The 9 Best 75-Inch TVs of 2019

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Best Overall: Sony X900F 4K LED Smart TV

Today’s selection of 75-inch TVs offer a lot of options for huge screens without huge costs, and Sony’s XBR-75X900F represents one of the highest-quality viewing experiences you’ll find for the price tag. The display’s 74.5-inch diagonal is a nice size for 4K “Ultra HD” resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), so images come through crisp and clear. But at this size, how the screen is lit becomes even more important. Edge-lit LED panels can take a hit in the uniformity of colors and brightness across the screen. Backlighting on the X900F, though, uses full-array local dimming (FALD) in an effective way that helps boost black-white contrast and generate a rich overall picture.

Like most TVs in its class, the X900F supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) games and movies, but it also handles HDR a way that takes full advantage of the technology. Its dynamic backlighting and high peak brightness, along with a wide color range, make HDR content really pop. One area where the image quality suffers is in viewing the screen from an angle, rather than directly in front. That’s an issue in general for panels that use vertical alignment (VA) technology, like many TVs in this category.

On top of the stellar picture, the X900F has excellent Wi-Fi-enabled smart TV features, running on an Android TV interface. You can stream through services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, browse the massive app selection on the Google Play Store, and control the TV with voice commands through the built-in Google Assistant.

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Runner-Up, Best Overall: Samsung Q90R 4K QLED Smart TV

If you have the budget for it, the Samsung Q90R delivers what might be the best 4K picture quality you can get with an LCD television. Even though it doesn’t use a premium organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, Samsung’s Quantum Dot “QLED” technology provides stunning levels of brightness and a wide color range that allows both HDR and SDR content to shine—and it does this without the extra cost or risk of “burn-in” that comes with OLED TVs.

The 75-inch model is the middle ground available for the Q90R, in between the 65-inch and 82-inch versions. The big screen uses full-array backlighting with an impressive 480 individual zones of dimming. Samsung has also addressed the problem of poor viewing angles that VA panels face by introducing “Ultra Viewing Angle” technology on the Q90R. This keeps the image from washing out even if you’re watching from the sides.

If you’re playing games on the TV, the Q90R’s extremely low pixel response time and minimal input lag keep the action smooth and responsive. Plus, Samsung currently makes the only sets with variable refresh rate technology, in the form of AMD FreeSync. It dynamically matches your screen’s refresh rate with the source’s frame rate to prevent stuttering and screen tearing. 

Best Budget: TCL 75R617 4K LED Roku Smart TV

You may be surprised by how big a screen you can get for your money and how much quality you can get at the same time. TCL has been making a name for itself with solid television performance for budget prices, and that includes its 6-series TV, now available in a 75-inch size. The unit’s design is straightforward and frill-free, but most users will be happy with what they see in the TV and the 4K content it displays. It produces excellent contrast, boosted by full-array backlighting and 160 dimming zones. HDR content comes through quite well, and input lag is competitively low when set to Game mode.

Besides incredible value, another standard feature of a TCL television is the Roku TV system it comes with. The smart platform is simple and easy to navigate, letting you get to streaming content without bias as to which services you use. The remote included with the R617 supports voice commands, or you can use the free TCL remote app, one of the more robust TV control apps out there. 

Best Picture: LG C8 4K OLED Smart TV

For the absolute best picture quality available, you’ll want to go with an OLED TV, and the 77-inch LG C8 may be the absolute best OLED TV at the size. OLED displays can control each of their pixels individually (8.3 million of them in the case of 4K), turning them on or off or dimming them as needed. This allows for perfect black levels and an “infinite” contrast ratio, even if the brights don’t get as bright as LEDs. The C8 uses this along with powerful image processing technology to create unmatched visuals, rich and vibrant and sharp. The picture holds up even from wide viewing angles, reflections are minimized, and essentially instantaneous pixel response time means no blur or ghosting. You also get smart features that include a nice webOS interface and LG’s ThinQ AI system for controlling your smart-home devices.

A risk with any OLED TV, though, is “burn-in,” when a static image stays on the screen long enough to stick there permanently. This is rare, and the TV has features to help prevent it, but it’s still a real possibility to keep in mind. 

Best for Gaming: Vizio P75-F1 4K LED Smart TV

Besides giving your games a huge screen to come to life on, the Vizio P-Series has the performance to serve as a top 4K and HDR gaming display. Its 120-Hz native refresh rate (most TVs are 60 Hz and use processing to simulate higher rates) gives serious gamers more of those critical frames to work with when playing at high frame rates. Extremely low input lag in Game mode ensures top-notch responsiveness to your controls, performance it maintains even with games in 4K HDR at a 60 Hz and 1080p content at 120 Hz. A very low gray-to-gray pixel response time also keeps motion blur from getting in the way when fast action kicks in, and Clear Action settings reduce blur even more.

The P75-F1 doesn’t support variable refresh like many dedicated gaming monitors and some Samsung TVs, but most gamers will be pleased with what it can offer. It’s just a well-priced, well-rounded TV as a whole, producing a vibrant picture and getting good results from its 120 zones of local dimming. Even its wide selection of ports is gamer-friendly, with five HDMI inputs (two on the side and three at the bottom) for connecting all your consoles and other sources. One of these is a lower-bandwidth HDMI port intended specifically for gaming, allowing for 120-Hz input and minimal input lag.

Best Smart Functionality: Sony X950G 4K LED Smart TV

Most TVs in the 75-inch class are able to connect to the Internet and serve as a smart TV in some form or another, but the Sony X950G is a premium unit with premium features to match. Its smart platform runs on Sony’s version of Android TV Oreo 8.0, and it’s a smooth and easy-to-use experience. The Google Play Store gives you access to one of the most expansive selections of any TV app store. You can stream high-definition content like 4K and HDR on YouTube and Netflix—there’s even a Netflix Calibrated Mode to watch Netflix original content with the picture quality the creators intended.

Included with the X950G is a remote with a built-in microphone so you can give voice commands to Google Assistant. It’s a hands-free way to control your TV along with other smart devices around your house. You can also use the remote app and talk to Google Assistant from your phone. All of this, of course, comes as part of a TV boasting top-of-the-line visuals, with extra technology that boosts contrast between darks and lights, clarity in fast-motion scenes, and picture quality from wide viewing angles.

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Best Splurge: LG Signature W8 4K OLED Smart TV

LG’s line of premium OLED TVs already represent some of the most high-end options on the market, but the W8 series takes things a step further. The stunning 77-inch “wallpaper TV” is only a quarter of an inch thin. It’s designed for easy mounting and sits flush against the wall with a sophisticated picture-gallery aesthetic. Most of the TVs hardware, ports, and internal components reside within a 4.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar that can sit below the display, connected using an included cord concealment kit. The equipment is meant to stay backstage in favor of the scene-stealing display, which can be switched to Gallery Mode for a soundtracked collection of scenic photographs from around the world, updated for each season.

Even in everyday TV functions, the W8 shows off the undeniable picture quality of its OLED panel, boosted by powerful image processing technology. LG’s webOS smart platform and ThinQ AI also takes a step up with the integration of Google Assistant, letting you give voice commands to the very minimal, very beautiful, and very expensive digital display on your wall.

Best Outdoor TV: SunBriteTV Veranda Series 4K LED TV

SunBriteTV Veranda Series 4K LED TV

Courtesy of Best Buy

A 75-inch screen is a nice size for a covered outdoor space, and SunBriteTV makes a TV just for that purpose. The 75-inch Veranda Series is meant to stay in full shade, like within a roofed porch, patio, or gazebo, for example. To make sure it’s visible on bright, sunny days, its LED backlight produces a listed 50 percent more brightness than most indoor TVs. (SunBriteTV makes an even brighter model that’s designed for partial sun exposure, but it’s about twice as expensive, and there’s a full-sun model with no 4K and no 75-inch option.)

The Veranda Series is weatherproofed to survive the elements, with a heavy-duty aluminum casing to guard it against the freezing cold, extreme heat, rain, dust, and bugs. The ports are tucked away behind a sealed door in the back, and a weatherproof power cable runs down from the bottom. Yet for a TV that prioritizes brightness and outdoor protection, it delivers solid 4K picture quality with strong contrast and color performance, creating a pleasant TV viewing experience outside of your living room.

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Best 8K: Samsung Q900 8K QLED Smart TV

While 4K televisions are still a significant upgrade for many, we’re starting to see the dawn of the 8K era. Samsung is leading the way with the Q900 series, which comes in 75-inch as well as 65- and 82-inch versions. With a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels, 8K offers 33 million total pixels, four times as many as 4K. That means unparalleled clarity and detail.

Even beyond the resolution, the Q900 provides a similar level of superb image quality and performance as other premium Sony QLED TVs. Full-array local dimming keeps contrast high and even throughout the screen, an Ultra Viewing Angle feature improves viewing angles on the VA panel, and HDR content looks vibrant and dynamic. Gaming is smooth and responsive, too, with AMD FreeSync to reduce screen tearing and stuttering.

One aspect holding 8K screens back, aside from the expensive technology, is limited 8K content. The selection is growing, though, and 4K video intelligently upscaled to 8K is still a stark improvement. You might also find 8K to look better on even larger screen sizes, but for now, the 75-inch Q900 is not a bad place to start.

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