic capacitors, diode rectifiers, a DHT11 temperature and humidity module, an SG90 servo motor, a GY-521 gyroscope module, a 5V relay, a water level sensor, an HC-SR501 PIR motion detection sensor, active and passive buzzers, a 74HC595 shift register, an L293D motor driver, a sound sensor, a real-time clock module, an LCD1602 module with pin header, NPN transistors, electrolytic capacitors, an RFID module, jumper wires, a rotary encoder, and then some.

These can be used to make 35 different cool projects, all of which are detailed in the extensive PDF guide bundled with the kit.

Best for Home Automation: SunFounder Internet of Things Kit

SunFounder Internet Of Things Kit
Courtesy of SunFounder Internet Of Things Kit

Home automation is arguably one of the most popular applications of Arduino's open-source platform, and SunFounder's Internet of Things kit streamlines the process.

Based on the Sunfounder Mega 2560 R3 microcontroller board, it is comprised of quite a few specialized IoT-based modules. These include a humiture sensor, a BMP180 barometer, a W5100 network module, a gas sensor, a four-channel relay module, an RFID key fob, a human body infrared sensor PIR, a single-chip 2.4GHz transceiver, and even a Sunfounder Nano compact board.

You also get a multitude of other standard components, such as pushbuttons, DuPont wires, USB cables, resistors, LEDs, anti-reverse cables, and breadboards. The home automation projects made using Sunfounder's IoT kit work with "DeviceBit," a real-time data brokerage platform for the Internet of Things.

Best Budget: Smraza Basic Starter Kit

Simple and affordable, Smraza's Basic Starter Kit is perfect if you already have an Arduino microcontroller board lying around considering it doesn't come with one. That said, almost all other essential components required for Arduino are enclosed.

The kit includes a 400-point breadboard, a power supply module, active and passive buzzers, a precision potentiometer, 1N4007 diode rectifiers, 2N2222 NPN transistors, F/M DuPont wires, ceramic capacitors, resistors (ranging from 10 to one million ohms), LEDs, a thermistor, a 4N35 optocoupler, a 74HC595 shift register, electrolytic capacitors, jumper wires, photoresistors, buttons, and pin headers.

All the parts come sealed in a rugged plastic box, making for hassle-free storage and organization.

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