The Best Android Twitter Apps

The best Android Twitter app is a matter of perspective, but here are our faves

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Android isn't my OS of choice, but they've come a long way in the past few years in terms of app design and functionality. I remember the days when it would pain me to switch between apps on my iPhone and Android device. Clunky was the word I'd use to describe it, like comparing a website built in 1999 to one built now.

In any case, app design has come a long way and so have the Twitter apps. What I like about Android Twitter Apps is that there's a lot of third-party integration within apps that Google allows and that Apple does not. Forget what Twitter might allow or not allow, it's often the OS and the store that prevents certain features from getting through.

In my quest for the best Android Twitter app, I had some help from combined Android super-user and Twitter super-user since my expertise is more on the iPhone side and I wanted these reviews to have some perspective of a long-time user. Most of the apps are available and ready to download, and one of them has a super-secret way of getting in. If you're nerdy and dedicated enough, you might be able to figure it out yourself.

Official Android Twitter App Review

What's better than the original, right? The official Twitter app for Android is one of the most used apps on Google Play. It's perfect for new users but loathed by power users. Twitter has insisted over and over that the best Twitter mobile experience can be had using their own apps and have made it nearly impossible to bring a new third party app to the market. Since most people aren't power users, the official Twitter app is just fine for them. Is it fine for you? Could it truly be the best Twitter Android app?

Plume for Twitter

Plume for Twitter is the app that many Android-based Twitter users would choose as the best Android Twitter app. It's pretty and simplistic like the official Twitter app, but it adds advanced features that the official app doesn't have.While clients like Carbon and Twicca go for the more minimalistic design, Plume is fully designed and looks great. Even the pop up for Tweeting outside of the app looks like it was designed with precision.

Falcon Pro App for Twitter 

Twitter has a huge problem when it comes to third party Twitter clients. The story of Falcon Pro encompasses those Twitter problems. The app itself is one of the best-designed Twitter clients ever created and has been very popular amongst power users. This popularity leads to the problems that Falcon Pro has had in its quest to become the best Twitter Android app. Here's a brief overview of the history of Falcon Pro, and a small review of its features.

Twicca for Android

Twicca for Android is one of the oldest Twitter clients. Don't be fooled, however, it is also one of the most beloved, as it has been downloaded almost millions of times and has tens of thousands reviews (accumulating to 4.5/5 stars) in the Google app store. The app is well-designed and lightweight enough that it can run on even the oldest Android device with no problem. If you like minimal design, but don't want to forfeit features, then Twicca might be the best Twitter Android app you'll find on the market.