Best Antivirus for Netbooks and Older PCs

Some of the most at-risk systems are older PCs and netbooks that may be running outdated versions of unpatched software that are particularly vulnerable to exploit. The recommended antivirus below has low system impact and is cost effective, making it an ideal choice for older or low budget computers.

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Panda Security

Panda Cloud Antivirus is available free, or you can upgrade to the pro version for a nominal fee. Either way, system impact is quite low - most of the magic happens in the cloud on Panda's own servers and not on your computer. More »

F-Secure Internet Security has a slim footprint that's ideal for netbooks or older PCs. Adjuncts such as behavior-based protected and exploit detection make this full-fledged Internet security suite an even safer bet. More »

Norton 360 Netbook Protection goes easy on system performance and packs quite a few features ideally suited for mobile users. Automated backups and online recovery help keep you productive, while social media scanning and website filtering protects against malicious links you might encounter online. At $79 a year, it may seem a bit pricey. However, the license is good for up to 3 devices so if you've got multiple netbooks or computers to protect, it works out favorably. Norton 360 Netbook Protection supports both Mac and Windows. More »

More suited to newer netbooks, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security isn't necessarily the lightest in terms of system performance, but additional features make it ideally suited for mobile users. Full hard drive encryption and automated online backups help ensure data is both safe and recoverable should a laptop be lost or stolen. More »