The 7 Best Android Browsers of 2023

Find the best web browser for your Android device

Your Android may have a web browser built into it, but that doesn't mean it's the best Android browser. There are many far superior options out there that ensure your browsing experience is faster, more reliable, stable, and more secure, too. Here's a look at the best Android web browser for any situation. 

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Most Stable Browser: Firefox

Firefox app screenshots
What We Like
  • Very reliable.

  • Secure.

  • Easy to use.

What We Don't Like
  • Can slow down phone.

  • Need to use Firefox on PC/Mac for full benefit.

A popular name over the years, Firefox for Android is very stable regardless of the age of your Android phone, so you'll rarely experience a freeze or crash. It's also designed with privacy in mind, with tracking protection that automatically blocks parts of web pages trying to track browsing activity. 

Additionally, its search tools intuitively guess what you might be looking for based on past searches, and there are plenty of easy shortcuts already implemented. 

That said, to enjoy browsing syncing, you'll need to use Firefox on your desktop or laptop and that's not as good a browser as some alternatives. 

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Best VPN Browser: Opera

Opera app screenshots
What We Like
  • Built-in VPN.

  • Built-in ad blocker.

  • Safe to use.

What We Don't Like
  • Speed issues depending on device used.

If you want a feature-rich browser that still manages to be pretty speedy, Opera is a good choice to pursue. It has a built-in ad blocker that effectively gets rid of intrusive ads while maintaining your privacy, and has a built-in VPN that further enhances your privacy and security while browsing. 

Elsewhere, there's a personalized news feed providing AI-curated news tailored to your interests. There's also a night mode for easier browsing at night, as well as other accessibility settings, such as being able to adjust text size. For a general all-around browser, Opera has mostly everything. 

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Fastest Android Browser: Chrome

Google Chrome app screenshots
What We Like
  • It's fast.

  • Easy to use.

  • Google Translate built-in.

What We Don't Like
  • Quite a large install for older phones.

Frequently pre-installed on Android phones due to it being a Google product, the Chrome browser for Android is also the fastest browser out there. It's a browser you're probably already used to due to its prevalence on PCs and Macs, which makes Chrome for Android even better, as it easily syncs to other devices. 

Chrome also offers personalized search results, autofill, incognito browsing, and safe browsing. The latter means Google keeps an eye open if you happen to be browsing any sites it deems dangerous, giving you a warning and blocking you from accessing them. There's also Google Translate built into it, enabling you to quickly translate entire websites. 

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Best Gesture Driven Browser: Dolphin

Dolphin app screenshots
What We Like
  • Gesture driven interface.

  • Many useful add-ons.

  • Ad-blocker.

What We Don't Like
  • Not the most stable of browsers.

  • Not the fastest.

Dolphin approaches web browsing differently from most other Android web browsers, which makes it worth considering if you want to use something unique. For one thing, it uses gestures to allow you to browse websites. For instance, you can draw the letter B to use Bing or draw the letter D to go to Duckduckgo. It's down to you how you set up these gestures. 

Dolphin also allows you to talk your way around the internet. You can speak to it to search online or share content on Facebook and other social networks. Elsewhere, there's support for Flash, an ad-blocker, as well as incognito/private browsing. Multiple add-ons can also be installed such as easier ways to browse Dropbox or Pocket. 

It's not the fastest browser out there, and it has some issues with stability, but when it works, it has a plethora of great options. 

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Most Simple Android Browser: Naked Browser

Naked Browser app screenshots
What We Like
  • It'll run on any age of Android phones.

  • Minimalist user interface.

What We Don't Like
  • Not very accessible to inexperienced users.

  • Very plain.

If you need an internet browser for Android that's incredibly simple and basic, while still being useful, Naked Browser is for you. There's a learning curve to it thanks to its extremely minimalist user interface, but if you're keen to get a bit more technical with things for the sake of speed and efficiency, it's worth it.

Naked Browser is very simple looking, but that means it uses very little memory and there's no risk of it tracking anything. That's ideal for both the security conscious, and those users with aging Android phones who need to worry about memory and disk space. 

Naked Browser still offers some useful features, such as tabs, and the ability to restore where you were in case of a crash. Mostly, though, this is a browser designed for the most minimalist of needs. 

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Best VR Browser: Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser app screenshots
What We Like
  • You can browse the internet with VR.

  • Optimized for Samsung phones.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't sync with other browsers.

Samsung phones may have Samsung Internet Browser already installed, but odds are you're already debating whether it's worth it over more reputable names like Chrome. It kind of is, at least if you have a Gear VR headset.

Place your phone into a Samsung Gear VR headset when you're viewing a web page and it opens up in fairly immersive virtual reality. It's a cool gimmick that makes it worth having Samsung Internet Browser installed.

For everyone else, it's not a bad app. It has anti-tracking capabilities, secure browsing that gives you a heads up on nefarious websites, and a content blocker. For everyday use, there are advantages, like the ability to save all images on a site at the same time, along with a competent download manager. 

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Most Charitable Browser: Ecosia

Ecosia web browser app screenshots
What We Like
  • Trees are planted in exchange for your use.

  • Fast.

  • Ethical.

What We Don't Like
  • Fewer features than some other browsers.

We all know we should be doing more for the world, but knowing how to help can feel tricky. Ecosia is a web browser for Android that also helps reforest the planet while you search via it. Through the money Ecosia makes from searches, it funds reforestation in a bid to empower communities around the world. It has a transparent policy that proves it does this, too.

Besides that, it's a capable browser in its own right, as it's based on Chromium, much like Chrome. It's fast and secure and offers tabs, a private mode, bookmarks, and a history section. While other features are a little thin, the majority of users will be more than happy with what Ecosia Browser provides. 

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