The 9 Best PS4 Adventure Games to Buy in 2018

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There’s nothing like a good adventure game that excites and puts you on the edge, whether you're diving from a cliff into the sea avoiding gunfire or even charming aliens to prevent galactic wars. With the PS4, you’ll be given the opportunity to go on your own adventure even if that means you're feeling like a thief out for treasure, a flirtatious spaceman or perhaps a cat.

To help you find your next best adventure on the PS4, we picked out our favorites games that we recommend giving a try. The list is diverse and pace or intensity varies on the type of adventure you want to go on. Want a challenge? We have a game where you'll encounter skillful enemies that’ll sword fight you on narrow bridges in the sky. But you can also slow it down a little with Cat’s Quest by facing off with adorable enemies and building up your strength as you save your sister in a pun-filled quest. The adventure games here will test your courage, your social abilities and even your ethics and morals. These best adventure games are sure to keep your heart pounding on brink of excitement and wonder, so keep reading to find one that suits your desires.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

You’re ready to retire as a fortune hunter, but one final adventure to find the world’s greatest treasure is beckoning you in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sure, it’s not the most recent game, but Uncharted 4 shines as the quintessential best PS4 adventure game because it was designed to be so.

Set in a third-person perspective, Uncharted 4 offers a cinematic-like presentation for its exciting globe-trotting adventure where you’ll climb up ancient ivied towers and lasso your rope on posts, swing to ledges and then take cover from gunfire. The game's cutscenes have brilliant pacing and a diverse gameplay style that feels like a mix of movie and video game. It has you doing everything from sneaking around and pickpocketing in parties to escaping prison while taking cover against machine guns and getting in fistfights. If you have a PS4, Uncharted 4 is a must-add to your library​ and an adventuring experience unlike any other game on the market.

Best Art Direction: Okami HD

Okami HD on PS4 is like a Japanese woodcut and watercolor Sumi-e ink painting come to life. The beautiful cel-shaded action-adventure game has you play a mythical sun goddess in the form of a wolf who has special powers.

With similar gameplay to The Legend of Zelda, Okami sets you out on an adventure to cleanse the world of corruption from the evil eight-headed demon Orochi. Players will venture forth in an open world setting where they’ll take up side quests and optional activities while following a main linear story at their own pace. Okami’s unique “Celestial Brush” gives the game a unique gameplay feature where players bring up a canvas to draw on that can be used to combat enemies using elemental forces, fixing bridges by painting over a broken one, rejuvenating wilted plants and more.

Best Challenge: Dark Souls Remastered

Looking for a challenge? Dark Souls Remastered is an updated 4K resolution HD version of the original Dark Souls RPG third-person adventure game that’ll test not only your skills but your patience, too. Its open world environment lets you explore while surviving against foes who want you dead at all costs.

Are you a warrior? Maybe a sorcerer? You’ll first create your character with unique attributes that determine the type of weapons, clothing, items and spells you start off with before you’re thrown into the game’s harsh and soul-crushing world. From there, you’ll travel through castle tops, grimy swamps and lairs where you’ll battle against difficult killer enemies, including violent, sword-swinging ghouls and aggressive, speedy, rolling skeletons.

Best Sci-Fi: Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe

Mass Effect Andromeda is a space adventure game where you’ll do everything from getting into verbal arguments with aliens to battling even falling in love with them. Aside from the space wars and romance, the somewhat controversial PS4 game is a solid third-person perspective RPG experience that’ll have you playing for hours on end.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s main focus is set on exploration as players chart their own course to travel to different planets in the Andromeda galaxy in search for a new home for humanity. Its RPG elements utilize a character progression system based on leveling abilities in combat, biotics and tech while finding useful armor and weapons to equip. Core gameplay has fast and frantic shootouts designed to encourage players to take advantage of the various powers and tech they have available while facing off with various alien enemies that challenge players to change up and think about their tactics during encounters. Remember, respect and humor is universal, so keep that in mind when conversing with aliens.

Best Vampire: Vampyr

The appropriately titled Vampyr game is dark, gritty, spooky and puts you on the adventure of coming to terms with you being the monster. If you so choose, you can suppress your vampire tendency without killing a soul at all, but you’ll probably have more fun going around the neighborhood and being terrible.

Vampyr is an action RPG game set in 1918 London during a flu pandemic and stars you as a doctor-turned-vampire who has both a conflicting internal battle and external adventure with the newfound realization of his bloodthirsty nature. If you choose to be evil, then you’ll need to successfully gather information and communicate with sixty different inhabitants, preserving your cover as a doctor, and doing your best to get invited to your victim’s house so you can sink your teeth in ‘em and gain more powers. Vampyr challenges you with a balancing act of either keeping humans alive and curing people or getting into fights and sucking the blood of the innocent and all these actions determine the game’s ending.

Best Parkour: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst you’ll run, jump, scale walls, bust through doors, slide under barriers, ride zip-lines and make extraordinary death-defying leaps over ledges of skyscrapers. The exciting, action-adventure game takes place in a dystopian futuristic city where oppression shows up in the form of totalitarian rule and you’re either connected to the system or a criminal.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an immersive adventure with beautiful graphics where you’ll traverse in urban explorations using parkour movements in order to complete missions or evade and fight enemies. There’s never a dull moment in the game and you’ll be free to explore its open world environment whether you’re taking on side missions such as races or engage in a close-quarters combat against a swarm of enemy guards.

Best for Hunting Monsters: Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is all about the thrill of the hunt as you embark on an adventure of researching, tracking and taking down various giant monstrosities. The action-adventure RPG game rewards diligent players who plan their hunt with loads of cool loot and material to craft weapons, armor and other items.

Hunting monsters isn't easy, but you’ll feel rewarded as you acrobatically dodge the swinging tale of a scaly slobbering giant Gila monster and then proceed to mount and kill it. Well, you don’t have to kill monsters, you can also look for tracks and dung and then find the right approach to help take them down (this includes using the environment or even luring them to other monsters and watching them fight each other).

Best for Sonic Fans: Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is an action-adventure, platform-style game where you can play as classic or modern Sonic and even make your own custom character. Doctor Eggman is at it again and has taken Sonic prisoner, so it's up to Knuckles the Echinda’s resistance group (along with the help of a rookie) to go out and save the world.

The camera view of Sonic Forces seamlessly shifts through old-school, 2D, side-scrolling action reminiscent of the Sega Genesis era along with a modern, 3D, third-person perspective. Players can create their own character based on seven animal types, all of which possess a unique ability and have different items and weapons such as flamethrowers, whips and hammers. You’ll go from green hill zones to space as you zip past obstacles and spin attack robot enemies in beautiful and unique locations full of springboards and boost pads that give you that ultimate zippy-fast, Sonic-style gameplay.

Best for Kids: Cat Quest

The cute PS4 game Cat Quest is the perfect adventure for kids who like both simple gameplay and courageous feline friends in armor. The top-down, 2D perspective, RPG-style game has you rescuing your sister who's been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer cat named Drakoth.

Cat Quest takes place in the colorful, pun-filled open world of Felingard where players take the role of a cat guided by a glowing blue ghost kitten named Spirry. Gameplay has you questing through grass plains and into cities, forests, dungeons and more while engaging in sporadic real-time combat with an equipment and level progression experience. You’ll learn how to cast lightning spells, talk to numerous adorable characters, dodge enemy attacks from foxes and bats and hack your sword until you need to take a literal catnap.

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