The 7 Best 6x9 Speakers of 2020

Turn up your tunes and enjoy superior sound with these standout options

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Best Overall: Alpine SPS-619

With excellent audio generation and noteworthy power handling, the Alpine SPS-619 is a runaway winner for the best 6x9 car speaker. The real highlight of the Alpine’s audio performance is in the high-range where its two tweeters work together to reduce high-frequency distortion emanating from the woofer while the bass remains loud and clear. This results in highs that can play at the loudest volume without sounding like a high-pitched scream — something not all competitors in this range can claim. Midranges and lows perform equally well, with each speaker producing 85-watts RMS and 260-watts peak power, which is traditionally lower than most of the Alpine’s competition. To produce the balanced sound of the SPS-619, Alpine developed it to require less power, instead relying on overall energy efficiency to make up for the reduced power handling.

Best Value: Infinity Infinity REF-9623ix Car Speaker

The moment you hear the accuracy of the mid and high range frequencies produced by the Infinity REF-9623ix speaker, you'll be sold. Remarkable bass volume is a result of the Infinity's 30-percent larger surface area which, in general, helps radiate sound and drives home its trademark audio performance. To find your perfect sound, balance and tune the Infinity's high and mid ranges by adjusting the tweeter output level. The speaker's adoption of True 4 Ohm Technology means the quality of the audio output is driven up without pushing up the cost. To add even more value, the Infinity is a breeze to install with a fit that is ready for a variety of car sizes and customization opportunities that are rarely found among rival models.

Best Budget: Kenwood KFC-6965S Speakers

Inexpensively priced without sacrificing sound, the Kenwood KFC-6965S speaker is a worthwhile upgrade from your car’s factory speakers — and one with a brand name that exudes confidence. Built with peak 400-watt maximum power output, these three-way speakers combine a polypropylene woofer cone, a two-inch polyetherimide cone tweeter (that provides detailed highs) and 1/2-inch ceramic tweeter, all of which bring clear treble and good bass for the price. With ferrite magnets inside each speaker, the Kenwood can withstand temperatures anywhere between - 40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and they are chemical- and rust-resistant. The black finish around the exterior and silver finish around the treble output adds a touch of style that outdoes the look of factory speakers — with or without the grille speakers attached. As long as you follow the included instructions, even with just a modicum of DIY skills, installation is quick and painless.

Best Bass: Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime Coaxial Speaker

If you want to add a little sonic boom to your car without requiring a new head unit or replacing the entire sound system, the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 is the perfect solution. Designed with a stiff, high-performance polypropylene cone with rubber sound, the Rockford was created specifically to handle strong frequency waves without incurring damage over time. The result is a bolder bass with a clean and clear midrange that sounds great for vocals and musical interludes. The lack of distortion at high-volume levels is a credit to the two tweeter design as a silk dome tweeter and piezo super tweeter circulate sound without any trace of harshness. Designed with water-resistant materials, there’s no reason to be concerned about any moisture or spilled coffee cups and installation is as easy as connecting a few wires and screwing in the speakers.

Best Volume: JBL GTO939 GTO Series Car Speakers

For car owners looking for optimal volume, the search ends with the JBL GTO939 speakers. Featuring an adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter, super tweeter with level control and a plus one woofer cone with rubber sound, the JBL pumps out 300 watts of peak power. The coupling of the soft-dome tweeter and its oversized coils, along with the carbon-injected fiber cones, makes for audio quality that's ultra-clear in the high and mid ranges. Additionally, the GTO939 incorporates a high-quality crossover component that ensures the correct frequencies are being delivered to the right speaker. Low-frequency response is also amped up due to the plus one woofer which has more surface area than competing models, offering well-balanced sound across the board and bass that adds the right amount of uproar without stealing the show.

Best Audio Quality: Pioneer TS-A6996S Car Speakers

With five drivers contributing to a complete range of audio listening, Pioneer's TS-A6996 speakers check off all the right boxes. The coaxially mounted multilayer mica matrix cone woofer and soft-dome tweeter (with waveguide) are covered by a partial mesh grille that hides their durable design. The elastic polymer sound reduces distortion at any volume level as bass beats with command. The woofer’s cone construction ensures a wider sound dispersion no matter what type of music is on your playlist. Pioneer has also taken extra care with the design allowing for a stiffer suspension and on- and off-axis response resulting in a car-wide ambient atmosphere. The midrange driver brings out the best in drums and guitar riffs while the highs stay crisp and clear without any interference of sound.

Best Splurge: Pioneer TS6900PRO PRO Series Speaker

When you really want to crank up the volume and dance along to the music, the Pioneer TS-7900PRO is the speaker to beat. With a continuous power rating of 100 watts, the Pioneer appears, at first glance, to be a midrange speaker, but factor in its 600-watt peak power rating and it’s among the highest in this category. The merging of Pioneer’s hardware and efficiency at converting power to volume results in the ability to turn the proverbial knob on these speakers all the way up and still discover crystal clear sound. The optimally blended pulp cone woofer and bullet tweeter make for an accurate midrange and high-end sound that doesn’t overwhelm. Installation can be a little tricky, though, as the Pioneer best serves cars that have non-removable speaker grilles as the shotgun tweeter sticks out slightly from the woofer.