The 8 Best Android Screen Protectors to Buy in 2018

Avoid scratching your Android phone with these screen protectors

When it comes to protecting your phone from bumps and scratches, you'll likely need a screen protector in addition to your case. To help decide which one to buy, we've compiled a list of the four best screen protectors for Androids, and included a number of factors such as compatibility with what phone you’re using, the material they’re made of, as well as what they’re best capable of preventing (scratches, etc.).

Best Overall: IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The IQ Shield LiQuidSkin for the Galaxy S8 is a “smart film” that uses an unusual-but-effective wet-install process to apply the film on top of your screen. The film adds tough durability to your screen and claims to be self-healing. It’s also case-friendly, so you should be able to use a phone case on your Galaxy S8 while still using this. Oh, and this is a two-pack, so you have an extra protector if you mess up the first installation or want to reapply the film down the road.

Amazon reviewers have been pleased with screen protector so far. They say that this protector is great, but installation is tricky, so be sure to watch IQ Shield’s instruction video to help you get the perfect fit on your screen and avoid bubbles.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Ringke Invisible Defender Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The Ringke brand offers up all kinds of well-made phone accessories, so it’s no surprise to see its Invisible Defender screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8 on this list. The Invisible Defender is made from urethane with an optically enhanced film for clear protection and it is able to adhere to the Galaxy S8’s unique curved sides. On top of strong protection, it also works with a wide variety of Galaxy S8 cases, including Ringke’s Galaxy S8 case.

This package includes two screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a dust-removal sticker, a squeegee card and installation instructions. Amazon reviewers have been generally happy with this protector. Customers suggest watching Ringke’s installation video before attempting to install the Invisible Defender to the get the best fit possible. They also say that most bubbles naturally dissipate after a few days of regular use after installation.

Best Budget: Skinomi TechSkin Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Just like our Best Overall pick, the Skinomi TechSkin Galaxy S8 Screen Protector has a wet-install application process and great reviews. But what’s nice is that it’s quite cheap as well, coming in at less than $8.

The Skinomi TechSkin is made from military-grade thermoplastic urethane and it claims to be self-healing and flexible, so it’s ready to protect your Galaxy S8 from all kinds of abuse, including scratches, tearing and punctures. Skinomi is so sure of its product that it offers a 100 percent risk-free lifetime replacement warranty. It also comes with two protectors, which will alleviate worries of messing up the installation.

Amazon reviewers have been quite happy with this product. Users said this protector worked well and said to make sure you give yourself time to install it, with some suggesting putting the film on right before you go to bed to give it enough time to set. 

Best for LG G6: Spigen Glass LG G6

When it comes to protecting your smartphone, not everyone loves a cheap film that’s easily scratched. Instead, opt for the Spigen Glass LG G6 screen protector that’s precision laser cut to provide an outstanding fit to the front of your device while still allowing owners the use of a case. Two screen protectors are included for the ultra-low asking price, so if the first protector is scratched or cracked, just take it right off and apply the second protector at no extra cost.

As for the tempered glass itself, it offers the same responsiveness and protection as your existing display with an oleophobic coating that helps to maintain a clean display without oily buildup from consistent finger touches throughout the day. Installation is very easy and you can eliminate the risk of bubbles or unwanted residue by applying using the included instructions. Spigen’s lifetime warranty on all screen protectors adds another layer of comfort. If the screen protector starts peeling, just contact the manufacturer and they will help make things right.

Best for HTC U11: IQShield LiQuidSkin

When it comes to the best protection for your HTC U11’s display, look no further than the IQShield screen protector with LiQuidSkin full coverage protection. IQShield’s innovative technology allows the screen protectors adhesive to combine with its wet-install squeegee methodology to offer users a simplified way to easily install the protector without bubbles or extra residue leftover.

The IQShield design ensures excellent responsiveness, self-healing (minor scratches will disappear over time), non-yellowing and optical transparency all tucked into a single layer of screen protection. While the protector isn’t sized perfectly to the display, it’s done so intentionally to allow for cases of all shapes and sizes. While the cutout isn’t edge-to-edge, IQShield takes great strides to make sure additional areas of the display such as the camera, speakers and other sensors are not hindered in any way.

Best for Google Pixel: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

Thin, clear and protective, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield will offer an excellent level of protection and peace of mind for Google Pixel owners. The ultra-clear and thin screen protector is designed to perfectly match each curve and shape of the Pixel’s display. Installation is a breeze for even the most novice applier, so don't worry about any extra residue or bubbles on the first try.

Once applied, the MilitaryShield adds self-healing technology to the display, which will help reduce or completely eliminate minor scratches over the life of the screen protector. The protectors are designed to be ultra-tough and optically clear and have military-grade protection. The screen protector film helps eliminate those pesky fingerprint smudges that are so often found through oils on the fingertips. Pesky oils aside, ArmorSuit stands behind the quality of its product offering a 100 pecent satisfaction guarantee and promising to replace any screen protector that’s scratched or damaged with no questions asked.

Best Scratch Proof, Best Compatibility: Glass Screen Protector by Voxkin

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Glass Screen Protector by Voxkin champions itself as one of the best Android screen protectors to guard against scratches. The screen protector is designed to be tough enough to handle sharp edges but slim enough to not add any bulk.

Voxkin’s screen protector offers crystal clear protection with an ultra thin .3mm high sensitivity glass that won’t affect your mobile’s touch screen functionality or HD retina display. Its oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and other contaminants from making your screen look dingy and dull.

What makes the Voxkin stand out is its strength. The screen protector is made from sleek, high grade, hard-coated glass measured at a 9H hardness that’s been reinforced for shock absorbency. It resists drops, cracks, scrapes, scratches and makes your phone look as good as the day you bought it. The entire material is also shatter proof, so it won’t break in the event of extreme impact or power.

The whole glass screen saver takes three steps for easy installation with directions included in its packaging. The glass is laser-cut to ensure a precision fit with Galaxy S6, S6 Plus, S6 Duos, 6s, S6 CDMA front body, making it one of the most all around compatible screen protectors on the market.

Voxkin offers a free lifetime replacement warranty with customer support and a full 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason.

Best For Galaxy S7 Edge: Maxboost Liquid Skin

Maxboost Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector is made from ultra HD and super thin soft Japanese TPU film. It features a liquid skin, making it the only protector kit that perfectly adheres to the edges and curved backs from edge to edge on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The liquid skin comes with a unique adhesive that can be washed, reused and reapplied. Unlike other screen protectors, this one is soft and will still manage to guard against minimal scratches and scrapes. Unfortunately, the screen protector is not powerful enough to guard against drops.

It comes with a detailed installation instruction via online video tutorial, which the company promises a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied and have gone through the thorough work of installation, failing on first attempt, the company will make an arrangement for you until you accomplish a perfect installation. Amazon users have reported that installation process does take some time getting used to, and have provided their step-by-step instruction for that perfect fit.

Maxboost provides a lifetime hassle-free warranty included with purchase, and will replace the liquid skin even if it gets damaged while protecting your device.


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