The 6 Best Apple Watch Golf Apps of 2020

Let Apple Watch be your golf caddy

The Apple Watch can provide you many of the tools you need to help your golf game by adding an app or two. Here are some of the best golf apps that can address most of your needs on the course.

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Tag Heuer: The Best Looking Golf App

Tag Heuer watch screens
What We Like
  • Great visual interface

  • GPS tracking

What We Don't Like
  • There's a fee to use the Apple Watch app

Tag Heuer, typically known for its watches, surprisingly has one of the slickest golf apps on the market. Both its phone and watch apps are professionally designed and appear to remain maintained, while others can often appear neglected. 

The Tag Heuer app features a list of 39,000 golf courses that enables it to know exactly where you are and the terrain you face. The biggest con of the Tag Heuer Apple Watch app is its price. It's packaged as premium feature and requires a $40/year fee. Still, its Apple Watch app is capable of tracking distance to the green, shot distance, and scoring, all complete with 2D maps.

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TheGrint: A Golf App With a Series 4 Complication

TheGrint watch screens
What We Like
  • Series 4 complication

  • Overall ease of use

What We Don't Like
  • Not free

TheGrint is a fully-featured golf app on its own, but the added benefit of an Apple Watch app makes it very handy. The free version includes handicap scoring, along with GPS on 36,000 course and round stats. The paid upgrade unlocks taking a picture of your scorecard, pro-like stats, and other inside information to improve your game.

One nice feature of the TheGrint Apple Watch app is it offers a Series 4 complication. Something few other apps have available.

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Trivit: Count Strokes on Your Wrist

Trivit watch screens
What We Like
  • Easy touch controls on watch

  • Simple score tracking

  • Free

What We Don't Like
  • No golf-specific features

Trivit isn’t a golf app, but it might turn out to be the perfect companion on the course. Trivit is officially a tallying app made to track anything by quickly tapping your Apple Watch. Keeping track of your strokes is also something most other golf apps don’t prioritize.

You can use Trivit in a number of ways; by tracking strokes per hole, putts on the green, or just total strokes over the course of play. The easiest way to set up the free app is by adding a tracking item for each hole, which then allows you to keep track in the midst of play from your watch.

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Golf Pad GPS: Gives Golfers All the Features They Need

Golf Pad GPS watch screens
What We Like
  • Nice Apple Watch features included

What We Don't Like
  • Not free

  • Harder to use than other apps

While most other apps require registration and a lengthy sign up process, Golf Pad GPS allows users to skip that and jump right in. As with many others, Apple Watch is a premium feature which requires a fee to use.

The Golf Pad GPS Apple Watch includes distance to the pin along with shot tracking and elevation. The features the app offers are nice, but the app isn't quite as polished as other apps. The app is advertised to save on battery life, which is hard to tell exactly, but did well in my use.

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Fun Golf GPS: Best for Group Play

Fun Golf GPS watch screens
What We Like
  • Scorekeeping for a group

  • Real-time distance on wrist

  • Big buttons

What We Don't Like
  • Not free

  • Watch only features two of the many app features

Fun Golf GPS is packed full of nice features, including being able to keep score on your Apple Watch and get the real-time distance to the pin. Like many of the other apps, it requires membership through the app, which comes in at $20 for a year.

Fun Golf GPS' app is fun and colorful, while the Apple Watch app is a bit more rudimentary. It does feature big icons, which is nice when you're more focused on your swing and getting back to the cart.

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Zepp: Best Golf App to Improve Your Swing

Zepp watch screens
What We Like
  • Glanceable data

  • Simple-to-use

What We Don't Like
  • Requires expense gear

Zepp isn't an app for the course; it's training gear meant to get you into shape before you ever book your tee time.

The Zepp tracking gear, which attaches to the end of your club to track various metrics, is a good way to stay sharp when you can't be on the course. The Zepp Apple Watch app is a huge blessing, as its tracking data can be seen at a glance on the wrist instead of relying on your phone while you practice your club swings.