Top 3 Android Apps For Playing Music Files

Play music files on your Android device with these free players

Playing Digital Music Files on Your Android Device

As you probably already know, Android phones and tablets can play digital music right out of the box. However, the default player that comes with the operating system can seem a bit lacking on features when compared to other apps found on the Google Play Store.

If you've synced songs to your Android device and want to start using it for some serious music listening, then you'll want a player that's a lot more versatile. Some music playing apps for instance provide extra features such as audio equalization, music tag editing, album art downloading, and even built-in MP3 editing so you can make ringtones from your songs.

If you want to get a better music listening experience, then take a look at our short-list (in no particular order) of free apps that will take your music listening on the Android platform to a whole new level.

JetAudio Music Player+EQ Basic

JetAudio Music Player
JetAudio Music Player For Android. Image © JetAudio, Inc.

If you're looking for a player with an exhaustive list of audio tweaking options, then JetAudio's Music Player+EQ Basic is worth a serious look. As well as a 10-band graphic equalizer, the free version also comes with sound effects and audio enhancement options.

The interface is nicely polished and all the controls are intelligently arranged. For playing back songs you'll see the usual transport controls, with the added bonus of being able to shuffle tracks and repeat songs or a whole playlists. You can also easily create and edit playlists within the app too.

However, some options in JetAudio's music player, which you might expect to be free, aren't. Editing tags for instance is a paid-for option.

That said, there are a lot of positives with JetAudio's Music Player+EQ Basic app. It's certainly a worthy app to have on your Android device if sound quality is at the top of your list.

JRT Studio Rocket Player

The free version of Rocket Player comes with a good selection of features. This includes a 5-band graphic equalizer, built-in tag editor, Video browser and player, live playlist creator, and more.

The interface is well designed and intuitive to use. The scrollable menu at the top of the screen gives you access to different views for displaying songs, albums, genres, podcasts, videos, etc.

As well as the standard transport controls found in most music players the app also provides handy shuffle and repeat modes. The app has good support for playlists too. The Up Next feature in particular is useful for quickly creating 'on-the-fly' playlists.

Not all features displayed in Rocket Player are available in the free version. Tapping on these will bring up an unlock option. This can at first be slightly annoying until you learn about the capabilities of the free version. However, even with this minor gripe Rocket Player is still a great app to have on your Android device.

NRG Player

NRG Player is an excellent light-weight player that can handle a good range of different audio formats. The interface is well designed and easy to use thanks to the convenient menu bar running along the edge of the screen.

On the surface this music player might seem to be lacking features, but once you drill down into the options you'll find quite a lot on offer. For instance, tapping on the EQ menu not only gives you a 10-band graphic equalizer to play around with, but also an effects sub-menu to further enhance sound.

NRG Player also comes with a built-in tag editor, playlist creator, and an option to upload songs to 4Shared for online storage. Overall, this app might not have as many features as some other apps, but it's a solid player nonetheless for playing your digital music files.