The 10 Best Alcohol Apps in 2020

Use your smartphone to get alcohol delivery and help track how much you drink

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Delivery apps and services have made it so you don't have to leave home to get the things you want, making it possible to get virtually anything dropped off at your doorstep. Alcohol is no exception as you can have beer, wine or hard liquor delivered straight to your location, sometimes in under an hour.

While celebrating with friends over a few drinks or enjoying your favorite cocktail to unwind after a long day are a regular part of life for many people, you may want to keep tabs on your alcohol intake for a number of reasons including health and dietary restrictions or just to make sure that you aren't imbibing a little too much.

As is the case with most things nowadays, there's an app for that! In fact, there are many apps that facilitate alcohol delivery as well as others that focus on consumption and its effects on our bodies and minds. We've sifted through these digital drinking companions and profiled some of the best below, all available free of charge.

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DrinkControl - Drink Tracker

Drink Control app
What We Like
  • In addition to tracking how many drinks you've downed, this app also takes note of how your wallet's being impacted by said drinking.

  • It also tallies estimated calorie consumption along the way.

What We Don't Like
  • The ability to customize drinks is not available in the free version.

DrinkControl makes it easy to maintain a log of drinks you've consumed without getting in the way of a good time, comparing your average intake against guidelines set forth by several leading health organizations.

There is a paid version available which provides detailed, long-term statistics along with the ability to export data to a spreadsheet and back up that information on Dropbox from right within the app.

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Drink Coach app
What We Like
  • Allows you to share a drinking summary with others, or store it yourself for offline viewing in other programs.

  • If certain locations or times of day are trigger points, the app allows for reminders that will only appear if you find yourself in a particular place during a user-specified window.

  • You can even book an in-app session with professional "Drink Coaches" any time you require guidance or feel like you might be losing control.

What We Don't Like
  • Default units of measurement and currency are geared towards the UK, although they can be adjusted rather quickly.

In addition to keeping tabs on caloric intake, total cost and other tolls incurred from your drinking, DrinkCoach also lets you maintain a record of hangovers, accidents, arguments and other negatives associated with too much booze.

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Drizly app
What We Like
  • The Deals section is perfect for booze shopping on a budget.

  • Drizly’s recommendations are extremely helpful if you’re unsure about what to buy.

  • If you need ice, they’ll deliver that as well. 

What We Don't Like
  • Delivery charges are sometimes compounded when parts of your order are from different stores. 

  • Living on the outskirts of some of their cities may exclude you from qualifying for 60-minute delivery. 

  • Some of Drizy’s retailers use courier services for delivery, not all of which are reliable. 

Drizly’s interface lets you shop for beer, wine and liquor from multiple stores simultaneously, allowing you to find the best deal before placing an order for delivery. They offer 2-3 day shipping throughout the U.S., and delivery in under an hour if you’re lucky enough to live in one of their hundred-plus base cities. 

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Dry Days by AlcoChange

Dry Days app
What We Like
  • Being able to connect with and follow friends' activity, along with the group-based leaderboard feature, provides a level of encouragement and even competitiveness not available in most other apps of this type.

  • You can also share your progress across all major social media services with just a couple of finger taps.

  • It provides a convenient interface for logging your mood as well as how well you've slept on abstinent days, all easily accessible and in a format that gives you a big-picture outlook over an extended period of time.

What We Don't Like
  • On rare occasions, saved data seems to go missing with no explanation.

Dry Days makes it easy to track days in which you didn't have a drink, along with the physical and financial costs associated with those days on which you did consume alcohol. 

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Saying When

Saying When app
What We Like
  • The Saying When program takes into account the effects of alcohol on your entire lifestyle and how the two intertwine, offering comprehensive checkups for each 28-day period.

  • A series of assessement questions get you started, after which you're tasked with setting specific drinking-related goals which can be easily monitored via the app's dashboard.

  • Like other options on our list, Saying When tracks volume and type of drinks consumed but also features a coping strategies dialog to help organize what does and doesn't work each time you experience an unwanted urge for alcohol.

What We Don't Like
  • At time of publication, the app hadn't been updated in a couple of years so we don't expect enhancements or upgrades, at least not anytime soon.

Created by Canada's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Saying When takes an anonymous approach to self-help that utilizes the same tools and techniques that the CAMH has employed for decades with its in-person clientele.

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Drinker's Helper

Drinker's Helper app
What We Like
  • The developers seem to really listen to user feedback, issuing regular updates that often accommodate complaints and enhancement requests.

  • A basic test analyzes your drinking patterns and lets you know how much it varies from what's considered normal standards, and the results are used to map out a plan and help you make pledges to move forward with.

What We Don't Like
  • You'll need to fork over some cash for Drinker's Helper Plus if you want access to their community support group.

  • Advanced strategies for getting and staying sober long-term also require payment.

Aimed at helping you either scale back or curb your alcohol intake altogether, Drinker's Helper draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques along with other tried-and-true methods for limiting dependenices and tampering addictive tendencies.

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SoberTool app
What We Like
  • Anonymous forums allow you to chat with folks who've been in similar situations, or with others who are struggling at the moment, eliminating the awful feeling of being alone in your current struggle without having to reveal your identity.

  • Unlike the majority of its competitors, SoberTool offers a feelings-based search engine that attempts to provide specific coping mechanisms for a variety of emotional states when it comes to drinking or not drinking booze. 

What We Don't Like
  • The in-app ads can be a little intrusive, and the interface as a whole is a bit outdated in terms of design and navigability.

Like many other alcohol-related apps, SoberTool tracks how often you've gone without a drink along with the amount of money that you've saved by doing so.

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Nomo - Sobriety Clocks

Nomo Sobriety Clocks app
What We Like
  • The integrated distraction exercises are probably the most underrated and underutilized part of Nomo, and their efficacy should not be discounted.

  • Nomo's design avoids any unnecessary clutter and, well, that's the point.

  • Beyond its basic interface, Nomo also offers real-time breakdowns of your progress and also allows you to converse with accountability partners via its in-app chat tool.

  • You can even share one or more of your clocks with others, both in the app and on Facebook or Twitter. 

What We Don't Like
  • Not a whole lot. Nomo delivers on its promises.

Created by someone in recovery, Nomo takes a simplistic approach to a complex problem - and it seems to work for many of its users based on product feedback. Its attractive, easy-to-use dashboard lets you create and monitor as many clocks as you wish, each serving as a countdown for how long it's been since you last took part in an activity like smoking or drinking alcohol.

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What We Like
  • Their service is available in hundreds of cities across the country, including many not supported by competing apps.

  • Filters based on country of origin, bottle size, case size (for beer) and price make it easy to find something that fits your specific needs.

What We Don't Like
  • Not enough liquor stores are featured in some cities, even in highly-populated areas.

  • Minimum purchase amounts are fairly high for a lot of the stores offering alcohol.

You may be familiar with when it comes to ordering food from your favorite restaurant or even for using pickup laundry services, but it’s also a solid choice for procuring alcohol without having to venture outside. 

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Saucey app
What We Like
  • Saucey doesn’t tack on additional delivery fees.

  • Unlike many of its competitors, a minimum order is not required.

  • Offers a wide variety top shelf brands as well as more affordable options.

What We Don't Like
  • To take advantage of Saucey’s offerings you need to be on the growing list of major cities they support like Chicago, Dallas or Los Angeles.

  • One tradeoff for some of Saucey’s positives are higher-than-average prices on some popular offerings.

Adding a spirited twist to the old Domino’s Pizza tagline, Saucey promises alcohol delivery right to your door in 30 minutes or less with real-time tracking available within the app.