The 8 Best AKG Headphones

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The Rundown
Best Overall:
AKG N60NC at Amazon
Best Budget:
AKG Y20U at Amazon
Best Wireless:
AKG Y50BT at Amazon
Best Earbuds:
AKG N20U at Amazon
Best for Noise-Cancelation:
AKG N60 NC at Amazon
Best for Comfort:
AKG Y55 at Amazon
Best High-End:
AKG N40 at Amazon
Best for Studio Work:
AKG K550MKII at Amazon

Best Overall: AKG N60NC


The AKG N60NC have Bluetooth capability, include active noise-cancelation, a mic and are compatible with iOS and Android devices, so they are by far AKG’s best headphones overall. AKG’s N60NCs on-ear style weigh 7.04 ounces and have a 10 to 22,000Hz frequency response, a huge sensitivity of 123 decibels, 32 ohms of impedance, as well as a battery life that will last 15 hours. The headphones give ease of accessibility and comfort for users — you can answer calls and control music playback from a single button on the outside of its memory foam leather ear-cups.

Best Budget: AKG Y20U

Affordably priced, the Y20U have an innovative design complete with AKG’s signature quality sound. The 1.6-ounce pair of earbuds includes powerful 8 mm drivers with three pairs of soft silicone sleeves in various sizes, so you can get a proper fit that’s perfect for you.

The durably made Y20U headphones also have a one-button remote cable so you can control your music, as well as a universal in-line microphone for taking phone calls easily. The lightweight earbuds have a frequency response of 20 to 20,000Hz, a 38 ohms of impedance and 111-decibel sensitivity. They come in black, yellow, blue and gray.

Best Wireless: AKG Y50BT

The Y50BT AKG Bluetooth headphones are a studio-grade set with wireless connectivity, so you can freely roam about with your tunes. The headphones offer more than 20 hours of battery life on a full charge, so you can listen to your music throughout the day without delay.

The AKG Y50BT headphones use Bluetooth 3.0 technology that offers a high speed of up to 25MB per second with a max distance of 33 feet. The 1.1 pound headphones hold a frequency range of 20 to 20,000Hz with a sensitivity of 113 decibels and impedance of 32 ohms. Colors come in black, blue and silver to best personalize your style.

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Best Earbuds: AKG N20U

Don't like bulky headphones? Check out the AKG N20U earbuds then. They have a few nifty such as the ability to skip through playlists without taking out your phone, as well as control the playback and volume.

They're ultra lightweight at .64 ounces and offer heavy duty sound resonance with a 12 to 24,000 Hz frequency range, 115 decibels of sensitivity, and 24 ohms of impedance. They come with four-foot fabric cord with a gold plated 3.5 mm input jack that includes a universal three-button remote/mic to control your smart device. The AKG N20Us have a semi-closed back design, so they are perfect for any active on-the-go listener in the gym or on the backroad trails.

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Best for Noise-Cancelation: AKG N60 NC


When you just want to listen to your music without interruption, opt for the AKG N60 noise-canceling headphones. These comfortable AKG headphones are built with premium aluminum, memory foam and leather for a super relaxed fit.

The AKG N60 on-ear headphones weigh 5.3 ounces and have a 10 to 22,000Hz frequency range, 123-decibel sensitivity and an impedance of 32 ohms. With a 3D-axis folding mechanism, the AKG N60 headphones can fold into a transportable bundle and fit inside the included travel carrying case. Battery life will last you around 30 hours, and the headphones charge quickly via an included USB charging cable.

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Best for Comfort: AKG Y55

AKG Y55 Black DJ-Ready Headphones

For a snug and comfortable fit, look not further than the AKG Y55 headphones. The 15.5-ounce lightweight wired headphones are built with rotating snug ear-cups that provide for a relaxed fit without discomfort or resistance, adapting to you.

The AKG Y55 are closed-back and have a frequency range of 16 to 24,000Hz, 115-decibel sensitivity and 32 ohms of impedance. They have a durable non-obtrusive headband that rests gently upon listener’s head. The headphones feature a 3D-axis folding mechanism too, for compact travel mobility. Colors come in white, red, blue and black.

Best High-End: AKG N40

These high-end AKG headphones are also some of the lightest. They weigh only 13.6 ounces, but their tech-specs and audio output will knock you off your seat The AKG N40 headphones have three replaceable sound filters that allow for bass, mid, or high frequencies to modulate into your ears while suiting your personal sound preferences. The behind-the-ear headphones are designed with rounded ear tips for easy fitting and produce a robust 10 to 40,000Hz frequency range, 20 ohms of impedance and 115-decibel sensitivity. They come with a fully accessorized travel bag, a flight adapter, mic and remote cable, cleaning tool, straight cable, as well as three replaceable ear sleeves.

Best for Studio Work: AKG K550MKII

AKG’s K550MKII are the headphones to get if you're doing intensive studio work. They are an amazing value and meet the demand for audio precision editing and tracking, thanks to AKG’s largest driver size available. Not to mention, the closed-back design keeps all sound insulated. The over-ear headphones weigh 10.7 ounces and are designed with a 2-d axis folding flat mechanism that makes for easy storage and transportation. The comfy padded ear cups blast a 12 to 28,000Hz frequency with a 114-decibel sensitivity and 32 ohms of impedance, so you can pinpoint high trebles and low basses.

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