The 8 Best Android Screen Protectors of 2020

Avoid scratching your Android phone with these screen protectors

Best Overall: IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The IQ Shield LiQuidSkin for the Galaxy S8 is a “smart film” that uses an unusual-but-effective wet-install process to apply the film on top of your screen. The film adds tough durability to your screen and claims to be self-healing. It’s also case-friendly, so you should be able to use a phone case on your Galaxy S8 while still using this. Oh, and this is a two-pack, so you have an extra protector if you mess up the first installation or want to reapply the film down the road.

Buyers have been pleased with screen protector so far. They say that this protector is great, but installation is tricky, so be sure to watch IQ Shield’s instruction video to help you get the perfect fit on your screen and avoid bubbles.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Ringke Invisible Defender Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The Ringke brand offers up all kinds of well-made phone accessories, so it’s no surprise to see its Invisible Defender screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8 on this list. The Invisible Defender is made from urethane with an optically enhanced film for clear protection and it is able to adhere to the Galaxy S8’s unique curved sides. On top of strong protection, it also works with a wide variety of Galaxy S8 cases, including Ringke’s Galaxy S8 case.

This package includes two screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a dust-removal sticker, a squeegee card and installation instructions. Customers have been generally happy with this protector. They suggest watching Ringke’s installation video before attempting to install the Invisible Defender to the get the best fit possible. They also say that most bubbles naturally dissipate after a few days of regular use after installation.

Best Budget: Skinomi TechSkin Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Just like our Best Overall pick, the Skinomi TechSkin Galaxy S8 Screen Protector has a wet-install application process and great reviews. But what’s nice is that it’s quite cheap as well, coming in at less than $8.

The Skinomi TechSkin is made from military-grade thermoplastic urethane and it claims to be self-healing and flexible, so it’s ready to protect your Galaxy S8 from all kinds of abuse, including scratches, tearing and punctures. Skinomi is so sure of its product that it offers a 100 percent risk-free lifetime replacement warranty. It also comes with two protectors, which will alleviate worries of messing up the installation.

Customers have been quite happy with this product. They said this protector worked well and said to make sure you give yourself time to install it, with some suggesting putting the film on right before you go to bed to give it enough time to set. 

Best for LG V30: Bisen LGV30 Screen Protector

Contoured to perfectly fit the LG V30 and V30 Plus displays, the full-screen design of the tempered glass Bisen LGV30 screen protector gives you maximum coverage for complete protection. The self-adhesive design makes it a breeze to put on your phone (think under 60 seconds), and once it's in place, it allows for 99% screen transparency without any reduction in touch control. It's 9H Hardness glass, meaning it's very scratch and crack resistant, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. It's also guaranteed to adhere without creating irritating bubbles that warp the display.

Best for Google Pixel 2: amFilm Google Pixel 2 Screen Protector

Designed for the Google Pixel 2, this amFilm screen protector offers an ultra-clear solution that covers nearly all of the display. This tempered glass protector offers 99.9% transparency and is intended to preserve a natural viewing experience (as if your screen was uncovered completely). It is resistant to scratches and, at only 0.33mm in thickness, doesn’t hinder the Pixel 2's touchscreen sensitivity.

The amFilm has a "bubble-free guarantee," and promises that you won't see a halo effect where the edge of the glass meets the phone display. It's also thin enough to use with your favorite phone case. This kit includes the screen protector, wet/dry wipes, dust removal stickers and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen before application.

Best for Galaxy S9: AquaShield Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

Made from military-grade film, the Illumi AquaShield Galaxy S9 screen protector is a great choice if you're concerned about scratches or dings harming your smartphone display. It's also designed for clarity, with 99.9% transparency and a built-in UV-resistant layer to prevent yellowing over time. The AquaShield covers the Galaxy S9 display from edge to edge, adding protection without bulk and without hindering the touchscreen, and the inclusion of a silicone adhesive layer also ensures a bubble-free wet installation that can be completed in minutes. The incorporation of a self-healing layer ensures this screen will last for a long time, and with a second screen protector included in the package, you get tremendous value for the money.  

Best for HTC U11: Supershieldz HTC U11 Screen Protector

HTC U11 and U11+ owners who want a quality screen protector at an affordable price should look no further than this Supershieldz two-pack. Composed of high-quality tempered glass with a 9H hardness level, the Supershieldz stands out for great protection, excellent value, and a lifetime replacement warranty. The 2.5D rounded edge glass adds minimal bulk to the device and works with existing cases for even greater protection. It offers 99.99% HD clarity that doesn’t reduce the original touchscreen sensitivity, as well as a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that helps protect against fingerprints.

The Supershieldz U11 screen protector is precisely cut to prevent interference with the camera and external ports or buttons, and it also doesn't hinder the phone's touch-sensitive side panels.  Installation is quick and the packaging contains everything you need to apply it.

Best Scratch-Proof: Vigeer LG G7 ThinQ Screen Protector

Thanks to a 9H hardness grade, this Vigeer tempered glass screen protector offers the scratch resistance you want. It is designed to fit the LG G7 ThinQ smartphone and is only 0.3mm thick, making it an ideal choice for case users. Once installed, the Vigeer maintains a natural, HD-quality view of the screen with 99% transparency. It does not hinder the screen's touch sensitivity. 

The installation kit includes a single tempered glass screen protector, as well as a microfiber cloth and an alcohol pad for cleaning your phone prior to application. Vigeer promises to replace the screen protector within seven days if there are unremovable bubbles during installation. A lifetime warranty is also available for normal wear and tear (excluding water damage). 

What to Look for in an Android Screen Protector

Compatibility - Android phones come in all shapes and sizes, so the screen protector you buy needs to be compatible with your specific model. The product description will detail which models the given screen protector is fit for, so make sure you double-check this spec. Some films can be cut, but it gets messy so it’s easier to buy the right size in the first place.

Protectivity - Screen protectors are designed to defend your delicate screen against minor scratches and major shatters, though some will do it better than others. Their protectivity largely depends on the material they are made out of, and the best ones are flexible urethane or tempered glass.

Installation - Applying a screen protector takes precision. Some designs claim to have a “bubble-free” application, but reading customer reviews can help you decide how accurate that is. Many manufacturers post YouTube videos to walk you through the application process, so check the web for those before you get started. Still nervous? Drop into a phone store and ask an employee to help you out.