The 7 Best Apps for Surface Pro 7

From the best drawing app to the best calendar and music solutions

This article covers the must-have apps for Surface Pro 7 users looking to get the most out of their new Microsoft Surface device. Programs range from the best drawing app for Surface Pro 7 to some of the more popular Windows 10 apps for consuming audiobooks, podcasts, and movies. A couple of the best productivity apps are also included.

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Best Audiobook App for Surface Pro 7: Audiobooks from Audible

Windows 10 Audible app on Surface Pro 7.
What We Like
  • Listening progress syncs seamlessly between Surface Pro 7 and other devices.

  • App icon displays audiobook cover artwork when pinned to your Start menu.

What We Don't Like
  • Cover artwork is a bit low res when viewed fullscreen on a Surface Pro.

  • The Stats screen and badges are incredibly clunky and unintuitive.

Audiobooks from Audible is one of the best apps for Surface Pro 7 when it comes to listening to audiobooks. This free Windows 10 app fully syncs your Audible audiobook library from your Amazon account and remembers where you left off on different titles no matter what device you were previously listening on.

You will need to be connected to the internet for audiobook progress to sync between devices.

In many ways, this Windows 10 Audible app is much easier to use than the mobile versions on iPhone and Android as the larger screen on the Surface Pro 7 allows for more titles to be shown on screen at the same time. This makes finding the audiobook you’re looking for much easier, especially if you have a hard time reading the text or controls on your smartphone.

The only negative thing to say about Audiobooks from Audible is the Stats screen and its badges are a bit awkward to navigate. Neither are used much by users though so this likely won’t inconvenience many.

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Best Music App for Surface Pro 7: Spotify Music

Windows 10 Spotify app on Surface Pro 7.
What We Like
  • Absolutely massive library of music and podcasts to listen to.

  • Facebook integration adds a social aspect lacking on mobile.

  • Can play audio files off of your Surface Pro 7 as well.

What We Don't Like
  • Streamlined menu can be inconvenient at times.

  • Occasional ads if you don’t have Spotify Premium.

If you like to listen to a lot of podcasts and music, the Windows 10 Spotify app is a must-have. Spotify Music syncs all of your Spotify playlists, favorites, and preferences from the mobile app which makes it great for existing users who frequently switch devices. This app can also be used to play locally stored audio tracks that have been downloaded or transferred to your Surface Pro 7 from somewhere else.

Offline listening of Spotify Music is supported though you’ll need an active Spotify Premium subscription for that functionality.

One of the coolest aspects of the Windows 10 Spotify app is how it can connect to Facebook and display a live feed of what your friends are listening to. If they’re online, their name, photo, and current track or podcast episode will appear at the top of the list. If they’re offline, they’ll appear under the online friends in order of most-recent activity. All of the track information is clickable so you can check out what they’re into with a single click. This is a great feature for those wanting to feel more connected to others or are looking for something new to listen to.

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Best Image Editor App for Surface Pro 7: Adobe Photoshop Express

Windows 10 Photoshop Express app on Surface Pro 7.
What We Like
  • Lots of quality filters are easy to preview and apply to photos.

  • Crop, rotate, resize, and red eye tools are all here.

What We Don't Like
  • You need to sign in with an Adobe, Facebook, or Google account to use.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a completely free Photoshop app designed for those who just need to do some basic image editing before sharing a photo with friends and family or posting it on social media.

While Windows 10’s native Photos app does feature some basic image editing functionality, Adobe Photoshop Express is still one of the best apps for making changes to photos on Surface Pro due to its wide selection of tools and filters. In addition to the usual crop tool and filters, Photoshop Express also boasts red eye removal for both humans and animals, a blemish removal tool, and default image sizes for specific use cases such as Facebook cover images, Twitter headers, and Pinterest posts.

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Best Drawing App for Surface Pro 7: Sketchable

Sketchable Windows 10 app on Surface Pro 7.
What We Like
  • Professional grade digital drawing and painting tools.

  • Lots of tutorials and tips to help new users.

  • Great support for Microsoft’s Surface Pen stylus.

What We Don't Like
  • $24.99 paid upgrade required to unlock all features.

  • This Surface Pro drawing app can be very intimidating at first.

Sketchable is considered by many to be one of the best drawing apps for Surface Pro. It features a massive set of digital painting tools which can be used to make a quick sketch or produce incredible artwork intended to be sold or displayed in a professional setting.

Sketchable is designed to work with Surface devices, such as the Surface Pro 7, and features full support for the Surface Pen stylus for both art creation and navigating the app’s menus and UI. Sketchable truly is a Windows 10 app which allows you to disconnect your Type Cover and mouse and fully use your Surface Pro 7 as a digital canvas like in the commercials on TV.

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Best Note-Taking App for Surface Pro 7: OneNote

Microsoft OneNote on Surface Pro 7.
What We Like
  • Strong support for both typed and handwritten notes.

  • All content is backed up to the cloud for free.

What We Don't Like
  • Switching between notebooks can become a bit confusing once more are created.

  • The number of options may intimidate casual users.

When it comes to writing notes on a Surface Pro 7, it’s hard to beat OneNote. Microsoft’s free app can be used both for quickly jotting down notes and scribbles or for creating more comprehensive plans, recipes, and checklists.

OneNote supports input via your Type Cover keyboard, touch, or with a stylus such as the Surface Pen and all changes are automatically saved to the cloud seconds after being made. All notes made in OneNote on your Surface Pro 7 sync for free to the mobile version of OneNote on your iPhone or Android smartphone and vice versa which makes it a genuinely convenient tool for keeping track of information and ideas wherever you are.

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Best Movie and TV App for Surface Pro 7: Netflix

Windows 10 Netflix app.
What We Like
  • Content can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

  • Good file storage management settings.

What We Don't Like
  • You’ll need to be a Netflix subscriber to access any of this content.

The official Windows 10 Netflix app is one of the best apps for Surface Pro 7 owners looking to watch movies, TV series, and documentaries. Users can log in with the same Netflix account they use on other devices and choose to either stream content when connected to the internet or download videos for viewing offline.

You can use your Netflix account and this app to watch content when traveling abroad but the available library will automatically change to match the country you’re in. This can be a great way to easily discover local shows and films when on holiday.

The latter functionality is extremely useful when traveling or if your internet connection is too slow to properly stream media. All downloaded media can be deleted either manually or automatically by using the rather clever Smart Downloads setting. This feature cleverly erases episodes or films after you finish watching them and downloads the next one in the series so you can keep watching.

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Best Email and Planner Apps for Surface Pro 7: Mail and Calendar

Windows 10 Mail app on Surface Pro 7.
What We Like
  • Both apps are free and come pre-installed on new Surface devices.

  • Multiple email accounts and calendars can be added to each app.

  • All changes sync to the cloud via your Microsoft account.

What We Don't Like
  • Emails with embedded images need to be resized sometimes.

  • Navigating months in Calendar can be confusing at first.

Your Surface Pro 7 actually comes pre-installed with two incredibly solid email and calendar apps, appropriately called Mail and Calendar respectively. Each app is completely free to use and, while made by Microsoft, work with email accounts and schedules from other services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Email accounts and calendars can be switched on the fly via the left navigation menu at any time and all of your scheduled appointments are also viewable at once on your calendar so you don’t miss anything important. One of the best aspects of these must-have apps for Surface Pro 7 is all of the changes made will sync to your Microsoft account so, for example, if you create an event in Calendar on your Surface Pro 7, it will be mirrored on your Outlook phone app.

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