Top 3 Android Apps For Downloading Music

Download free music to your Android device with these free tools

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Using your Android device to listen to digital music from the internet can be a lot of fun. In fact, you might already use a music service such as Spotify to stream to your portable.

What About Downloading MP3s?

There are many sites on the net offering free songs to download, but finding exactly what you want can be time-consuming doing it this way.

Rather than using your browser to find and download music, it's a lot easier to install an MP3 downloader app on your Android phone or tablet. But, with so many of them now on the Google Play Store, which ones do you go for?

To guide you in the right direction, we've compiled a list of apps that do a stellar job of searching for free MP3s on the internet which can then be downloaded straight to your phone.


As with most apps that deal with downloading media from the Internet, always observe copyright in order to stay on the right side of the law.

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4Shared Music

4Shared is a well-known file sharing and storage service that millions of people use everyday. In fact, you might have already used their standard app to upload your own music and video files. However, did you know that there's another app the company provides which searches the 4Shared network for MP3s?

4Shared Music is more focused on digital music. The app enables you to:

  • Download or stream music that is on the 4Shared network.
  • Create playlists for your music discoveries.
  • Organize custom playlists.

If you haven't already got a 4Shared account, then there's also the bonus of getting a 15Gb music locker too when you sign up.

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Simple MP3 Downloader

This free tool for downloading MP3s is similar in a way to the 4Shared app. The major difference however is that Simple MP3 Downloader searches multiple public file sharing sites. The interface is simple to use and results are quick to display. All the content which is found is displayed as a list on the screen, which you can scroll through by swiping your finger.

This music app allows you to stream tracks before you download them. This is a handy feature when you want to preview a song first. The side menu in the app gives you access to more options which allows you to manage your song library, see what you've downloaded, and access the built-in player.

Overall, Simple MP3 Downloader is a light-weight app that finds and downloads MP3s at lightning speed.

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Musifie MP3 Downloader

Musifie MP3 Downloader is another app that has an easy interface to get into. You can search by song, artist or album name and either stream tracks or download them to your Android device.

Once songs are downloaded they can easily be accessed from the app's menu (you may have to use the back arrow to get to it). The only downside to using this app is the ads. There are quite a few that you'll need to dismiss while using Musifie. However, it's still a good MP3 downloader that has plenty to offer. Other features in the app include an integrated player and sharing via different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even good old email.