The 9 Best Apple Watch Accessories of 2019

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Best Overall: Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

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The Apple Watch puts all the convenience of an iPhone right on your wrist, but if you want to listen to music or make phone calls, you’ll need a pair of compatible headphones. Our favorites are the Apple AirPods, which set the standard for true wireless earphones. After a breezy initial setup, these earphones automatically connect to your device (both iOS and Android) when you put them in your ears. The connection never drops and is one of the best we’ve experienced in true wireless earphones, which, unfortunately, isn't the case for all wireless headphones.

Want to pause your music or answer calls? The controls are right at your fingertips, literally: To activate Siri, just say “Hey, Siri” or double tap on the left earbud; to skip tracks, double tap on the right earbud. And when you take one earbud out, they conveniently pause the audio. There are several other ways the Apple Watch can boost productivity.

The latest model looks nearly identical to the previous ones — white plastic with an equally sleek charging case — exactly what you’d expect from Cupertino. The one visible change is the move of the LED charging light from inside the case to the outside — where it should be, in our opinion. The light signals red when they are charging and green when fully charged. Apple claims the battery life lasts about five hours on a single charge, but in reality, they come in closer to four hours and some change. That’s not as impressive as some other wireless earphones on the market but it’s still about 20 percent longer than the previous version of Apple’s AirPods. The most notable update? The case can now charge wirelessly, just like the Apple Watch. (A cheaper model is available without the wireless charging case.)

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Best Budget: LK Screen Protector

The Apple Watch feels durable, especially compared to the more delicate iPhones. And while the beautiful Retina screen is made of Ion-X strengthened glass, it’s still not entirely shatterproof. To be on the safe side, slap on a screen protector that doesn’t hinder functionality. This LK screen protector is both budget-friendly and touch-sensitive, so the display still appears bright and brilliant.

Application is easy via wet installation and the unique adhesive can be washed, reused and reapplied. The screen protector is just .18mm thick so the display retains its response sensitivity without stickiness. It has hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers, which protects the glass protects against everything sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, as well as more aggressive scratches. The protector is compatible with Series 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the pack includes six screen protectors.

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Best Charging Dock: Belkin Watch Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch

At the end of the day, when you take off your watch, you’ll want an equally elegant stand to place it on. Belkin, a brand that has become known for its sleek and functional tech accessories, makes one of our favorite charging docks, compatible with all available Apple Watches. The polished white base fits perfectly with Apple’s aesthetic and is weighted so that it doesn’t easily tip over. It has a chrome armrest that holds that watch at an angle for optimal viewing, along with an integrated magnetic charger that begins charging instantly. There’s also a wrist band support that you can slide the wristband around to maintain its shape. The base is tethered to a four-foot USB-A cable (included) so you can conveniently place it on a bedside table or desk to charge.

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Best All-in-One Charging Dock: KEHANGDA 3-in-1 Charging Stand

If you’re like most Apple Watch owners, you probably also have an iPhone and AirPods. In that case, you’ll want a dock that charges all your devices simultaneously. This Amazon favorite is budget friendly at under $20 but still has a sleek design and sturdy build. It’s compatible with all available models of the Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone 6 and later.

The 3-in-1 base is made of premium silicone material with a soft finish to make sure your devices don’t get scratched. Installation is pretty easy, requiring you to thread the charging cables from underneath the device. As they use the original cables, charging speed is just as fast as a normal wall charger would be. All devices are clearly displayed so you can see necessary notifications and it even accommodates devices with thick cases. (An AirPod carrying case is included as well.)

Best Armband: Twelve South ActionSleeve/Armband for 42mm Apple Watch

The beauty of the Apple Watch is that it puts the power of your iPhone right around your wrist, but sometimes certain sports gear (boxing gloves, for instance) prohibits you from wrist placement. In those instances, this ActionSleeve straps around your upper arm, moving it out of harm’s way but not out of reach. Just take your Watch out of its wrist band and pop it into the armband; the screen, crown, and button remain fully accessible. Better yet, thanks to tighter and more consistent skin contact, the heart rate monitor can work more accurately. The armband, available in red or black, is compatible with all Apple Watch models and is suitable for arms up to 13 inches in circumference.

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Best Battery Pack: 700mAh Smart Keychain Power Bank

According to Apple, the Apple Watch’s battery lasts about 18 hours, based on 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use and 60 minutes of music playtime via Bluetooth. But if you’re like most people, you probably check your watch much more than that. That makes this keychain battery pack all the more useful. It can clip onto your key ring or backpack and has an integrated MFI-certified magnetic charging module. With a 700mAh battery, it juices up your Watch to 100 percent in around 45 minutes and four LED indicator lights to signal the status of charging. It protects your Watch from over-current, over-charging and over-heating and is compatible with all models, including Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition. The keychain itself charges back up via USB.

Best Watch Case: Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Apple Watch Case

As opposed to a screen protector, this Apple Watch case sits around the device to protect it against bumps and scratches. It’s made from durable TPU material that is rugged yet doesn’t add too much bulk. The case is raised 1.2mm to protect the screen, so while a screen protector is neither necessary nor included, you can always apply one to be extra safe. It also has an aluminum button for solid feedback and a cutout on the back for hassle-free charging. Compatible with the 42mm Watch (Series 1, 2 and 3), we recommend buying the smaller, 38mm screen protector if you choose to add one, otherwise, the screen protector might peel off slightly.

Best for Travelers: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

If you’re on the road often, this Twelve South TimePorter is the travel companion you’ll want. It operates as both an organizer and a charger, holding your Apple Watch essentials like charging cables, wrist bands, and travel adapters. The silicone-lined interior of the case has spools so you can wrap up your unruly wires and an integrated portal holds the charging disc flush with the outer surface of TimePorter so you can lay your Watch across the leather case for charging. If you store a wireless battery pack inside, you can turn your TimePorter into a wireless charging station, perfect for camping and other activities where you don’t have a wall outlet handy.

Best for Athletes: Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

While the Apple Watch has an integrated heart rate monitor, it isn’t incredibly accurate. Athletes know that the best way to get a heart rate reading is with a dedicated heart rate monitor, and this one from Polar is perfectly compatible with your Apple Watch. It has built-in memory that can store a full training session and its battery has roughly 400 hours of operational time. The H10 pairs easily with both Android and iOS devices, including your Apple Watch, but if you pair it with a GoPro Hero, you can overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video. Alternatively, you can employ smart coaching when you pair it with the Polar Beat mobile application to receive unique feedback. The strap is soft and comfortable, available in sizes XS to XXXL and four colors: black, gray, orange and turquoise.

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