The 9 Best Android Booster Apps

Make your phone or tablet run faster and smoother

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Is your phone being slow? Here are some apps that can help you speed it up.

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A slow Android device can cause considerable frustration. Fortunately, a variety of speed booster Android apps exists to help achieve increased speed and better response.

Please know, however, that the biggest impacts on your Android device's perceived speed is the CPU, RAM, and graphics hardware it's sporting, not a few extra files here or there. That said, running these apps every now and then can help keep your device clean and prevent bloating that can happen over long periods of time.

Without further ado, here are the nine best speed booster Android apps on the market right now:

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Avast: An App for Junk Cleaning

Avast booster app features
Avast booster app.

Avast is a well-known name in the desktop security industry, but did you know the company also makes a phone booster app? Surprise! It does.

What We Like

Avast features a "Safe Clean" feature that cleans up system caches, unnecessary data, installation files, gallery thumbnails and residual files.

This cleaning will serve as a speed booster for your Android. Additionally, Avast can provide a detailed overview of all your files, so you can identify potential areas to clean yourself.

You can also easily transfer data to the cloud, in case you find something that's slowing down your phone but you don't want to get rid of it entirely.

What We Don't Like

Its bloated setup process, numerous ads and pop-ups, the requirement of an account after one month and its Cloud reputation paling in comparison to the likes of available alternatives like Google.

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Clean Master: An Antivirus App and Space Cleaner

Clean Master app
Clean Master app.

Clean Master is one of the best-known phone booster apps out there. It has over 500 million installs on Android alone. Here's what you need to know about it.

What We Like

Among Clean Master's strengths is its free antivirus, with the ability to detect viruses and remove them. Viruses can play a role in slowing down your phone, which is why Clean Master serves well as a speed booster app for Android.

The app also can detect fake Wi-Fi connections, which can slow down your Android and internet surfing. On top of this, you can hibernate running apps to improve your Android’s speed and extend its battery life.

What We Don't Like

Its tendency to eat through the battery life when battery-saving modes are not on, accumulate cached data in RAM and ultimately slow down the phone, depending on when it's in use.

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The Built-In Device Maintenance Feature for Samsung Phones

Samsung phone Device Maintenance cleaner
Samsung phone Device Maintenance cleaner.

Another phone cleaner option you have is one that comes built-in to Samsung Galaxy devices. The Device Maintenance feature on these phones is like a ready-to-use phone booster.

What We Like

Samsung's native device management feature enables users to access device information and monitor its current performance. Just go into your Samsung phone's Settings and click Device Maintenance

The tool will provide you with a score out of 100 that determines your phone's maintenance status. Upon clicking "fix now," the tool will optimize the device's battery, storage, memory, device security and performance.

The resulting log will inform of the amount of storage space cleared, in addition to whether any abnormal battery usage, app crashes or malware apps are detected.

What We Don't Like

Its potential to convince users that their performance level should always be at 100%.

While that may be ideal, stressing over a perfect score can be a time-waster and very unnecessary. Every action you make on your phone tends to accumulate space, though it's nothing to worry about until it collects to a certain point.

Rather than addressing you with when a cleanup should happen, the 100-point score may cause some to worry more than necessary.

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CCleaner: A Comprehensive Clean-Up App

CC Cleaner app
CC Cleaner app.

Like Avast, CCleaner also has a booster program for your desktop. You ​can even buy a Pro version of CCleaner for $19.95.

What We Like

Many are familiar with CCleaner on their desktops as a very useful space optimizer. The app is also available on Android, providing the ability to uninstall unwanted apps with ease.

The app is also great for freeing up space and providing a speed boost with a single click, tracking down and deleting extra clipboard content, browser history, application cache, old call logs and others.

What We Don't Like

Its tendency to be a resource hog while running tests, which may be automated. CCleaner can hog background resources, consuming RAM and battery.

So, some people may prefer to use their file manager to delete unwanted programs, instead of having a background process running routinely that results in a slowdown. 

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Cache Cleaner-DU: A Speed Booster, Clean-Up and Antivirus App

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner
DU Speed Booster & Cleaner.

Cache Cleaner-DU has over 100 million installs on Android devices and 4.5 rating, making it a reliable phone booster option.

What We Like

Touting more than 230 million users, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner provides a speed boost through cleaning of cache and junk, including the detection of stealthy apps and redundant background tasks.

The app also includes antivirus and a network boost, which helps display Wi-Fi security, download/upload speeds and networking devices. The added transparency for connecting to a network is particularly beneficial for those using their Android on the go.

What We Don't Like

Some users report Cache Cleaner-DU made their phone slower than before. Users also saw irrelevant ads appearing within the app.

DU Apps Studio responds to customer requests and removes such ads, though their frequency of occurrence is not reassuring for something with the designation of an antivirus and speed booster app.

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360° Booster & Cleaner: An Optimizer, Cleaner, Speed Booster and More

360° Booster & Cleaner app
360° Booster & Cleaner app.

This phone boosting app can be used to remove junk files from your phone, as well as uninstall apps you don't want.

What We Like

360° Booster & Cleaner hosts an abundance of features that ultimately result in your Android receiving a speed boost.

Optimize everything from your apps and games to your photos, while also providing the ability to close unwanted games, apps and more with a single click.

360° Booster & Cleaner values simplicity and efficiency in enabling users the ability to clear and optimize without stressing.

What We Don't Like

How the app's cleaning feature tends to over-do itself in some instances, picking up photos or apps that are far from irrelevant.

Users must be careful when going through what the app selects as junk or superfluous, since the cleaner is less selective than other apps, for the worse.

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Norton Clean: An App That Removes Junk, Cache and Residual Files

Norton Clean app
Norton Clean app.

Norton, like Avast, is another well-known name in the anti-virus industry. Now, Norton offers a mobile app to clean and speed up your phone, too.

What We Like

Norton is a brand name in antivirus and optimization, so the trust is there for this app.

Available for Android OS 4.1 or later, it features an app cache file cleaner and junk remover, in addition to the notable feature of being able to remove old Android Package (.apk) files. Some apps overlook the .apk storage on Android.

What We Don't Like

This app's inability to offer backups. Many apps provide backup capabilities, even for the bare minimum like contacts, though Norton has more emphasis on general cleaning and protection.

If you're seeking a backup feature within your speed boosting app, Norton likely isn't for you.

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Droid Optimizer: An App That Fights Against Lagging

Droid Optimizer app
Droid Optimizer app.

Similar to many of the other apps on this list, Droid Optimizer can delete junk files and cached files from your phone, as well as help you manage or delete the apps on your device.

What We Like

Droid Optimizer aims to fix laggy smartphones, whose constant performance issues lead to inefficient battery life and slow apps.

Droid Optimizer reclaims disk space on an automated schedule, in addition to providing you with the ability to boost speed with 1-Touch Speed quickly Up and Auto Clean Up.

The app also gets rid of Internet tracking traces, resulting in speedier browsing experiences. Plus, the app is free and without ads.

What We Don't Like

The lack of Material Design visual language, in addition to its RAM management being mostly superfluous when considering Android's built-in RAM management.

Still, for a free and ad-less cleaning app, Droid Optimizer has its share of useful features.

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Simple System Monitor: An App for Monitoring Your Android’s Usage

Simple System Monitor app
Simple System Monitor app.

Simple System Monitor is a phone booster app that graphs the CPU usage of your device, as well as clears your phone's cache and RAM. 

What We Like

Simple System Monitor does precisely what its namesake implies — it provides Android users with the ability and freedom to monitor their Android's CPU usage, CPU frequency, GPU usage, RAM usage, network activity, disk I/O activity and more.

Plus, the app includes a cache cleaner, process killer, battery health analysis and temperature monitor.

What We Don't Like

The app lacks some of the more comprehensive features of other Android booster apps.

However, for users who want more control and wish to repair things on their own, Simple System Monitor provides insight that can help them achieve independent speed boosting for their Android devices.