The 4 Best AGP Graphics Cards to Buy in 2017

Our selection of desktop video cards that use the old AGP graphics interface

At this point and time, AGP has not been used in desktop systems for many years. No new systems feature and most video card manufacturer's no longer produce the cards. However if you have an older computer, an accelerated graphics port (AGP) video card is a cost effective way of making sure your dated model can handle basic graphic rendering. This means features like Direct X and other graphical capabilities that might have not otherwise been supported through a dedicated graphics card. On top of that, overclocking your PC becomes easier since AGP cards provide a dedicated pathway between the slot and the processor without interferences.

So where do we start in buying one? Below we've complied the best AGP cards on the market to date that you can install in your custom or old computer. This includes the most affordable units, as well as cards that are able to push it to the limit with more modern version standards. Depending on your expectation, there is more than likely an AGP card out there for you.

By far one of – if not the best – AGP graphics cards on Amazon to date is the EVGA GeForce 6200. It’s reasonably priced and comes with a maximum memory slot quantity of 512 MB, so you’ll get a decent amount of oomph with RAM towards your graphics processing.

This AGP graphics card supports DDR2 SDRAM and has PCIE hardware connectivity. It comes with a memory clock speed of 350 MHz and includes 512 bits of memory bus width. The unit measures an ample 7.5 x 11 x 1.5 inches.

One of the best features the graphics card has to offer is the company’s 24/7 technical support. If you’re in a jam or need help understanding the setup, call the company. Amazon users who bought the product love its affordability for its power, and that it’s a great upgrade for older computers. More critical reviewers mentioned some compatibility issues.

Don’t want to spend more than $10 on an AGP card? You don’t have to. The Genuine Dell Nvidia GeForce is the most affordable AGP card on the list and still manages to deliver.

The Genuine Dell Nvidia GeForce 4 includes 64MB of onboard memory, making it a reasonable AGP card for consumers who want the bare minimum. The unit provides a full height DVI & TV output, allowing for the most basic displays to be utilized.

This AGP card is better viewed as more of a replacement card compared to the others on the list. Users on Amazon love the card for its unbeatable price and ease of compatibility with their older machines. More critical reviewers mentioned its lack of a low profile bracket. 

Looking for an AGP graphics card that supports DirectX 10 and Shadier Model 4.1 support? Look no further. The VisionTek Radeon 3450 is the best AGP card on the list to support more modern expectations and features.

VisionTek’s Radeon 3450 is equipped with an 8x AGP Bus and 55nm process technology. It includes 40 stream processing units, as well as a 64-bit memory interface, making it one of the most powerful AGP cards on the list. Despite this power, it conserves energy consumption with included ATI Power Play energy conserving technology.

Users on Amazon who purchased the card love it for its raw power and energy conservation technology. Some noted they were impressed by the card’s capability of running with two monitors with its dual output. More critical reviewers note that there are some driver incompatibilities on their systems.

Looking for an AGP card that measures no more than 5.25 x 8 x 1.75 inches? What about one that provides an HDTV DVI port to output resolutions up to 1024 x 768? Then check out the XFX PVT44AWANG GeForce 6200.

With a 128-bit graphics processing unit and support for Microsoft’s DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 3.0, the XFX is a tiny AGP that packs a punch. It’s equipped with high definition MPEG-2 hardware acceleration and high quality real-time video recording. It offers 256 MB of 256-bit memory and is built with an architecture that can handle the demand of game play. The card comes with Intellisample 3.0 technology making it great for antialiasing, smoothing jagged edges and assuring high-end graphical outputs.

Users on Amazon praise the product for its small size, as well as its great quality for its price. More critical reviewers mentioned it’s only really good for graphical processing.


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