The 10 Best Amazon Echo Accessories of 2019

All the add-ons you need to make your home even smarter

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It's not an exaggeration to say that Amazon's Echo line-up of smart speakers has completely transformed modern-day homes. Powered by Alexa, the e-commerce behemoth’s virtual assistant, Echo devices let users do everything from setting alarms to controlling thermostats, all using voice commands. The line-up includes several feature-packed connected devices, ranging from the tiny Echo Dot to the touchscreen-toting Echo Show. Unsurprisingly, the ever-growing popularity of Amazon Echo devices has led to the emergence of a diverse ecosystem of accessories, which further enhance the features and usability of those devices. If you just got an Amazon Echo smart speaker for your home (or office), here are some of the best accessories that you can get for it. Read all about them, and take your pick.

Our Top Picks

Alexa Voice Remote

Normally, Echo devices respond well to voice commands even if you're in another room. However, noisy environments can often interfere with their operation(s). This is where the Alexa Voice Remote comes into the picture.

As its name suggests, Alexa Voice Remote is a remote controller for Amazon's Echo devices. It has dedicated buttons for standard functions such as Volume Up, Volume Down, Play/Pause, Previous, and Next. These make the remote particularly useful for wirelessly controlling music playback and other similar tasks on Echo devices.

There's also a separate voice command button that works in conjunction with the remote's integrated microphone, allowing you to issue voice commands (and your Echo to respond to those commands) even when there's a lot of ambient noise. To pair Alexa Voice Remote with an Echo device, open the Alexa app, select the device (found under "Alexa Devices") you want to control with the remote, and follow the instructions. The remote connects via Bluetooth and can be used to control/manage multiple Echo devices at the same time.

It's compatible with the Echo Plus, Echo (1st & 2nd Generation), Echo Dot (1st & 2nd Generation), Echo Show (1st & 2nd Generation), and Echo Spot.

Amazon Echo Sub

Since the initial release of the Echo, many users have complained that the built-in speakers weren't powerful enough. And it's true that these devices are equipped with small mid-frequency drivers, which can offer a weak bass response. But the new Echo Sub aims to fix this problem. It’s a cylindrical, down-firing sub with a six-inch woofer that gives you 100W of pure, substantial bass response. For those who like listening to music through their Echo, this is definitely an accessory to check out.

The Sub works well with just about every Echo device, but Amazon recommends pairing it with two other matching devices for a full stereo sound that’s bolstered by a dedicated bass channel. It's an especially good companion to the just-released, third-generation Amazon Echo Plus, as that speaker is meant to offer richer, more room-filling sound that will only be improved with the addition of this dedicated bass unit. (Amazon is actually selling this setup as a bundle if you're looking for an all-around high-quality Amazon Echo listening experience.)

It's important to reiterate that the Sub is not an Echo and therefore does not have smart hub capabilities — it's intended only to boost the audio of a companion Echo device.

Echo Buttons

Echo Buttons

Courtesy of Amazon 

Having a get-together with friends and family, and want to have some fun with your Echo device? Pick up Amazon's Echo Buttons. The Echo Buttons provide a fun and interactive way of playing games through Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant. Thanks to a catalog of more than 40 compatible Alexa skills, you can play a wide variety of games, including everything from trivia titles to storytelling games.

Some of the games that can be played using Echo Buttons are Trivial Pursuit Tap, Hanagram, Alpha Buzz, Bust A Fruit, Time Travel Cadet, Don't Cut That Wire, The Mystery Of Thorium Manor, and 5-Min Epic. Apart from that, you can set up a customized trivia game (using the "Game Show" Alexa Skill Blueprint) with fun facts about your friends, family, or any favorite topic, and play it using Echo Buttons.

Setting up these little gadgets is as simple as saying, "Alexa, set up my Echo Buttons." Each button illuminates and can be pressed to interact with numerous Alexa-powered play experiences. They come in a pack of two, and each button is powered with two AAA batteries.

The buttons are compatible with the Echo (1st & 2nd Generation), Echo Dot (1st & 2nd Generation), Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Plus.

Amazon Smart Plug

In a sea of accessories directly related to Echo products — cases, stands, etc. — the Amazon Smart Plug is more of a companion device, turning your regular gadgets into "smart" devices that can be controlled via the Echo's Alexa system. Simply plug something into this outlet, whether it's a lamp, baby monitor, or small appliance, and give yourself a whole new level of control. If you have an Echo, you can control the plug with your voice (i.e., asking Alexa to turn on the coffee maker, which will turn on the plug and therefore the appliance). If you don't have an Echo, you can still use the Alexa app to turn things on and off remotely without the voice control feature.

The Amazon Plug connects via Wi-Fi and connects to the Alexa app, which you can use to control the power of the appliance plugged in, schedule times to turn things on and off (particularly handy for fans and lights), and more. Arguably the coolest part about this plug also happens to be one of the simplest features: It's designed with a relatively narrow profile, meaning it won’t take up multiple outlets.

Echo Input

Differentiating itself from the rest of Amazon’s Echo lineup, the Input converts your existing speakers in pseudo-Echo devices. As Amazon hopes to put its Alexa digital assistant in every home, the Input is a large part of the solution. The Input connects to a speaker of your choice through a 3.5mm or Bluetooth connection and uses that for its audio output, whether its playing music or answering a question through Alexa. And the full suite of Alexa voice commands is available. That includes streaming songs, adding items to a to-do list, setting timers, or finding what time a movie is playing. Just ask Alexa.

Measuring a mere 3.1 inches in diameter, the Input can all but disappear on an entertainment center or TV stand. Its built-in Wi-Fi works with any dual-band network. The connection not only enables Alexa’s voice commands but also behind-the-scenes software updates as well as additional Alexa “skills” that are released over time. For setup, the Input requires the Alexa app available on both Android and iOS but takes mere moments to get connected. The Echo Input is available in both black and white to match your home decor.

Smatree Portable Battery Base

As the biggest smart speakers in Amazon's Echo line-up, the Echo and Echo Plus are intended to be always kept plugged-in at a fixed location. However, if you want to be able to use your Echo or Echo Plus anywhere, get the Smatree Portable Battery Base.

Smatree's external power base is designed to work with both the Echo (2nd Generation) and Echo Plus, however, for connecting the Echo Plus, the included silicone ring has to be used. It comes with a mammoth 10,200mAh rechargeable battery that, when fully charged, can power the Echo (2nd Generation) or Echo Plus for five to 10 hours (depending on the speaker's actual usage).

The battery base features intelligent battery charging technology that prevents the battery from getting damaged, even if the AC power adapter is kept plugged-in for a long time. Smatree Battery Base can be charged with the Echo (2nd Generation) or Echo Plus' power adapter, and a built-in smart IC allows the power base to automatically determine its working state for more efficient charging.

You can easily find out the battery's power level using the four LEDs, and a 5V/2A USB port (Type-A) lets you charge your smartphone with the battery base. Even when on standby, the battery base doesn't turn off automatically.

Echo Spot Adjustable Stand

Echo Spot Adjustable Stand


Coming from Amazon itself, the adjustable stand is a must-have accessory for your Echo Spot. It allows you to firmly set the Echo Spot up on any table, counter, or similar flat surface. The stand features a magnetic notch that snugly fits in a groove at the bottom of the Echo Spot, and its circular base lets you set up the device in a raised position. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Echo Spot but also enhances the audio output from the device's bottom-firing speakers.

Using tilt adjustment, you can adjust the viewing angle of the Echo Spot according to your needs. Once set, the stand provides a firm base for the device. The Echo Spot Adjustable Stand is made from high-quality material and is available in two colors, black and white.

YoFeW Stand Mount for Echo Show (1st Generation)

It may be the most expensive of all the Echo devices, but the Echo Show (1st Generation) is also chock-full of features, including a seven-inch touchscreen. If you want to take full advantage of the Echo Show's video capabilities, take a look at the YoFeW Stand Mount.

Weighing 41 ounces, the Amazon Echo Show isn't exactly easy to move around. However, the YoFeW Stand Mount makes doing that a walk in the park. The mount adds 360-degree rotation capabilities to the Echo Show, thanks to precision double bearings. It's crafted from polished aluminum alloy and perfectly holds the Echo Show, enhancing the stability of the device.

If you use your Echo Show on the kitchen counter, the YoFeW Stand Mount can also protect the device from accidental spills and other kinds of liquid damage. The tightness of the stand can be adjusted by rotating the screw at its bottom, and the mount comes with spare Allen wrenches and screws. The base of the stand has an anti-slip pad that allows you to place it (and the Echo Show) firmly on any flat surface. YoFeW Stand Mount is backed by an 18-month warranty.

Wasserstein Stabilizing Speaker Stand

The Echo (2nd Generation) and Echo Plus are indeed awesome, but the tall, cylindrical design means that they can be easily knocked over (and damaged) by overactive kids and curious pets. However, Wasserstein Stabilizing Speaker Stand ensures that doesn't happen.

The Wasserstein speaker stand not only protects your Echo or Echo Plus from accidental falls but also accentuates their design. Having a premium and durable acrylic construction, it snugly fits the Echo or Echo Plus for enhanced protection. The stand has non-slip rubber feet that provide a heightened grip, and a soft cushion prevents the underside of the speaker from getting scratched.

The accessory has just the right height and diameter for providing stability to the Echo or Echo Plus without adding any unnecessary bulk. Its horseshoe-like design allows you to slide the speaker while it's still plugged in, making moving it around a breeze. Wasserstein Stabilizing Speaker Stand has been constructed to keep the speakers and microphones of the Echo or Echo Plus unobstructed, so using it doesn't affect the performance at all. It's available in three colors: black, blue, and white.

Echo Connect

With your Echo device, you can use voice commands to do everything from setting reminders to controlling the thermostat. Wouldn't it be great if you could make calls from your home phone through voice calls too? Turns out, you can. Say hello to Echo Connect.

Echo Connect lets you use an Echo smart speaker to call anyone using your home phone service. It works with both landline and VoIP services and allows you to make and receive calls completely hands-free.

Simply plug in the Echo Connect into your home phone jack, complete the setup using the Alexa app, and you're good to go. Alexa automatically synchronizes all your contacts, so you never have to look a number up before calling. With Echo Connect, you can voice dial numbers and call contacts on your home phone without even actually touching it. It works seamlessly with all of your registered Echo devices, and only one Echo Connect is needed per phone line.

It's compatible with the Echo (1st and 2nd Generation), Echo Dot (1st and 2nd Generation), Echo Show, and Echo Spot.

What to Look for in Amazon Echo Accessories

Battery bases - Most Echo devices aren’t mobile, but you can make both the Dot and the standard Echo mobile with a battery base. This is a great accessory if you want to take your Echo into the backyard and don’t want to mess around with extension cords.

Stands and mounts - Echo devices are designed to work right out of the box, but the right stand or mount can make them even easier and more convenient to use. Look for a mount to attach your Echo Dot to a wall and get it up off the counter or an adjustable stand for your Echo Spot to make the screen easier to see.

Smart hubs - Unless you have an Echo Plus, you need a smart hub if you want to use your Echo to control smart devices like lights, switches, and thermostats. Look for a hub that’s certified to work with Echo and Alexa, and you’ll be well on your way to turning your house into a smart home.