The 7 Best Apps to Write on Pictures

Whether it's words of wisdom, an inspirational quote, or a simple note, sometimes a photo needs something extra. 

While you can add simple text to your photos with built-in tools, there are third-party apps that offer huge font selections, built-in quotes, and blank canvasses you can design from scratch. Here are seven of our favorite apps that help you add flair to your photos and social posts.

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Best Premium App for iOS & Android: Word Swag by Oringe

Screenshot of Wordswag app
Wordswag has tons of backgrounds and stylized fonts.
What We Like
  • Comes with hundreds of built-in quotes, thoughts, and jokes

  • You can access stock photos from Pixabay

What We Don't Like
  • There's no free trial

Word Swag by Oringe is one of the easiest apps to use on this list. For $3.99 on Android or $4.99 on iOS you can choose from an array of backgrounds, stock images, or your photo roll, and access several editing tools.

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For Font Fanatics: Font Candy by Easy Tiger (iOS)

Example of Font Candy page
What We Like
  • Can choose from over 45 fonts

  • Access to Pixabay stock photos

  • Inspiration tab shows final projects from other users

What We Don't Like
  • Can only access screenshots from your camera roll

Font Candy offers a selection of hand-picked fonts, plus you can upload your own. You can also connect your account to Facebook to access photos you've posted there, and edit screenshots you've captured from your device.

The app is free with in-app purchases, but for $1.99 per week, you get a subscription which includes exclusive fonts, artworks, text blends, photo fill, and more. You can try the premium version for free for one week.

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For Graphic Design Fans: PicMonkey by PicMonkey (iOS and Android)

Screenshot of PicMonkey app
You can write on photos and create collages with PicMonkey.
What We Like
  • Has an array of canvas designs you can edit

What We Don't Like
  • It's unclear what the benefit of PicMonkey's cloud storage is

PicMonkey is a graphic design app with which you can write on your photos or choose from a variety of backgrounds. You can add text in a variety of colors, fonts, and styles, and save them to your default photo app or PicMonkey's cloud storage Hub if you have a subscription. You can also share images from the app to social media, using canvasses sized to social media platform specs.

You can get PicMonkey for free with in-app purchases. Its Basic subscription plan provides 1 GB of storage for $7.99 per month or $71.99 per year, while the Pro plan includes unlimited storage for $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

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For Art Designers: Typorama by Apperto (iOS)

Screenshot of Typorama app
Typorama has lots of fonts and styles to choose from.
What We Like
  • Offers a bunch of free backgrounds you can write on

  • Can unlock text styles by liking Typorama on Facebook or Instagram

What We Don't Like
  • No free trial of the paid version

Typorama is an elegant app with advanced tools including shadow and gradient color progression, and a history option that lets you go back to previous versions.

You can write original text on pictures or request a random quote, and resize the image for an Instagram post or story, a Facebook post, or for Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.

While Typorama is free with in-app purchases, the $9.99 Pro version adds select text styles, all backgrounds, overlays, removes the "made with Typorama" stamp, and adds the ability to add your brand logo.

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Best Subscription Service for iOS: Over by Over Inc.

Screenshot of Over app for iOS.
Over has a bunch of graphics you can add to your images, including several good-looking dogs.
What We Like
  • Built-in graphics and quotes you can add to your photos

  • Generous photo editing tools

  • Offers tutorials on creating blurred background shots and other techniques

What We Don't Like
  • No free trial for the monthly plan

Over is free to download, and the first time you launch it, you must answer a couple of questions. First, whether you're creating content for a brand, and second, what your interests are, out of a list including music, food and drink, and home décor.

Then, you have to subscribe, either to a 7-day free trial for an annual $99.99 plan or jump right into a $14.99 monthly plan.

Over has a large selection of backgrounds you can edit in addition to your photos, as well as stock images from Pixabay, Unsplash, and built-in Google Image search. It also has integrated graphics, shapes, and fonts you can use. The app also includes advanced editing tools, such as shadow, opacity, and masking.

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Basic App for Android & iOS: Phonto by Youthhr

Screenshot of Phonto app
You can write on your photos or start with a blank slate in Phonto.
What We Like
  • The free version includes editing tools and a handful of backgrounds

  • You can install fonts from other sources

What We Don't Like
  • Can't tell which backgrounds are premium until you try to use one

Phonto has a super simple interface. You can start with a blank background or use a photo from your device, and add text in a variety of colors and fonts. The free version, which has in-app purchases, comes with enough for basic needs, but you can add image packs for $1.99, filter packs for $0.99, and remove ads for $0.99.

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Basic Tool for Writing on Photos: PicLab by We Heart It (iOS & Android)

Screenshots of PicLab app for Android.
You can edit and write on photos including those from other apps.
What We Like
  • Built-in photo editor

  • Can make collages from your photos

What We Don't Like
  • Can only edit screenshots or photos taken within the app

PicLab is a simple app with photo editing tools, filters, stickers, and a collage feature. While you can access your full photo roll from the app, you can write only on screenshots. Plus, you can't add regular photos to a collage unless you capture one from the app.

PicLab is free with in-app purchases; you can pay to remove the PicLab watermark from your photos for $0.99, unlock overlays and fonts for $0.99 each, or unlock everything for $3.99.

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