The 8 Best Ad Blockers for Firefox in 2020

Stop web tracking and ads with these extensions and apps

The best ad blocker for Firefox can make your browsing experience a bit faster and help protect your privacy. On a computer, try one of the Firefox recommended extensions on Windows, macOS, or Linux, first. These extensions “meet the highest standards of security, functionality, and user experience,” according to the Firefox team.

If you use an Android or iOS device, take a look at the last app listed, Firefox Focus. This mobile browser enables ad tracker blocking as the default option.

If none of the ad blockers in this list appeal to you, the Firefox Add-ons directory returns more than 7,500 results in response to an "ad block" keyword search. Something in those results may be more suited to your needs.

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Power-User Friendly: uBlock Origin

Screenshot of uBlock Origin setting page, with 15 checkboxes for various settings, and 6 tabs of additional configuration options
What We Like
  • Plenty of custom lists

  • Power-user configuration choices

What We Don't Like
  • Some settings may break or disable some sites

  • Auto-play videos on some sites not always easy to block

uBlock Origin lets you select from several lists of filters. Each set you select blocks a bit more content and also uses a bit more system memory. You can also create custom filter rules or set the system to allow ads on specific sites.

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Simple to Set: Disconnect

Screenshot of site, with Disconnect extension options showing content requests (advertising, analytics, social, content) in upper right
What We Like
  • Easiest option for most people

  • Can use Disconnect alongside most other ad block extensions

What We Don't Like
  • Fewer configurable options than some ad block extensions

  • When used with other ad block extensions, can be tricky to identify which extension blocks specific content

Technically, Disconnect protects your privacy by disabling web content attempting to track you. Since almost all ad networks try to track you, when Disconnect blocks trackers, it also blocks ads.

For most people, Disconnect may be the simplest “set-it-and-forget-it” system. The company also offers paid services that guard against tracking not only in your browser, but on one or more devices.

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Block All the Ads: AdBlocker Ultimate

Screenshot of site with AdBlocker Ultimate extension showing number of block ads and elements (upper right)
What We Like
  • The code is open source

  • Seeks to block all ads, with no exceptions

What We Don't Like
  • Can't quickly view specific ads or trackers blocked

  • Update schedule varies

Unlike some ad block services, AdBlocker Ultimate seeks to block all ads, with no exceptions for so-called “acceptable” ads. In tests, this proved true. For example, AdBlocker Ultimate blocked auto-play videos on a few sites that other ad blockers allowed to play.

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Stop Video Ads: AdBlocker for YouTube

Screenshot of Firefox extension page for AdBlocker for YouTube by AdblockLite
What We Like
  • Blocks ads on YouTube

What We Don't Like
  • Blocks ads on just one video service

This extension seeks to block ads on YouTube, as well as annotations. It works on both desktop and the Android mobile versions of Firefox. Once installed, you’ll no longer need to look for the “Skip Ad” button again after a commercial starts.

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Most Popular: Adblock Plus

Screenshot of Adblock Plus settings page with "Allow Acceptable Ads" box checked by default.
What We Like
  • Attempts to balance ad blocking with need for site revenue

  • Can easily adjust default configuration settings

What We Don't Like
  • Selected ads allowed to display

  • Unable to quickly view the specific ads or trackers blocked

One of the most popular extensions, Adblock Plus blocks most ads. However, the extension allows “acceptable” ads by default. The organization suggests these are non-intrusive ads, but also offers a switch to turn this feature off.

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Upgrades Available: AdGuard Adblocker

Screenshot of product page, with AdGuard extension displayed in upper right (0 block on page, 42 blocked total)
What We Like
  • Filters auto-upgrade every 48 hours by default

  • Can customize many settings

What We Don't Like
  • May take time to configure settings as desired

  • Frequent recommendations to upgrade to paid products

AdGuard updates often and blocks most ads effectively. Some frames for video pop-ups periodically appear, but AdGuard prevents the videos themselves from playing. The company also offers additional privacy tools, such as VPN and DNS services, and promotes these prominently.

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Block and Learn More: Ghostery

Screenshot of Firefox Add-on page for Ghostery, with Blocking settings of extension displayed (Advertising, Site Analytics, Customer Interaction, Social Media, Essential)
What We Like
  • All sorts of settings may be adjusted

  • Can create an account to sync settings across systems

What We Don't Like
  • Configuration settings in many different places

  • Upsell items, such as Ghostery Rewards and Ghostery Plus, mixed in with configuration menus

A favorite of many long-time web users, Ghostery offers the ability to display exactly which ads and trackers are blocked. Select the extension and select the “Detailed View” tab, or, select the purple circle in the lower-right corner on pages with blocked items.

The default settings sometimes block article images, in addition to ads.

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Mobile Ad Block: Firefox Focus

Screenshot of Firefox Focus: (left) Android, (middle) iOS main screen, (right) iOS Firefox Focus Tracking Protection settings (ads, analytics, social, other content)
What We Like
  • Trackers blocked by default

  • Can turn off blocking for specific sites

What We Don't Like
  • Default setting is to share usage data with Mozilla

  • Mobile-only (no Firefox Focus for Windows, macOS, or Linux)

Install Firefox Focus to block ads and trackers by default on an Android or iOS device. No configuration or extensions needed. Install, open, and browse without ads or trackers.

On iOS, you can configure Firefox Focus to also serve as a content blocker for Safari, enabling the browser to block the same ads and trackers blocked in Firefox Focus.

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