The 20 Best Amazon Dash Buttons of 2018

From toilet paper to snacks, here are the Dash buttons everyone needs

Available for Amazon Prime customers, Dash buttons are internet-connected buttons that will change the way you shop. No more forgetting, just seamless ordering. Here are 20 of our favorite uses for a Dash button.

By the way, these don't have to be physical buttons. While those are definitely useful, you can also download virtual Dash buttons to use through Amazon's mobile app or website. It's also worth mentioning that if you'd like something a little more versatile than a single-item button, Amazon also has the Dash Wand, which includes the Alexa voice assistant. Just be aware that while it's more convenient, there are limitations to what Alexa can do through the Dash Wand.


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This one, admittedly, makes the most sense to me as a Dash button. Condoms are one of those things you don’t typically think about needed until you, well, need them. You’re also often using them late at night, probably with the lights off and far away from your computer. Not exactly a great setup for remembering to reorder. And I assure you, nothing will kill the mood faster than telling your partner you need to log on to Amazon real quick. You could discretely attach a Dash button; however, inside your nightstand drawer and press the button when you realize you’re running low. Problem solved.  

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Toilet Paper

This is another Dash button that’s exceptionally useful simply because of what it is and where you’re likely to be when you realize you need it. One of these mounted under your bathroom sink means you don’t have to remember you’re a roll away from crisis and ensure that you’re never without a roll when you need it. There are a handful of different Dash buttons available for toilet paper. My personal fave is Charmin.

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New parents know exactly how fast you can go through packs of diapers. If you don’t have diapers on constant reorder (with a stockpile sitting around just in case), then a Dash button can be a great thing to mount next to the changing table. We all know diaper changing can be . . . an ordeal. With a Dash ​button you can focus on your little one, and avoid a panicked call to friends asking for emergency provisions.

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Baby Wipes

Right up there with the immediate need for diapers is the one for baby wipes. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these as well so you can handle shopping for both with the press of a button.

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Ziplock Bags

In general, plastic bags are something most of us go through relatively slowly, slowly enough that you can remember to pick up a box at the store before you run completely out. If you're someone that’s regularly packing lunches; however, then chances are good that you go through bags a little faster than the average person. For you, there’s a Dash button. Put this one in your pantry.

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Summer allergies are the worst. If you have seasonal allergies, chances are good you don’t rush for the allergy medicine until you’re already having a pretty awful time. The question is, do you have any allergy medicine left over from the last time you had a hard time? If you’re like us, the answer to that question is almost always no. Mounted in a medicine cabinet, the Zyrtec button can help you keep your supply stocked for when you need it the most.

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Have a pup in the house? Ensure his breath is always fresh and clean with a Greenies Dash button. Mounted on the side of whatever cabinet or container you use for treats, this one makes reordering simple, and will keep tails wagging. Greenies not Fido’s thing? There’s a Milk-Bone Dash button available as well.

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Purina Beyond

Have you ever run out of dog food in the morning and then forget to pick up a new bag on your way home? The scrambled egg breakfast typically goes on for a few days before I finally manage to get things together and pick him up a bag. If your favorite fur ball is a Purina fan this could be perfect. 

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Meow Mix Cat Food

There’s also a cat food option. When you’re running low, tap the button to reorder food for your favorite feline so you don’t run the risk of running out. Just don't leave it near speedy paws that could reorder all on their own.

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Red Bull

Everyone needs a boost of energy now and then. Harried parents can stash one of these in a dresser drawer. And college students everywhere need one of these buttons in their dorm room. Those of us that have a little trouble making it to those group dinners and the like after a long day at work could probably benefit as well.

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Peet's Coffee

Coffee is life, right? One of these on the side of your coffee maker can be just the thing you need. The button automatically orders the good stuff, so you’ll never be without and can start your day off right. 

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Every woman needs a Dash button for tampons. You only need them once a month, but when you need them you often really need them and somewhat unexpectedly. Depending on how things went the month before, you may or may not have reserves ready to go. And if you’re not in an immediate need of tampons, chances are very good you’re not going to remember to buy them. Stash this in the bathroom so you can reorder the next time you're running low.

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Dial Hand Soap

Hand soap is another thing many tend to unexpectedly run out of. Who keeps reserves? When the soap on the bathroom counter runs out, it’s often slightly unexpected. If it means you're breaking into your stockpile of hotel soaps for a day or two, then try a Dash button just for your favorite soap maker.

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Nature Valley Granola Bars

Snacks! Granola bars can be the perfect thing to grab and go with in the morning on your way to work or school, or take as a snack for the road while you’re traveling or even working out. If you’re not eating them on a specific schedule; however, then it can be easy to accidentally run low. 

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Tylenol is one of those things you don’t need until you NEED it. Make sure you’re never without a pain reliever when you need one by putting one of these Dash buttons in your medicine cabinet. When you start to run low, press the button to reorder so you’ll have a new bottle ready to go when you need it.

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The same thing can be said for Nexium. When you have really bad ​heart burn you’ll want one, but when you don’t you’re likely not thinking about buying it. One of these in your medicine cabinet can make sure you’re never without one when you need it.


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Trash Bags

Chances are good you can remember to put kitchen garbage bags on the grocery list on the fridge when they run out, but what about all the trash cans you have elsewhere in your house? This Dash button can be customized with a particular type of bag, and then orders can be made with the press of a button. For instance, you could have one in the garage to reorder leaf bags, or in the bathroom to get some new tiny bags for that trash can.

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Gillette Razor Blades

Razor getting a little dull during your morning shave? Mount one of these buttons inside your medicine cabinet and order some replacement blades before your current one starts to become problematic.

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Never run out of laundry detergent with this Dash button. Mount the button next to your washer, and give it a press when you're down to your last few pods. That way when life's unexpected messes happen, you'll be prepared to wash them and keep on going.

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This is an odd one, but we'd be remiss to not mention it. The Calvin Klein Dash button lets you order a new pair of underwear with the press of a button. Of course, most of us aren’t going through underwear at a speed where we need a reorder button, but hey, if that’s you. . . embrace it with a Dash button.