The 8 Best Apps for Coronavirus Isolation

Being home for weeks doesn't have to be boring

COVID-19 has forced many of us into our homes. It might have been fine for the first few days, but having nothing to do for weeks can get under your skin, especially if you’re alone. With many people under stay-at-home orders, businesses shutting down, and social gatherings being limited, it takes more effort now than ever before to stay sane and connected.

So whether you’re self-quarantining, under a stay-at-home order, or just nervous to leave the house, grab your phone or tablet and download these isolation apps while you wait out coronavirus. They can help ease your worry during these tough times, connect with friends and family that you’ve been missing, and distract yourself from all the bad news.

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Vudu: Watch Theater Movies at Home

Vudu movie app for Android

Movie theaters were some of the first things to shut down due to the coronavirus, but did you know some of those movies are still available for rent at home? Vudu is an app that lets you rent and buy movies, and now their collection includes a handful of movies currently in theaters.

See their Theater at Home films here to rent one of these films, or check out their list of free movies for tons of ad-supported movies. New movies are added often, so this is a great isolation app to keep you distracted and entertained.

Vudu works from several devices, including your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

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Houseparty: Live Games and Video Calls With Friends

Houseparty app for Android

Distancing physically doesn’t mean you have to remain distant socially. Houseparty markets itself as a “face to face social network,” but it’s useful even if you’re not a fan of social networks. 

This app resembles other video calling apps—connect your contacts and add friends you want to call. But this one’s unique in two ways: you can play games while you chat and friends can join your room whenever they want (so long as you’ve left the room unlocked). It also supports text chat.

With COVID-19 in full swing, Houseparty is the closest you’ll get to a real party where friends can jump in and out of the room whenever they’re bored.

Houseparty can be used from a computer and downloaded to Android, iPhone, iPad, and macOS devices.

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DoorDash: Get Food Delivered Right to You

DoorDash app on Android

Skipping out on restaurants is hard if you’re not used to making your own food at home. Install a food delivery service app like DoorDash to order without ever leaving! And don’t worry about coming into contact with the delivery person—this app supports no-contact delivery.

DoorDash works in thousands of cities throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. See full restaurant menus from the app and even schedule deliveries for later so that your food arrives on time.

You can download DoorDash for Android and iPhone.

If DoorDash isn't available in your area, consider making your own food with an app that creates recipes based on your ingredients. There are also online grocery shopping sites.

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Remote Utilities: Work From Home

Remote Utilities Android app connected to a Windows 10 computer

Being away from the office doesn’t mean you have to abandon your work. An app like Remote Utilities lets you use your work computer from home without exposing yourself to colleagues or having to pack up your whole workstation.

Remote Utilities is a remote access tool that connects to other computers over the internet. Set it up on your work computer once and you’ll have total access to it from your phone or tablet whenever you need to do some work.

This app runs on Android and iOS, can connect to a Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, and is 100 percent free for both personal and business use.

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Home Workout: Take the Gym Home With You

Home Workout app on Android

Nothing solidifies the laziness you’re feeling in quarantine like lack of exercise. If your gym is closed during a shelter-in-place order from coronavirus, try a workout app like Home Workout.

What makes this app unique is that you can use it even if you have zero equipment. Start as a beginner with easier exercises and work your way up to the harder ones, or run through a full body or lower body challenge to spike your adrenaline. You can also set weekly goals to keep yourself on task.

You're limited in how many workouts you can access, but you can pay to see them all.

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Calm: Relax and De-stress

Calm app on Android

Self-care during self-isolation sounds fairly easy, but it’s pretty tricky to remain calm and happy when all you’re seeing is coronavirus-related news. The Calm app is the answer if you need help managing your mental health while isolated.

There are meditation guides if you need help with sleep, anxiety, stress, focus, emotions, and more. There’s also tons of mindfulness music you can stream through the app, as well as breathing exercises and a whole section just for kids.

A few of the exercises are free but you’ll have to pay for full access unless you take advantage of the 7-day trial. Calm Premium also includes access to mindfulness classes from world-renowned experts.

The Calm meditation app works with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

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Khan Academy: Free At-Home Tutoring App

Khan Academy app for Android

Khan Academy is the learning app you need if you’re a parent struggling to homeschool your kids during coronavirus shelter-in-place orders. It’s also useful if you’re a student or adult wanting to learn more about a specific subject.

Isolation doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Khan Academy covers several school subjects like math, science, finance, arts and humanities, computing, test prep, and more. Choose the courses you’re interested in and jump right into the lessons, complete with videos and practice lessons.

Khan Academy works from a computer and their Android or iOS apps.

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The Sims FreePlay: Pretend Life Is Normal For a Few Hours

The Sims FreePlay app on Android

The Sims FreePlay is a simulation game where you control the life of characters called Sims. Keep your Sims happy, give them a job, provide food, customize their houses, etc.

You have full control over your virtual world, and you get points for completing tasks. If your friends are playing, you can even visit their Sim Towns.

This is a great app for isolation because you can suspend reality for a little while and live in a fantasy world that isn't affected by all that's happening around you.

The Sims FreePlay can be installed on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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