The Best Wear OS Watch Faces

Download These Options for a More Stylish Smartwatch

Google knows that companies are starting to up their game when it comes to wearables; bland, unattractive devices are no longer going to cut it. In light of companies like Tag Heuer and Fossil launching their own Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) smartwatches, Google has made an effort to make its wearable software experience just as pretty as the latest batch of hardware.

To that end, Google's announced a lineup of nine designer-made Wear OS watch faces, with options from ASICS, Nicole Miller and Y-3 among others. Below, I'll highlight the best of these along with some other standout watch face options you can download from the Google Play Store.

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Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto Watch Face

A Sporty-Stylish Wear OS Watch Face Option
What We Like
  • Goes great with other Adidas gear.

  • Stylish animation effect.

What We Don't Like
  • It's difficult to actually read the time.

  • Limited compatibility with non-Google smartwatches.

If you're an Adidas fan or just want something simple yet striking, check out this animated watch face, which features a hand-painted self portrait by Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese designer known for a sporty, monochrome aesthetic.

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Melissa Joy Manning Watch Faces

Wear OS Watch Face Options For Your Inner Rock and Stone Geek
Melissa Joy Manning
What We Like
  • Classy designs.

  • Much cheaper than jewelry.

What We Don't Like
  • No longer available on Google Play.

  • Must be side-loaded.

Not only does this watch face feature beautiful birthstones — it features 12 of them; one for every month of the year. They make for beautiful backgrounds on your watch face, and they're abstract enough to go with any watch design. While these watch faces will work with both round and rectangular smartwatch displays, I have to say they look the best of those of the circular variety.

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MANGO Watch Face

A Minimal, Modern Wear OS Watch Face Option
What We Like
  • Appropriate for any occasional.

  • Easy to read the time.

What We Don't Like
  • No longer on Google Play.

  • Requires side-loading.

Spanish fashion brand MANGO is known for simple yet stylish designs, and this carries over to its watch faces for Wear OS. Available in black or white, these monochrome options are simple but well thought out. They're the kind of watch faces that complement a well-made smartwatch — perhaps one on this list.

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Zoe Jordan Watch Face

Another Lovely, Minimalist Wear OS Watch Face Option
Zoe Jordan

Also for the minimalists out there, these watch faces from British designer Zoe Jordan are said to portray a week's moments. It's easy enough to tell the time on all five of them — one even features a digtal-style clock — but the lines and curves seem to be a more cryptic representation of the passing of time, if anything. 

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A Wear OS Watch Face Option For the Candy-Crazy Who Aren't Afraid of Color

There's nothing subtle or understated about this watch face option, which is chock full of colors and candy and all things cute. There is an ambient mode, which brings things down a notch with a black-and-white background instead of the usual multicolor one. Also nice: This watch face is available in both round and rectangular versions, so no matter which Wear OS watch you have, you'll be able to use this downloadable option. 

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Moods of Norway Watch Faces

A Scandinavian Style Wear OS Watch Face Option
Moods of Norway

Wear OS users who hold a special place in their heart for Scandinavian design will love the watch faces from Moods of Norway. The 36 different faces actually correspond to 36 different holidays, such as Queen Sonja's Day and the Saami People's Day, and the designs are wonderfully wallpaper-esque. Like the other options in this gallery, these faces work with both rectangular and round smartwatch displays.

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Time Will Come Watch Face

The Time Will Come Wear OS Watch Face Option
Efva Attling Stockholm

Despite the somewhat menacing name, this watch face from Efva Attling Stockholm has to be one of the best all-around options, since it's simple yet classy enough to go with anything and suits just about everyone. There are four different faces within this download, all sporting a monochrome design. The faces even include separate dials that you can assign to a different timezone, and each 10,000 steps you walk you'll see a different inspirational quote.