The 9 Best Android Productivity Apps of 2023

Get things done on the move

Whether you use Android to get work done on the move or to organize and plan, discover the best Android productivity apps. Task-specific tools include word processors and document scanners, while organizational aids help you to plan tasks, schedule, and keep notes. Here are the best Android apps to organize your projects and get things done when you're on the move.

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Best Free Personal Organizer App: DejaOffice

Screen shot of DejaOffice
What We Like
  • Access all your Outlook data.

  • Today widget to view upcoming appointments.

  • Shortcuts to edit specific memos.

  • Shortcuts to call favorite contacts.

What We Don't Like
  • Paying to sync our data.

  • Extra cost for cloud sync.

DejaOffice has many different widgets that can be used to view important summaries of information directly on your home screen, as well as shortcuts straight to a particular function of the app.

One of the most useful of these is the Today widget, which places a list of upcoming appointments on your home screen. You can also create a shortcut that takes you from the home screen straight into editing any memo.

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The Official Outlook Solution for Android: Outlook for Android

Outlook for Android screenshot
What We Like
  • Access email and calendar.

  • Works with Exchange server.

What We Don't Like
  • No tasks.

  • No notes.

  • Requires a Microsoft service to sync calendar.

Outlook for Android aims to provide a more streamlined Outlook experience than the full PC version. If all you need is email and calendar and you sync via an Exchange Server, then this is ideal for you. If you want to have access to all your Outlook data or you don’t have Exchange, you are much better off with DejaOffice.

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Best Free Cloud Calendar for Android: Google Calendar

Screen shot of Gooogle Calendar
What We Like
  • Sync to built-in Android Calendar app.

  • Includes tasks.

  • Integrates with Google Assistant.

  • Simple and clean interface.

What We Don't Like
  • No task categories makes GTD difficult.

  • Notes aren’t integrated.

Google’s own Calendar app is best integrated with Android. If all you need is a basic calendar and task list, it’s a great choice, but it has far fewer features than Outlook, which may be an issue.

One key weakness is the lack of categories for tasks. However, integration with Google Assistant is nice, meaning you can say “Hey Google” and ask things like “When’s my first meeting today?” or “Where’s my next event?” You can also ask the assistant to schedule and add events.

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Best Android Productivity App to Edit Word Documents: Word for Android

Word for Android screenshot
What We Like
  • Interface that works on small screens.

  • Sync documents with OneDrive or Dropbox.

  • Edit styles and equations.

  • Preserves as captions and cross-references.

What We Don't Like
  • Track Changes isn’t reliable.

  • You can’t add captions and cross references.

If you need to open and edit Word documents on the move, the official Microsoft Word for Android app is the best option. It has a simple interface that intuitively gives access to the most important features for creating and editing documents, and you can even write complex equations in the mobile app, provided you can write in LaTeX.

A common use for Word for Android is to review documents received by email. This is where the app has some issues. Although it has a Track Changes option, it doesn’t always work reliably.

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Free Cloud-Based Word Processing on Android: Google Docs

Screenshot of Google Docs
What We Like
  • Tight integration with Android.

  • Great for working on collaborative documents.

What We Don't Like
  • No auto-numbered captions.

  • No cross-references to captions.

  • Missing basic word processing functionality.

If you need a basic word processor, Google Docs can do a good job. However, don’t expect it to replace Microsoft Word. Docs isn’t suitable for producing large complex documents, as it lacks features like captions and cross-references. Also, unlike Word for Android, you can’t edit equations in the Android version.

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Best Scanner App for Android: CamScanner

Screenshot of CamScanner app
What We Like
  • Very easy to use.

  • Corrects alignment and perspective.

  • Recognizes text (OCR).

  • Can sync documents with Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

What We Don't Like
  • Lots of pop-ups in free version.

  • Need to pay for sync.

  • Need to pay for OCR.

CamScanner provides a convenient way to quickly scan paper documents, whiteboards, and receipts using your phone, almost completely removing the need to keep paper documents.

For this to work in an ideal manner, the scanning process needs to be quick and easy. Maybe even more importantly, documents need to be filed in a trusted and easily accessible location, meaning you need to pay to sync files to your preferred cloud storage.

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Cloud-Based Notes: Google Keep

Google Keep screenshot
What We Like
  • Simple visual note taking.

  • Create reusable checklists.

  • Set reminders by time or location.

What We Don't Like
  • Not integrated with Google Assistant.

  • Locations must be a single location.

Notes in Google Keep look like post-it notes, but you can do a lot with them, including adding sketches, photos, and lists. Like most Google apps, everything is stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed from a PC using a web browser.

You can also set reminders, either by time or location, but Keep isn’t fully integrated with other Google apps in a way that truly capitalizes on Keep. For example, integration with Google Maps could allow location reminders to be set to any grocery store, instead of only a single location. What’s even more surprising is Google Assistant can’t be set to take and save notes in Keep.

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Best Productivity App to Make Checklists: Listing it!

Listing It! screenshot
What We Like
  • Create reusable checklists.

  • Hierarchies with many layers.

  • Simple text import and export.

What We Don't Like
  • No cloud sync.

Listing it! is convenient and flexible, with powerful import and export features, while being quick and easy to use. You can create standard lists for your groceries or pack for an overnight trip, for example, then quickly check off what you've already finished and move on to what you still need to do.

You can import and export lists using simple text files, meaning you can easily back up lists or create them using a spreadsheet.

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Import and Export Android Files: WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer for Android screenshot
What We Like
  • Transfer files between Android and PC.

  • Transfer multiple files and folders.

  • Shortcuts to photos, videos and music.

What We Don't Like
  • Free version limited to 5 MB per file.

WiFi File Transfer allows you to access all the files and folders on your Android device via a web browser. It works best with Google Chrome, allowing whole folders to be transferred.

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